Lost Cause

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Chapter 9


—4 years later —

Leo! Leo! Please! Don't leave me here. I'm scared. It's hot. I think we were in a car crash. We have to get help.

Hey! Calm down, Amelia, it's going to be okay. Just breathe. You are just fine. We will make it out of this.

Leo, your bleeding. There is.. There is a lot of blood. You need to go to the hospital.

Don't be silly. Just a scratch, see, come on look. Don't be shy, Amelia. Look! Can you see what happened to me? LOOK AT MY FACE!

"Noooo!" I startled myself awake. Just a nightmare. That is all. Breathe, don't panic, don't think. This is my current mantra now. Sigh. Why is it always the same dream? I don't think I'll be getting any rest tonight. I shifted to the window breathing in new life hoping against hope that I will leave behind the old.


"Boss! Boss Sam! we caught the guy who tried to steal from us. We made him look real pretty for you."

I turned to find one of my lackey's with a dark smile. He guided me to the room that they kept the thief in. Jesus! The guy looks like shit. The side of his face was swollen, dripping blood, his right eye almost shut. Now I know what 'look pretty' is. Sick bastards, I smiled. I almost felt sorry for the fellow, almost. "Details," I commanded. My lackey answered with, " Michael Lay. Recently went into massive debt. Made a deal with us for a loan but got greedy. Tried to run away when we came looking for him." Hmm..Interesting, no one has dared to run from me before. I stared at the weasel, standing all bloody, trembling with fear. "I'm so sorry," he choked, then begged, "Please! Let me go. I won't run. Please! I'll pay it all back, just-" I cut him off with, "Suck my dick." The poor guy almost froze to stone. "What?" he asked incredulously. Snickers erupt all around us. "Did I stutter," I frowned. Getting bored I repeated, "Suck. My. Dick." The guy almost had a heart attack. He looked horrified. Good. "kneel," I commanded getting impatient. The poor fellow got down to his knees shuffling toward me. Don't get me wrong I don't ride that line: I am a lady's man all the way. Some would even argue, a womanizer. Despite that fact it is always fun to fuck with them.

I watched him reach out for my belt buckle. Damn! He is actually going to do it. I tried hard to wipe any emotion off my face. Before his fingers touched the leather I sent my boot to welcome his face. He went down hard, the cold floor caressing his side. "Watch him. Make sure he doesn't run again. I want my money," with those instructions I left. I heard sobbing before the door closed. Yes! I am cold son of a bitch however I didn't see the need to dispose of him— I'm not a monster. I don't like things getting unnecessarily messy but sometimes I do need to make hard decisions. Being a nasty brute shows everyone I am in charge if not you get yourself killed.

Muscles aching I stretched them out. My new workout routine is quite demanding. My body needed something new to keep me excited, the burn is what keeps me going. I am a big guy : tall, muscled, large framed. Even so there is nothing wrong with squeezing a little more size in.

"Hey! Sam I got what you asked for."

"Thanks, Max."

Max is a colleague, I treat him like my equal. Got to have someone watch your back in this business. Max is my guy. Our alliance is strictly business ; surface level. We bond over women, business, gym and the occasional smoke. We trade favours, speak of new customers but we never invest emotion in each other. At least I do not, my trust in him only extends to guarding my back if need be plus the occasional off the book stuff. I had him keep account of the female. Yes! The one with hair like flames. Why? She intrigued me, not everyday you wake to a woman who saved your life. I did not share that little incident with him just gave Max instructions to keep an eye on her, he followed through no questions. "Anything new?" I asked. "No. Just the same. Included some pictures this time in case I won't be around. Got things that need my attention," Max answered looking bored. "Good man. I'll see when I see you then?" I raised a questioning eyebrow at him. He simply nodded taking off with a wave.

It was nightfall when I sat down to look at her pictures. Still beautiful though she looks smaller here, like she lost weight. She even looks a bit haunted. Perhaps it is because her lover died. I heard she was in car crash. I was out of the country at the time but wanted to rush home to see her but thought against it. How much time has passed since I first met her? Four years? no maybe five I believe. Guess I have been watching her long enough to warrant alarm but chalk it up to a mild obsession that connects me to a normal life. What I do can not be mistaken for easy. I may have certain perks that come with the job :money, women, followers, but constantly trying to conceal any emotion, be motivational to those that look up to me and maintain my spot as alpha among others who share in the same trade I'm in is exhausting. Let's just say my clients are miserable suckers, so I loan them money ; they pay me back. If payment is not done as agreed there will be devastating consequences.

"Sam, honey, what are you doing there?" a female voice came forth. She stepped closer to me. "Her again," she furrowed her brow. "Go to bed Luna," I ordered. "I don't want to sleep alone. Come keep me warm," she cooed. She began to kiss me, enticing me away from the folder in my hand. "Come on Sam, I want to feel you, touch me," she pleaded. I let her have her fun till I got annoyed by her impulsiveness. "That is enough!" I yelled as I yanked her arms from me. Luna rose to her full height then whimpered, "Please! Sam you promised to put me before her. We are married now." Ire lacing my words I spat, "I promised you nothing. You eagerly agreed to my conditions before you married me. This was just for my convenience as it was for you, we both got our fix. So you know you mean nothing to me beside the fact that you resemble her. " Luna stood, her features clear with indignation and hurt. I never mean to hurt her. I just loose my temper sometimes when she does this however, she needs to know the truth. I care for her simply because she reminds me of the girl who threw her shoe at me. Luna shares her crimson waves, the brown eyes even a little bit of her attitude—which I respect—other than that nothing. "Luna, I apologize. This charade is over now. Prepare to leave come morning," I left without another word leaving her to her own distress. Time for me to visit the real deal. It has been far too long–Amelia.

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