Lost Cause

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Chapter 10


Driving toward the area where she resides I had a sense of urgency shown by my foot glued to accelerator eating up the distance. I wonder if I should I just show up at the house. Knock on the wooden portal or break in? I don't suppose she would like the breaking in. "What did she call me last? umm..a thug was it?" I chuckled remembering, "Certainly can't be one of those around her." How would she react to my sudden appearance?

"Boss! We have trouble, JC," a guy spoke through the phone as soon as I answered. Damn! "Location," I ordered. "Winchester's," he hurried out. "Why- fuck! I'll be there," I hung up. Why did they choose that place to turn up? JC is one of our competitors you could say. Bastard has been racking up trouble for me saying we took his clients and now he decides to hit one of our bars. I explained to that wanker, before, we do not differentiate between anyone. They come to us we help them out, easy. Sigh," Guess I have to wait a little longer to meet her. "

I spotted the Winchester Bar, hopped out the parked car hand heavy with some firepower. I know JC did not just walk in for a drink. Time to cease this nonsense. I walked in alert, looking around for a familiar face, when I spotted him hassling one of the waiters I knew he was dead. My presence there commanded everyone's attention including our boy, JC. "Hello ther-" he began when I socked him right in the face. "Get out!" I murderously spat. He stood tall with a determined face. JC was quite intimidating but when compared to me he looked like a kid whose toy had been taken away. He eyed my piece, I didn't wish to disguise, then pulled one of his own ; before long we were trading bullets.

I had my guys take out his people, I aimed for the bastard however it would seem he is no novice. Excitement flowed through me. Taking cover I managed to hit some of them. "Boss! he looks like he is going to get away," someone yelled from one corner. No he is not. "Cover me," I yelled back. I ran past speeding bullets, their owners eyeing to embed them in my flesh.

"JC! Stop!" I roared finally catching up to him with my pistol aimed at the back of his head. He turned looking not as surprised as I would have liked. "Shoot," he smirked at me. I smiled," You've got balls." He didn't care to indulge my comment with a retort instead he said, "Put your gun down. Let me leave and maybe we could be friends." Funny bastard. I felt my lips twitch. I'll be your friend alright— when your dead.

Throwing my gun down I launched my fits at him. We both dueled mercilessly. I struck. He struck. It was bloody. I felt him slowing, exhaustion slipping in. Good. I beat him into the ground, twisting his arms. "You son of a- Ahhh!" he screamed when I broke his leg. "Shit! Boss Sam!" I heard voices come around to where we were. Rising from the place I knelt on the floor I pat them each on their shoulders saying, "You did good, now get my bar cleaned up before the cops come around." I walked away without another glance."Boss! What about this guy?" my second incharge questioned. "Make sure he stays pretty, play with him a little, then make sure he stays gone," I eyed him intensely. "Sam! You fucker. You'll bleed for this," JC cursed then groaned when my second incharge kicked him in the ribs. He smiled broadly at the guy in pain, a twinkle in his eye, sick fuck. Hope they get rid of the bodies soon before it stinks up the place, can't serve the guests booze and free body parts.

On the way over to the vehicle I noticed I was soaked in blood, mostly JC's. Knowing I can't meet her like this I decided to call off the visit even though I wasn't quite far off from her place. "Damn it," I whispered to myself reaching my car when all of a sudden I flew back with a bang.

My ears are ringing. Foggy, can't see. Can't breathe. What just..? Explosion. Shit! Bomb. It was a bomb! Get up, come on. Get to safety. Get up Sam! My head aches, my body unwilling to listen so I remained wiggling in the dirt until I got some energy to push to my feet. "I need to.. Safe somewhere safe," I pushed out short of breath. Hobbling like a toddler, I pulled myself away from the fire.


I was on call with Emma, spoke for about an hour before I hung up. We, She and I, don't talk much about Leo. Actually we haven't really spoken much since the accident. I know I shouldn't push her away but I guess I felt guilty. I still feel guilty. If only I had not asked him to drive us over there, he might have been here—alive. I try not to let it get me down now but it is hard sometimes when I have to face my best friend knowing she might see I got her brother killed.

Thud. Slam. What on earth? I rushed toward the noise which came from outside the front door. I opened it preparing to greet the pest with an annoyed frown when all of a sudden a large man collapsed on top of me. I was shocked my legs trying to stabalise both of us. "Amelia," he whispered. Gasp. That voice, I know of it. Heard it long ago but it never left. "S-Sam," I stammered. He is heavier than I remembered. I staggered to the couch with him. Then dropped him there taking in his state. He is covered in blood. Oh God! Blood. Keep it together Amelia. Don't pass out. Breathe. Don't think. Just breathe he needs you now.

I watched him struggle to be coherent. Rushing to the bath I filled a bucket of water, hurrying out of there I grabbed towels along the way. I knelt next to the couch, cut up his shirt carefully, before cleaning him. He had wounds, fresh wounds, along with bruises marring his skin. The side of his face as well as his ribs have bruises. He may have more on his back. Disinfecting and applying an ointment on his wounds I wondered what had happened to him. After I was done I threw away his torn shirt along with the bloody towels. I can always buy new towels.

He seemed to be unconscious so I paused to study him. It is definitely Sam though he is larger. Leo was lean muscle but Sam is bulkier. Tattoos were carved on his skin: his shoulders, middle of his chest, running along his side and I bet some of it covered his back. He is very masculine. Sam oozes roughness, strength, power along with an aura of danger whereas Leo was more of an idea of beauty in a man. Curses, why am I comparing them? I stood a little longer admiring as well as pondering on the fact that this is the second time I have met this man wounded. Should have just become a doctor since injured people decide to drop by. Sigh. "Why do I have the most bizarre experiences?" I complained.

Lost in my own thoughts I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to spot him coming into awareness. "Hey," he greeted in a dry rasp. Offering some water he took it gratefully. I watched him try to keep any semblance of pain out of his face as he adjusted on the couch. I wanted to aid him but held back. Is this a usual day in his life? Cuts and bruises. This made me revisit the thought of him being a thug, perhaps I should not be too comfortable around him. "I have to thank you again for saving me," he smiled. He has a nice smile. Shaking my head I forced myself to concentrate. "It was nothing. You made it all the way here, I just cleaned you up," I said feeling uncomfortable with his intense stare. "Would you care to tell me what happened this time? Did your 'friend' do this?" I asked putting as much suspicion in my tone as possible. He sighed, "No. It wasn't a friend. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." "I doubt that is the whole truth. Don't lie to me. Getting hurt like this is not normal. If you are mixed up in something I'm going to call the cops and hand you over," I threatened. He blinked, his face morphed into disbelief, probably at my threat. Then he laughed, groaned and laughed again. I was not expecting that response. Eccentric guy.

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