Lost Cause

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Chapter 11


Did she just threaten me? This is new for me so I couldn't help but laugh. Only this woman would be so braze to do so. I swear men who have dared to even look at me twice that way would have had a hole in them by now. While I do find her refreshing this might be a problem. If she knew what I did would she still be so free with me?

"Fine. You are right," I admitted. She looked absolutely shocked, so I just continued,"These are not normal wounds. I had a fight. It's- Ahh.. ," I paused. I'm messing this up, think. "I do a bit of cage fighting once in a while," I blurted. God the bullshit. "I won a match against my challenger and so he decided to blow my car up, "I said, happy with my little fib. I looked up, noticing the way her mouth opened, she didn't expect me to say that. I guess that only seemed plausible to me. She did ask for the truth so yeah I kept the fib close to the actual story. "I know you might have not expected that but it's not an issue. Just don't call the police. It's not a big deal really, "I tried convincing her. "Not a big deal," she laughed out of hysteria I presume. "Cage fights? Cars blowing up? Are you crazy? Only if- You need to be in a hospital. I'm surprised you are not maimed or worse dead," she spoke with rising ire. If this got her hackles up then she might try to climb the roof if I told her more.

She was frothing at the mouth to probably do or say more. I just think she looks adorable when mad. It's weird this attraction I have. I have bedded many women who were physically stunning then there was Luna however this woman she's got my attention. I caught her staring. She was unashamed, just stood challenging me. "Sam why do you do what you do?" she asked softly. Why? It's all I know. I love the danger. "Just helps me make a few bucks," I answered keeping up the lie. She thought deeply about my answer before she came up with her own, "If it's money then you could get-" I interrupted firmly with, "I have money." She must've thought better than to question me further so she just nodded.

"You can stay the night if you like," she spoke breaking the silence. I smiled my thanks. I need to borrow your phone. Amelia handed it to me walking away to a room at the back. As she slipped in I dialed my second incharge since Max was out of town. He informed me that everything is taken care of including my car. He further expressed how happy they were to know I'm alive. I had to eye roll for that one. "Don't look for me. I'll be back. Just make sure Max calls me on this line. Tell him it's urgent," I instructed before ending the call. I deleted the history just before she came out with a pillow and a blanket.


Why did I have to ask him to stay? Stupid. I must love being in danger because that's what always seems to be attracted to me. My mind decided to drift into the darkness again still I fight it because I know I can't go back there again. Sam is in the shower. I left some old clothes out there which Leo wore when he stayed. I didn't particularly like the thought of him in Leo's clothes but there is no choice. I made some tea for myself before I retired to bed knowing Sam will help himself.

It's well over midnight yet I remain in bed thinking. Seeing the blood all over him I couldn't help but think he got hurt. That I will lose him. That I can't save him. I rubbed my eyes freeing them from the gathering liquid. They always come when it's dark, always waiting till I'm in bed to flood my face. Always there when I'm alone. I miss Leo. I miss George. I miss my mother. I'm hopeless. I'm so lost. Please just make the hurt stop.

Leo! Leo! Please! Don't leave me here. I'm scared. It's hot. I think we were in a car crash. We have to get help.

Hey! Calm down, Amelia, it's going to be okay. Just breathe. You are just fine. We will make it out of this.

Leo, your bleeding. There is.. There is a lot of blood. You need to go to the hospital.

Don't be silly. Just a scratch, see, come on look. Don't be shy, Amelia. Look! Can you see what happened to me? LOOK AT MY FACE!

Dont look Amelia. It is just a dream. Just a dream little one. Wake up.

"Mother! Mother!" I screamed, "Please stay with me. Don't go." Tears running down my face I fought the covers trying to get to her. She's leaving me again. Please! I don't want you to go. Something held me down, I couldn't move. My hands no matter how hard I tried to reach out to her they were stilled. I kicked and screamed harder. There was a weight on me. Choking me, not allowing me to be with her. Please let me go to her. "Amelia! Amelia!" a faint voice called out to me. "Wake up. Your just dreaming. Wake up," it said. I opened my eyes with a start. "It's okay. Just a dream. Just a dream," a soothing male voice came through. "Sam?" I whimpered. "Yes, it's me," came his soft reply. I immediately latched onto him crying all my sorrow into his chest. I must have hurt him with how hard I clung yet I didn't care to stop myself from being comforted by his strong embrace. He didn't say anything : no kind words offered to ease my pain not even a complain if I hurt him. He just held me tight as I let out my tortured sobs. Then when sleep came calling I went without hesitance in the arms that kept me safe.

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