Lost Cause

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Chapter 1

As a young woman of twenty and five I was completely baffled in the sense of emotion called ‘love’. Cheesy sentiments wrapped in coy smiles, what a tedious notion it was-pretentious really. Sickeningly sweet made me nauseous at the very mention. Here I was disapproving of the millions of women who groomed themselves into being the perfect partners. I’d rather file my nails against a croc’s belly. They chased after the thrill of being fancied, to be petted by their male counterparts turning colours at their very uncannily charming words. At least I believed so, sigh.“Such women are a nuisance to those who wish otherwise. Damn their girlish charms and social graces,” I chided. Even so I couldn’t fault them because they looked most magnificent: hair pinned high up on their crown, the tips of their ears shimmering with dangling diamonds that made me think of chandeliers falling from the ceiling, collars of their necks decorated with fine jewels, gowns woven from exquisite materials, the perfect practiced smiles and not forgetting they were a delicate mass of beautiful creatures. Teasing to the eye, one would to scoop them up but afraid they would shatter. I suppose I could understand why men fawned over them panting as if they had a breathing ailment but I don’t understand the particulars of having one such pet at a constant. “Damn it all! Here I am pondering of sorts then what am I? I too am a creature of beauty and grace am I not? Maybe not quite so much of grace,” I admittingly nodded. Instead I have a vicious attitude, potty mouth and a snub nose mother always told me that it meant I was stubborn to the core. I suppose she was right.

“Amelia,” a soft well-toned voice called out, breaking me out of my pondering as I turned slightly to fix my gaze upon the source. My dearest friend Emma or rather Mrs. Emma Rutledge, sigh, she too was caught by those panting dogs, though I didn’t seem to mind him; a nice fellow really. He shares in my views with equal fantasy and bemusement but most of all he is a doting husband. As I watched her carry herself over, gown and all, she had brought along a companion. A pretty smile adorned her face,” Meet my brother, Leo.” I titled my head upwards to meet the 6ft 3 light eyed man clad in a three piece suit, looking expensive. He too wore a gold band hugging his thumb. The gentleman gave a slight nod, smiling, noticing I took in his appearance. Unknowingly staring at the stranger I greeted, “Hello! Lovely to meet the brother my friend so joyfully speaks of.”

Emma left to find her husband shortly after making us acquainted. Trying to be polite I made small talk, Lord knows I’d rather settle at the table of refreshments than be nice when I’m not feeling it. Naught but a mere moment after his sister’s disappearance he threw down a scornful gaze at me. Eyes filling with scrutiny he peered up and down my appearance as if I had been meat on a plate or more accurately meat that had been over cooked, leaving it rather unappealing. "You are rather unrefined to keep company with my sister,” his tone filled with derision he didn’t wish to hide. Utterly shocked I froze with indignation at him. Forcefully retaining my composure, recalling that I am a lady, I would reply as such, “Why sir! I didn’t mean to displease you with the company your sister keeps. You seem to be aghast by variety with preference to mediocre company. Do excuse me.” I saw him grow big eyed with shock as I spun around to take off, he swiftly obstructed my way. “Bloody hell !” I swore under my breath, fuming. “Looks like all is not as it seems,” he began,” not only are you not a particularly pleasant sight but also show the making of an impudent lady.” I had been dragged to some fancy event, dressed in the most distasteful not to mention rigid dress that made me look like some sort of contraption had been stuffed up my bum only to be in the company of all manner of snobs, lechers, gossiping old toads and now this ghastly human. The last reserve of my politeness went out the door; I shall let him know I’m no manner of woman to trifle with. Throwing him a venomous glance I uttered,” Brother or not of a friend you are an insolent fellow,” pausing to grab a glass of wine on a passing tray, gulping it down I continued, you- I am not any manner of woman here so don’t tempt me to throw slipper at you. Move out of the way.” I strode out the hall annoyance occupying my gait as I hastened to distance myself from this place.

That eve I came home, tore off this hideous make of dress damning it to the floor. I clothed my body in a more relaxed material before rushing to telephone Emma, offering the most obvious lie for my abrupt leave. Feeling bad about leaving without so much of a word but glad I wouldn’t have to keep company with her spiteful brother. Shall I ever meet with him again I will allow myself to be more than ‘courteous’ revealing his less than chivalrous nature to his sister. I shall keep our first greeting a secret for I do not wish to alarm sweet Emma.

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a stroll hence that is what I set out to do this afternoon. This warm weather has me stripped out of my jacket flapping about my waist as my sunglasses protected my eyes. I trudged forth on my feet while my back, neck and shoulders were glazed with sweat; hoping to find some air conditioned outlet to wait out the scorching sun. Fortune struck as I found a nearby coffee shop, swinging in with relief I summoned a waiter to bring me an iced beverage they were serving. Lingering there a while I took notice of the appearing darkness then darted out to a chill breeze. “Going to rain cats and dogs,” I heard a deep voice mutter beside me. I turned to face the most disbelieving occurrence .He probably thought so too by the surprised expression marking his countenance. Sighing, “It’s you!,” Leo frowned. Ignoring the bubbling irritation I sought to find my way out of this current situation-him. He dared remind me of my curt behavior when we last met moreover, demanding an apology with a smile I’m sure is meant to taunt me. We stood there bickering, our insults becoming impossibly childish when I shoved him- hard-while he looked on incredulously at my affront as I took off cursing and swearing in the unforgiving weather.

This is probably one of the most daft thing I’ve done, my temper besting me; I could be struck by lightning, swept away with the wind even possibly fall into a ditch twisting my ankle. I felt someone stalk behind me as the loud splashes confirmed footsteps. Who? Hardly anything was visible: my lashes were dripping with cold drops of water making my vision blur. "Hey You! Stop! What are you doing?” the obvious voice of an angry man. The familiar tone ringing out indicated that the brute had followed me. What manner of torture is this, is he so intent on continuing to mock me or did he actually intend to see to my well-being? Latter might be less unlikely. “Go away brute,” the rain poured heavily over my words shielding him from them. A sudden yank of my arm forced me to keep pace with him. In addition to his punishing grip I was too tired as well as cold to protest hence I trailed behind him as we came upon some sort of abandoned construction; we collapsed into the shelter. Took me a moment to view my surroundings, it was a large incomplete box. Before I got too curious with my new environment I began to wonder about what I was doing alone with a man I have no fondness for, who decided to save me?

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