Lost Cause

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Chapter 2

Distracted by the empty space momentarily he turned his sights on me utterly furious" You stupid woman. What devil possessed you to take a stroll during a storm. You'd have bloody damned yourself if I didn't come after you."Not the devil, just you," I mumbled, then louder "Might I remind you that I never asked for you to rescue me," I declared. "Your insolence never ceases. Ingrate," allowing himself to take off his shirt.

"it's Amelia you brute. Also this is entirely your fault. Your left me no cho-," having landed my gaze on him half naked, wet, I seemed to have lost all my rational complaints. I turned before he could see the colour rush to my face, feeling odd to see him so. He stared at my abrupt silence."Are you well? You aren't snapping anymore?," he voiced with a hint of concern. He dove to my back managing to twist me into view. He.. Leo, Was it? Gorgeous my mind singsongs. I thought that too then but I was too mad to notice him all that well. At each strike of lightning I peered at his striking features that the darkness enveloped: the sensuous way his midnight coloured wet hair half shadowed his eyes, the brows that perched with a glimmer of eagerness, the little scruffle that covered his strong jaw along with his most irksome feature—his mouth. Then through another strike of lightning it cast his shadow, the one of a man with a tall athletic build: not of exaggerated bulk but of one with Purpose. Awareness rose around the strong hold he had on my arms, firm yet gentle, displaying strength. He was too close. I was intoxicated. I was anxious. I no longer could? What? I shoved at him pawing free from the giants grip. It's the cold wrecking havoc on my brain. Yes! It was the cause of the reddening of my face and the upcoming temperature dwelling in me. I was wrapped in a delirious fever with a man who looked delicious. I saw him reflecting my thoughts with a knowing smirk. Gosh maybe I am stupid.

"Amelia you look feverish. Take off your clothes you are drenched," he reached out. I swatted his reaching palms away hissing," How dare you touch me! I don't need your help." Blast it I was breaking out in continuous shivers. " Turn your gaze elsewhere," I said preparing to discard the wet blouse to now the alluring feel of the jacket safely stored within the bag. "What? Why?," seeming bemused he questioned. Annoyed I roared, "I'm trying to change. Turn around." So he did as much whilst cursing in foreign words I didn't care to understand. "Ridiculous. What makes you so vain to think I'd be tempted by your flesh?" he laughed out. Amelia didn't care to conceal her contempt at the humour he found in that statement, even so she let it pass as she was too exasperated to retort.

" She doesn't have the qualities to tempt me. Not that I would care if she did. That foul mouth, that brazen attitude, the way she contorted her face in disgust everything about her maddened me,"musing over their past meeting. He loved to push her over the edge, even though they had just met that one night he had already managed to be a thorn in her sight. Leo had now begun contemplating what she would look like beneath her shirt :the paleness of her wet skin, the feel of her touch on him. His thoughts took a dangerous turn when he lingered on the thought of her smile, the way he would coax her between him, her graceful locks of fiery red hair flowing over him. He wanted to feel her? Alarmed at the lascivious thoughts he shook his head clear to finally turn his back around. He caught her undressed, bare backed, allowing his eager eyes to wander her flesh in the little light that passed through the rubble. Leering at the way her red coils now lazy waves drenched with water stuck to her paleness. The drops streamed down in wet lines on her back which prompted a shiver. The momentum of the drip deliberately further drew his attention to a spot in the centre of her back. Furthermore noting the small dimples on the sides, back dimples, he let a sly grin form. A sort of pulsing discomfort grew in between his legs. She drew up her jacket from the bag and covered herself in it. She made gestures of what seemed like buttoning it up. Before she caught his view he jerked back into position. Amelia gave out a hushed sound that alerted him that she was clothed again.

This maiden of fiery locks like her temper seemed meek now. Her demure state made him want to fling himself at her. Amelia isn't as much the stubborn lass she was hours ago. "She seems quite charming when she is docile. I guess one wouldn't know that this small fascinating creature had a way with words," he smirked "she seems to be aware of me. Oh! How I'd love to tease her now about the charming spot centred around her lower back or - ," allowing his hand to run to the back of his neck letting him quietly contemplate.

Amelia drew her Hazel eyes to the darkened figure in front, her ability to see adjusted to the wretched stormy darkness encampassing around them. watching Leo, knowing that there was life around eased her a bit. I don't do well in the dark. Most dark stormy nights mother would crouch beside me, humming. The bordering darkness made it feel eerie. Oh! how I missed my mum. Her witty remarks, her gentleness, she shared in my temper. Honestly I almost mirror her except she was the most amazing person I'd ever seen, she was polite, smart, graceful and a beauty everything a woman worked for she had it come naturally.

Leo saw me huddled next to a concrete wall bracing myself, in a corner resting warily on knees that held my heavy head. I seemed to be inviting for he hopped over boldly dropping to his haunches on my right side. I would've never expected to while away my late evening sharing ground with a bare chested man, leaving alone he was the brother of my dear friend and most importantly my enemy. I spied at him sit beside me. He must've been quite the skirt chaser, given he is rather fetching. I could see all those groomed petite English women with their propriety act in the manner of wanton women: their skirts probably tore themselves at his charms. Humph! They were training to be whores at any cost with all that false come hither smiles, hoisted breasts, even the tips of their claws were painted in some tacky colour. Maybe it was I that housed a tad bit of bitterness? envying their womanly needs I am not so excited by. Here Leo and I coexisted, in a grim box shaking from a tantrum the weather was throwing, unbothered by my thoughts, until eventually I slipped into unconsciousness.

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