Lost Cause

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Chapter 5

Promising to visit soon I bid her farewell. As always visiting Emma managed to leave me feeling really good. She means so much more than a friend- she's family. She's the best darn thing in this town of pretenses.

Some time between the drive back my brain contemplated it would be best if my body kneaded out some of the lingering tension, preferably by a masseur with a fancy name :they normally do the best massages. A head, foot and back massage later I'm a relaxed person, although it would only remain for the hour till something else knots me. The day went by peacefully : finally slept like a baby.

The next morning I allowed myself a coffee from the cafe I've heard is the talk of the town. I took my order to a seat near the window so that I may have a view. Half way through the delightful beverage someone decided to engage me in conversation. "Hello there pretty lady, might I keep you company?" I looked up to find a rather decent looking young man holding his own beverage. "Please do," I allowed myself to say. During our idle chat I spotted Fred on the other side of the glass among the crowd. I dashed out leaving the young gentleman to an empty cup to call out to Fred. I know he mentioned that he didn't wish to see me but I needed to speak with him so I ran to catch up to him. The effort made pointless for he was camouflaged within a sea of people I did not know. Frustration echoed with each step I took in the opposite direction. I must have been so completely in my head that I did not notice I knocked into a stranger till after a couple of seconds. As I was about to apologise I saw this person make a mad dash with my purse. "Thief! Thief!" I yelled trying to catch him. The sea of people dispersed with the commotion allowing me to chase after the bag snatching scoundrel as they bustled around trying and failing to aid me.

"I got him. Here," a voice rang out. "Praise the heavens," I panted, filling with relief. Managing to locate my unknown hero I halted just in front of them, my eyes took note of who stood next to the thief with my purse. "Leo," came my out of breath response. He seemed to be equally shocked as I was though he soon masked it. " Leo. Why did you run off? " came another panting voice. "Doe?" I exclaimed. He faced me with surprise which then into worry when he started to piece in the current situation. "Dear Amelia. Are you alright?" he started, "I did not know what all the commotion was about and seeing you apart of it." Doe was Emma's husband's given name. Apparently he and Leo were in town for business lucky for me. Doe handled the police while Leo kept me company. I was uncomfortable being next to him given how our last encounter ended plus the way my body reacted to him even after our shared kiss. However, before my discomfort became visible Doe walked over fussing over me saying how his wife wouldn't be pleased about this. Relieved to have my bag back I jumped in the back seat of the vehicle. Doe countered all protests from me till I agreed to come home with him. On the way Emma was informed by her husband of our arrival in addition to the situation that occurred. I cringed in anticipation of how she might receive it.

"Oh! sweet Rose," Emma fluttered beside me tugging me along with her with a furrowed brow, "You must have been terrified. I could not believe you had to deal with a purse snatcher." Within the hall of the brick giant I told them of how the incident took place excluding the scene with Fred of course. I watched the play of emotions on their faces turn from worry to anger and back again. Leo smirked, which I caught from the corner of my eye not able to comprehend what was damn amusing. I rose to my feet convincing my friend I would be fine ;all I needed was some fresh air. In the balcony over looking the garden is where I went to gather this air while I pondered on the fact that I was saved yet again by him. "I have never seen a lady chase for her purse before," a familiar voice spoke, adding, "I found it quite odd yet amusing that you would chase a man no less for it." I should be grateful. I should be, but it's hard to be so when this particular male presence seems to always spark an annoyance within me." I did chase after the thief. Hadn't I done so the scoundrel would have been on his merry way with it, " ire laced my voice while I spoke with my back to him. "What do you think you could have done if you reached him?" he stated, a hidden challenge in the question. "Could you have maybe thought to overpower him with your frail arms," he stepped closer, " or maybe with that attitude." I spun around ready to dismiss his unwarranted concerns when I found that my personal space had been breached: he stood close enough for my arm to wrap around him. Seemingly unbothered by the closeness he stood, unmoving , gaze narrowed to mine. "Tell me," he cooed.

I seemed to be fighting a vacant mind as his lips brushed against mine. He kissed me against the ridge of the balcony, the stone sticking into my vertebrae as I tried to pull back from the abrupt action. His hands were not a cause for concern as it rested on either side of me only his lips joining us. I pushed against him yet he remained unmovable. I refused to be caught in the pleasure of his kiss, I will not be one of his delights. Once again I shoved at him, this time he released my lips.

A loud sound rang out as I struck him open palmed. Ignoring the pain in my hand I called forth all my strength and said, "You may take that as thanks for aiding me. Shall you ever kiss me again you should prepare yourself for a more deserving punishment." Leaving right after the last word was uttered opting for privacy than to linger about him.

"Why do I always find myself needing to kiss her? " he questioned softly as he touched his cheek where she had left her ire. He recalled how lovely she looked with her red hair unraveled from its high pony, the light reddening of her cheek whilst glazed in a light layer of sweat due to her efforts when I first saw her on the street. Even as she stood, not long ago, before me her eyes shuffling through many emotions she didn't allow her body to feel I ached to touch her. Damn! I should not fancy her. I need no unwilling partner when I have those that come willingly. Moreover, they are docile, never have they threatened me.

Recovering somewhat after the kiss. I dragged myself out of the wash closet. He still stood at the balcony so I avoided it following my nose to the kitchen. After lunch Leo was given a command to drop me home ignoring my demands for a taxi. The ride home was impossibly uncomfortable. Silence except for the noise of the vehicle carried on. Finally having made it home my being itched to be freed from the car so I undid the safety strap that bound me. Breaking the silence he finally spoke, "I apologise for kissing you without your consent." Raising a brow to that, a nod was all I was willing to give to say that I heard of his apology. Hurrying out the car I watched him drive away.

Entering through the portal I collapsed onto the nearest willing furniture to support my weight and succumbed to the exhaustion.

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