Lost Cause

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Chapter 7


Groan. I feel like shit. Why does my head ache? Forcing my eyes open I tried to clear the fog. Why am I on a couch? Raising myself vertical I combed through the memories of last night. Drink. Fight. Danny. Shit! Fingers grazed the tender corner on the side of my head, grimacing with pain I pulled them back. Shit! Where the hell am I? I brought all 6ft 5 inches of me to my feet hobbling along the space to find the bathroom.

I stood in front of a mirror that was not my own to take in my present state. I was not pleased. Dried blood matted my hair, lined the collar of my neck as well as some of it clung to my shirt. "I shall repay them in kind," I vowed, "Bastards the lot of them." Coming out a little less bloody I took in my surroundings. It is simple, clean.. Silent? Where are the living? The owner of the place has yet to make an appearance. Growl. My stomach has spoken. I shall tend to it first before it eats itself.

Reaching into the tiny cupboards and raiding the refrigerator I found something that will pass as mild nutrition for the beast —my stomach. A liter of milk, couple of slices of bread, three candy bars, fruity yoghurt, frozen pasta and muesli. What the devil is muesli? Half starved I didn't question my choices, just fed the roaring in my stomach. I opted to drink from the neck of the milk container than from the decorated mugs that hug from their hooks. I plotted my next steps on a brown chair battling to hold me up. After I inhaled the food, I stood relieving the chair of its agony. Limbs stretched, nuckles popped, belly satisfied I turned to leave only to pause when I was met with a wide eyed female gripping a heavy heeled shoe, bizarre. She stood frozen with bewilderment. "Is she planning on assaulting me with a shoe? Are there others or just this one?" I wondered silently.

"Might you be the one that rescued me," I spoke softly unwilling to startle her. She simply stared. "If so I owe you my thanks female," I further stated. The flame haired girl did not respond, just continued her exploration of me. Is it possible that she is lacking in speech or deaf? I stared back continuing this awkward exchange. Great! Not only do I have an agonising throb in my head but I'm having some sort of a stare down with a deaf female. I think I may need to sit again. The movement seemed to have thawed her for she hurled her shoe at me.

"Terrible aim," I smiled. "You ate my food," she yelled. "It would seem so," I taunted. "Little lady I don't wish to fight you, I need leave," I said. Right as the words left my mouth my legs tried to betray me. My weight seemed to be supported by something soft so I looked below to find the small framed woman trying not to collapse under me. I did not refuse her aid, letting her guide me back to the couch. She stared at me hard, "What is your name?" then followed with, "Are you um.. a thug?" I burst out laughing. She didn't break her stare so I gave in. "I'm Samuel. Those that know me call me Sam plus I wouldn't exactly describe myself as you put it 'a thug'." "Right, then, Sam why were you lying bloody on a lonely street?" she asked as her arms crossed over her breasts. On this I pondered. What should I tell her? I started, "You see my friend and I seemed to have gotten in an argument. We fought he left, next thing I know I'm sitting in gravel."

I watch her try make sense of my story. I could tell she is suspicious of me. Yet she stands fearlessly facing me. She is quite bold. "I'll believe your story I have no reason to doubt that," she nodded, "Nevertheless I can't trust you, so as soon as you are able I want you to leave preferably without my TV." An amused smile split my lips. I don't believe I have ever met a woman brave enough to be so undaunted by me. I like it. I'm fairly certain I could be quite intimidating in addition to my size and bulk. I could easily break her even in my state. I didn't offer her a reply just a nod as I watched her leave for the kitchen. She came back a minute later with something dangling from her side. "Here. Put this on your head," she instructed offering me a bag of ice. I did as she told but damn did it sting my wound. Her gaze kept straying to and from me. "What is it?" I sighed. "How do you feel now? Can you stand?" she voiced her concern. "Better," came my reply. "I might need a couple more minutes though to recover for fear I might fall over," I explained exaggerating it a bit unwilling to leave yet. Her head moved to signal understanding as she took the seat opposite me.

"What are you called?" I inquired curiosity getting the best of me. She answered with a raise of her brow followed by, "I do not see the importance of you knowing this information." I chuckled, Spunky wretch. With a calm tone I spoke, "Is not right for me to know the name of my saviour so that I may offer my gratitude?" A moment passed before she offered, "Amelia, that's what they call me." Amelia. I pronounced the word freely in my mind. "That's a pretty name," the compliment fell easily from my lips. A light rose tint highlighted her cheeks before she blurted, "Thank you. It was my mother's first name." After saying this her gaze dropped to the floor. Interesting, was it something she did not wish to share with a stranger or just me?

While she aggressively studied the floor I studied her. Crimson hair bordered her face : wild yet seductive, natural painted lips inviting like a ripe cherry, the paleness of her soft flesh like cotton tempting one to touch and Oh! those brown diamonds placed perfectly on either side staring intently at you. Marvelous. Her clothes are baggy hiding her womanly shape even so I can tell she is in good shape. As I continued to marvel at her she brought her eyes to mine. My greedy gaze devoured her wondering from past her eyes to the lip she was worrying with her teeth. I licked my lips in an anticipation to what I would like to do to it. She noticed my reaction; stopped her lip biting. The ice had already melted so I dropped the bag to the floor. I stood tall, my muscled frame dwarfing her. "I'm leaving now," I stated walking towards the wooden door with a sudden sense of urgency I don't understand. Amelia hopped up, following behind me.

"Are you sure you are well enough? How are you planning to get home? Do you need to telephone someone so th-" I cut her short by pinning her next to the door frame. Her shocked gaze met mine. I smiled. She drew brought her brows together causing lines to form across her forehead. I simply stood like this lining our bodies up making sure they didn't touch. Amelia moved to get out from underneath me, I just closed the distance forcing her to stay put. Alarmed she spoke, "L-Let me go. I saved your life." "And I am grateful," I whispered in her ear, "Thank you, Amelia." I felt her inhale a sharp breath when I kissed her cheek. That put a smug smile on my face. After my little expression of gratitude I bid her farewell, promising to meet her again.

Now it is time to surprise an old friend. Maybe get him something pretty so I can hear him squeal. He always loved knives, so my dagger will do. Yes! Straight through his traitorous heart. I shall see he gets it, after all it's in my nature to be generous.

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