Lost Cause

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Chapter 8

Nothing eventful took place after my encounter with Sam which was nearly a year ago. I find myself, embarrassing so, often contemplating about the enigmatic man. Odd thing to do really given that he and I barely existed in the same space for a couple of hours only exchanging our given names. Maybe it is because I worry if he is faring well? Perhaps he even made up with his friend, still I don't think a friend would leave you bleeding on the sidewalk. Yes! It is possible he deceived me with that little story. Still I don't suppose it is my business, though I am glad he did not turn out to be a thug. Moreover, he did offer me his thanks no matter how unconventional that was. Regardless I'm in no rush to bring home any bloody males if at all, bloody being the central word.Thinking about how I found him midst a feeding frenzy, I can't stop smiling. That was horrifying yet entertaining, reminded me of the creatures you would see on a wildlife show. "I can't believe I threw my shoe at an injured person," I winced at the memory.

Reliving the past events in my head I heard a distant voice yelling, "Amelia! Wait!" Turning to the sound of my name I watched a handsome man try to catch up to me. Why is.. Leo? He and I became less resistant to each other since his apology. He is, for lack of a better word, less of an 'ass'. Might have something to do with pleasing his sister. Either way it suits me well for I can't keep up with the constant taunts he throws my way.

"Surprised to see you here, " I said in a form of greeting him. "I was with a client. Got business done early. Caught sight of you, well your red hair gave you away, so I hoped to catch up," he explained. He lead me toward a frequented cafe he and Doe would rest at when around town. After ordering a beverage as well as a snack we cramped ourselves into corner. The conversation was kept light." May I give you a ride home," he sweetly offered, then chuckled, " Knowing my sister she wouldn't be pleased if she found out I left you to your own means." Accepting his offer we departed from the cafe.

"Would you like to come in?" I suggested. Leo eagerly accepted the invite stepping forth into my little haven. We both settled for a glass of wine over tea. About four glasses later the alcohol in my veins decided I was ready to be foolish when I made an effort to show off my less than stellar dancing. He did not seem to mind. A spin then a wobble later had me falling into strong arm. "Thank you Leo. I would have been on my ass by now," a giggle released, "Believe I should stop dancing." He held me for a moment before he uttered, " You look beautiful like this." I froze. Um, what? I think the alcohol is making me hear things. The back of his fingers slightly touched along my jaw. His gaze is intense. Lingering on my lips then dipping down to my chest. I wonder, is he planning on humping my breasts? He is staring. I mean what's so good about them anyway, just fat bags if you ask me. Leo interrupted my inner monologue with, "I wish to kiss you." Definitely not the wine. Is he really asking or is this some sort of a plot to shame me? Should I be excited that he finds me attractive? I certainly did not find his kisses unpleasant before but on the other hand it's Leo, we are not quite even friends yet. He appeared to understand my dilemma for he set me aside.

"Leo? " I called to him when he turned his back. "I apologise for alarming you with my admission," he spoke low. I watched him pace with a frown marring his face. "Damn it!" he raised his voice with an edge of unease, "I don't really, I don't know how to make sense of this but," he paused to look at me then confessed, " I find you completely baffling. You are bold and challenging like a man yet soft and beautiful as a woman. You make me feel things like no other has. You, Amelia, have me questioning things I would never have." I stood, unbelieving of the words he spoke." I know this is unexpected. I feel lost too but I do fancy you, Amelia, " he spoke with all seriousness. I took a minute to comprehend all that he expressed. He seems to be in discomfort after his confession so I do believe that he is telling me the truth. I hesitated, I might regret this.

I closed the distance between us pressing my lips to his. Immediately he took control guiding me with his skillful tongue. Muscled arms pulled me flush against him our centers uniting. Our breaths mingled for a good minute before we came up for air. "Amelia," he whispered, "is this alright?" I just nodded yes. "You can tell me to stop whenever you feel uncomfortable," he assured me then took my lips in another feverish kiss. He tastes good like a dream I once had. Midst our kissing frenzy his phone rang, rudely interrupting us. He pulled his attention from my lips to the phone. It's Doe, I'll ring him later, he smiled.

"Leo come on. stop! Stop! That tickles," I giggled. I can't help it you are adorable when you aren't snapping at me. "That's not nice," I tapped him lightly across the stomach. "So what shall we do today? Stay home or go out?" he asked sweetly. It's a bit lopweird him being sweet to me given we normally try to bite each other like dogs, to the bone at that. I wouldn't change it though. "Amelia. You there? Don't go deaf on me," he teased. "I hear you. Home. We can go out another time," I replied coyly.


Me and Amelia are together now. A relationship of sorts. I'm into it. I used to fight my feelings for her. Never would I have ever allowed myself to be with a woman like her yet here I am wagging my tail every time she smiles at me. I knew it the first time I shared a kiss with her, a whole new world of sensations opened up for me. After that I craved it. Like constantly being electricuted every time her flesh brushes against mine. Yes, painfully irresistible, she is a seductress wise in the nature of men. She makes me long for her.

I have yet to tell my sister about her. Sigh. I don't think she'll want me dating her friend. She thinks of Amelia in a motherly sort of way I suppose, protective. I don't get it, probably a woman's thing. I mean I'm her brother she should know i'm not going to hurt Amelia. Granted I did before but that was because I thought my sister deserved better than a loud mouthed friend. Now don't get on my case, I admit I was mistaken. I know Amelia better than that now : she's spirited, honest, bold and passionate. I love her crimson hair, like sun set or a pretty red rose. Yes! It is easily my most favourite thing ; red is also becoming my new favourite colour. I'm hopelessly lost to her.

I should probably get her flowers today. Wait.. what if she does not like flowers? Would she prefer jewellery? Shoes? Wait shoes are over the top. Shit! Calm down, think. Damn! See what she does to me. A month in and I'm already acting like a fool in love. Love? I...do I love her? Yes! I do. How did I not notice this? I was so concerned about other things that I didn't recognise I'm in love. How would she feel? Should I tell her? Does she feel the same? I know we have gotten closer but.... don't panic.

I can't believe I'm having this issue if my friends saw me now they'll laugh till their teeth fall out. Let me just say I'm an attractive man and I like to hang out with a lot of attractive people, females mostly. So you see why this is a big deal. I'm not the one usually acting like a clown over matters of the heart, it's not manly, yet once again here I am. I want what my sister has with her husband with Amelia. Look at me smiling like an idiot, if Amelia saw me grinning like a fool she'd probably run away screaming. Damn! God I hope she stays with me. We have come a long way. Things are going to change I know it.

— 4 ½ weeks later —

What? seriously?" Emma squealed, "Why did you wait long to tell me?" "I suppose I didn't know how you would react plus I needed to be sure about our relationship before I said anything to you," I explained trying to clear up any doubts she may have had. "Rose, I am happy you're the one my brother is seeing. Thought he was fooling around with another one of his consorts," she grimaced with the last sentence as she gave me an apologetic smile, "Sorry about that. I just wish I had known sooner. I thought you two didn't really take to each other." "Initially, yes. Also we are taking it slow so no talk of marriage," I stated firmly. "Oh! I am just so relieved you aren't furious at me, I do apologise for not telling you sooner," I smiled at her excitement.

"Hey there," a familiar voice sang. I lightly pecked Leo against his lips since Emma was in the room. I really like him: he is kind, thoughtful, handsome, stylish, always offers me a ride to places I need to go, and most of all I love the way he cares for his sister. I know I don't quite understand this feeling but damn if I don't love it. "Sorry, darling, sister but Amelia and I must take off, the weather is looking gloomy," he reported. "Alright! I won't keep you," she sounded down that our time was up. "You two take care on your way," Emma communicated her goodbye by hugging us.

"How'd she take the news ?" Leo asked from the driver's seat. I beamed with pleasure, "Quite well actually. She was over the moon when I finally told her." He grinned, "I thought she might be. She's been lecturing me to stop coddling my fickle ways so that I may settle down. You know, end up in a relationship like hers. I think she may have been right." The man eyed me sideways with a panty dropping smile. Gosh! He is so handsome. "Leo," I started when my body was viciously jerked forward.

Blood. Screech. Scream. Crash.

Hot. Pain. Confusion. Where? I opened my eyes blinking against the fog to gauge what had happened. Blood! There is so much blood. Leo? Where is he? "Leo?" I started panicking. Sweat and blood trickled down my face. I turned to my side. "Oh God! Leo!" I hesitated as I reached over. He was lying still against the window of his car door. Please! Please! Be alright. "Leo! Wake up," I shook him. "Baby please! Wake up," I whimpered. I pulled him toward me; that's when I saw it. Dead eyes, his lifeblood pouring at an alarming rate and a large crater made in his head. "Leo," I shrieked, letting him go. His body met the window— with a lifeless smack. This is horrific. This is not happening. "Leo, he is- " I sobbed. Someone, please, help me. Oh God! Why is this happening? I screamed completely terrified. Managing to lift myself out of the vehicle I crawled onto the street. After all the shouting and crying my voice chose to abandon me. Resting my face against the dirt I saw some people in the distance rushing over. Heard a siren. "Help!" a garbled whisper tried to reach out to hasten their steps. Please hurry! Leo, he needs help. "He is dead," my mind clarified. Ah! I suppose he is. He looked so alive a moment ago, smiling at me but.. but just then he stared at me, unmoving, with a hole in his head.

My eyelids threatened to close. This must be just my imagination. Yes! That's it, I did bump my head. If what I'm seeing is not real then all I have to do is close my eyes; it will be gone. So I welcomed the darkness. Anything is better than this.

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