How Bad Guys are BORN ?

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The Result Day

6 May , 2008

Today CBSE announced the result for class X .

The hike was that the result would come at ten in morning but it took them four more hours and result came by 2 P.M. .

I saw my result and than called Sukhsirat to ask her marks . As usual we forced each other to tell marks first . I ended up by telling my marks first and then she told me her's .

The result was as below

My result

Maths : 100

Science :95

SST : 96

English : 95

Hindi : 90

Sukhsirat's result

Maths : 97

Science : 100

SST : 98

English : 91

Hindi : 90

On average , we got same marks 95.2

Now , I know how Bad guys are born

And it needs a PURE LOVE to cure them ......

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