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My Promise

21 May , 2008

Tomorrow , when I read my diary again , I found that I would not be in hell if

1. Either my father or mother would be open and truthful to me

2 . If my friends have told class teacher about my deeds

3. If I had more patience

I blame my parents , friends and myself for the worst part of my life . But this also gave me a lesson of life . Now , I know which type of parent should I become in future .

My father was not open to me but I promise myself I would be more open to my kids . I will also teach them , how to be a good friend . I will teach them to always stop their friends from going into hell . I will also teach them how to know your friend is in depression and how to cure him .

My life taught me a good lesson and I wish never to forget it . I also want to say thanks to my doctor , who advised me to write about my life in a diary . It really helped me to see my life in a different way .

I was hopeless but not helpless . I was in hell but I had the power to come back . For me life meant nothing but it was Sukhsirat who taught me the true meaning of life and made me to comeback with a strong force .

I will be always thankful to her .

And in the last , I want to thanks my mom and dad for giving me this life , for making me to know my real powers . Though they made mistakes but they did them unknowingly .

I owe my life to not only one person but to all people who helped me build my character directly or indirectly .....

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