How Bad Guys are BORN ?

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Class - VI

5 April , 2008

My school Kendriya Vidhyalaya was a normal government school . It had good teachers and a big football ground .

On one corner of the school was Canteen .

When I was in class VI , one of my favourite sport was cricket . All boys of our class played cricket during luch time . For ball , one of us carried a ball in his bag and for bat we picked branches of trees which were lying on ground .

But the place where we played cricket was the coner of school which we called " our playground " because no one usually came there .

I was a normal boy with a good academic and athletic scores .

In our class , I was usually at second position in academics . My competitor was a girl , Sukhsirat . We were competitors but friends too . She was girl's monitor in our class and was good at oratory . I had a bit of crush on her.

On one day , one of my friend told me about "Mother Fucker" . I didn't know it . It was a new word for me , but he warned me not speak it in front of anyone else . I was a bit curious about it , I heard many people of my father's age to speak it but I wanted to know it's meaning .

On that day , I asked my father about it .

He replied not to speak it in front of anyone and asked me " who told you ? "

When I told my friend , he gave me a lecture to distance myself from him but I did't as my father hadn't told me about it's meaning , for which I was dam curious .

I didn't really remember but in that week I learnt a lot about abuse words and I also didn't tell it to my father .

I was curious about the meaning of these words , so a lot of time I searched them in dictionary but I wasn't able to understand much.

In the next month , one of my friend asked me to join a club. It really wasn't a club but a group of boys of our class and they called it "Big Man Club" .

When I accepted it , he took me to " our playground " during games period , in which we usually played football . There were already six or seven classmates and all of them were using abusive language . First I thought of running away but when they convinced me that when I would be an adult I have to speak like them than I followed them .

For next two weeks I wasn't in football ground but was in " our playground " speaking abusive language .

By the end of the month all boys of our class were in that club .

Some of my classmates were searching these words on internet and were teaching us .

But nobody of us knew the true meaning of these words .

Because of this club , I developed a habit of using "Fuck " in each sentence . And therefore I became more and more silent in my home because I didn't want my parent to know what I was doing .

One day one of my friend was teasing me in free period , when there was no teacher in our class . Due to habit I called him " Fuck You " . I didn't realise my seat was near a girl . One of the law that our " Big man club " made was to never speak something like this in front of girls because they might tell it to our teacher , which in turn may call our parents.

The girl who heard me , saw me with surprise and than whispered something in ear of other girl . This made me pale . I was quaking in my boots . When the chain of whisper reached to girl's monitor , my soul was about to come out .

Sukhsirat , girl's monitor , stared at me first and then whispered something to them . I was praying to god to make her forget everything .

I didn't know why ? but she didn't say anything to our class teacher . I thanked her from my soul and promised myself never to speak these words again .

But a habit can't be stopped by just a simple promise . Many incidents happened when me or my friend spoke abusive words but now it seemed that all girls were ignoring us .

Which increased our confident and that's how the first step towards evil was taken .

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