How Bad Guys are BORN ?

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Class -VII

7 April , 2008

Abusive words were not a problem to me . This habit nighter degraded my grades nor decreased my athletic stamina . It was now normal for me to speak them , but till now I didn't know there meaning.

On one day , I was talking to my friend as usual during lunch time , but his friend of class VIII came to meet him. He introduced me to him and then we chatted a little . When his friend went away , he told me about the chapter " Reproduction in Organism " of class VIII . I was listening as usual , but when he started to describe it , it made me feel a bit weird , a bit astonished and a bit curious . I never thought of something like this before .

On that day I asked my father about it , though not directly but indirectly .

While playing badminton , I asked him " father I heard from a friend , who is in class VIII , that children are not sent by God , but parents have to do something for it " .

After hearing , my father made an expression of astonishment , worry and anger .

The next thing I knew is that , I got a lecture from my mother as well as father , separately . And both told me to distance myself ....

I thought I said something irrelevant and promised myself , never to tell them anything .

The next day , in school , I didn't revel it to my friends .

My friend who told me about this chapter , managed to get a science book of class VIII , during lunch time . At one corner of class , he opened it and made me see the picture of penis and vagina .

I was like , what the shit is this ? Why did they draw a penis in a book . We examined each and every drawing of that chapter , especially penis and vagina .

My friend who was an adult for us was teaching us , how these things works out ?.

Hearing all of this for the first time was scary , than astonishing and than entertaining .

During lunch time , we even made some girls see it .

All of us were laughing from outside but from inside , we had a lot of questions to ask .

Girls being shy , were not looking at the picture but were grinning .

That was fun for all of us ...

On one day , before exam , in a free period , when I was discussing my doubts with my friends than one of my friend came near me and asked me to look at the back seats .

When I turned back , I saw one of my classmate at the last desk , near window seat . His one shoulder was shaking and he was watching outside the window . When I turned to see outside , I found a female teacher , who was beautiful .

I asked my friend " Is he alright ?" . The friend who asked me to see at the back asked me to go near him .

I went near him without even thinking for a second .

I saw him masturbating .

I laughed aloud . He saw me and stopped. I was continuously laughing till stomachache started .

My friends were too laughing but not too loud as I was . Sukhsirat asked me what happened . I turned my head towards the classmate who was masturbating , he was pale and scared . I replied her " nothing ,just a boy's talk ".

She didn't ask again .

This was my first encounter with masturbation .

I didn't tell about this to my father as I didn't want another lecture .

From here , a distance formed between me and my father .

And this was the second step towards evil .

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