How Bad Guys are BORN ?

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Class- VIII

13 April , 2008

In class VIII , the best thing you can think of is the lecture on Reproduction in Living Organism , specially on sexual reproduction .

I started reading that chapter in the starting of the term . Till now , I never read a chapter on my own before it was finished in class but it was exception .

I read it whenever I was alone in home , it always made me erotic . Even in school , we always laughed at it .

In school sometime, we knowing read contents of the science book and when the name of this chapter came , we spoke loudly and watched blushing face of girls . It was all fun.

The time came , chapter started but before reaching Sexual Reproduction , we were given a sex education class separately from girls .

It had nothing .

Now , I think that the root cause for a person to become evil is not his own lack of discipline but the lack of guidance from adults .

Our quest for sex didn't decreased by sex education but it increased by ten , as we became more curious about it .

When teacher started teaching Sexual Reproduction in my class , all of us were smiling silently . My eyes were on Sukhsirat . She was restricting herself from smiling and watching her was really funny .

All of us were either having our heads down or slightly bend to hide our smiles .

When teacher left , we laughed aloud and then looked at each other with a wide smile .

This was fun but wasn't enough to quench our thrust for finding it more .

Some boys were shaking earth and heaven to find about it . And after that much of work , one day

We watched PORN

The day started like a normal day . But during lunch time same as always one of my friend told me that one of our classmate had porn in his phone . We asked him to play it during lunchtime . On back seats , we made a group of boys and surrounded him and watched it .

It was erotic .....

Girls somehow knew that we were watching something like porn , so they just ignored us and saw us falling in hell .

On that day , I learnt about a porn site . And I remembered it.

On some other day , when when my parents were out and I was alone in my room . I turned on PC . But before that made sure to lock door and to put curtain on windows. Fearfully and excited I watched porn and masturbated for the first time .

After a month or two , it was my habit to watch porn whenever I was alone in my room .

I never felt regret after watching it because I thought I was learning from it.

But for a child like me , it created many illusions and therefore in reality my expectation from other person increased .

This was the third step towards hell .

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