How Bad Guys are BORN ?

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Class -IX

16 April , 200

Porn increased my thrust for sex . In the starting it didn't affect much but when it became my habit , it started slowly - slowly degrading my academic as well as athletic scores .

Now I was not at second position in academics anymore , I slipped to sixth position . Even Sukhsirat noticed something odd in me . Sometimes she asked the reason of my bad performance but I didn't reply .

Till that time I never thought , she cared me but she do .

One day I saw , some of my friends near school gate in morning . I thought they were talking about class test , which was on that day . But they didn't come inside class . After school when I saw one of them , I asked him about this. He told me that all of them were on bunk .

This was something I didn't experienced .

Watching them go on bunk made me curious about it but I still didn't bunk classes .

One day I asked my mom that what would she do if I bunked the classes ?

She scolded me right there and warned me even to think of it .

But a time came when I forgot to prepare for class test and the teacher who had to take that test was a strict teacher .

I got goosebumps when my friend asked me about my preparation of test .

Some of the classmates were planning to go on bunk .

First I thought of going back to home but my father was strict , so leaving school just because I didn't prepare would become the reason for my father to beat me . So I choose bunk . It too had risk but if nobody will know that we came to school , then it would not be a problem .

I went on bunk for the first time . We went to a playground and played cricket till school hours .

I was worried but my classmates were not . When I reached home , I thought to tell everything to my mom , thinking might she forgive me . But when I remembered her lecture , I stopped . And told her nothing .

The gap between me and my mom was formed . I stopped telling her hilarious moments of the day , which I used to tell her .

These gaps between me and my parents were not visible but existed .

In the next month or two , I went on bunk again . This time I wasn't worried about anything . And it increased my confidence.

Now it was my habit to go on bunks especially when there was class test in school . And therefore it made me not to study on time and my grades started decreasing .

We choose different places for every bunk . Sometime we watched porn on bunk which always increased our thrust for sex .

One day , I didn't remember how , but we planned to go in brothel .

And there I lost my virginity . However it wasn't what I expected to be but it was fun . And money that I payed there was of my father .

I thought it to be heaven so I went there once in two or three months .

And that's how I was a step up towards evil , which had started grooming inside me and was about to come out .

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