How Bad Guys are BORN ?

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Class -X

21 April , 2008

Class X , the class with board exam , is one of the main class , which decides the stream of a child .

I somehow managed to pass class IX but I was n't sure enough to pass class X . And in class X , I lost interest in studies . My grades were worst . I started smoking after school . And one day when one of my classmate bought wine , I drank it too in school . But I acted as if I was ill , so nobody noticed , except Sukhsirat .

She was the only one who looked at me worryingly . She knew , I wasn't on right track but she never said anything to me . She just saw me from a distance and never tried to come near me .

It was good for her too to leave me alone because my mind wasn't in my control . If she would have come near me , I might have done something wrong . Therefore I thanked her to maintain distance from me .

I was now scolded by everyone , from parents to friends . But the classmates who taught me that much always praised me . So I started spending more time with them .

I started spending my days in school toilets . There we watched porn and smoked .

Teachers started lecturing me , but I ignored them .

In my house my father started my personal tuition but it wasn't a help for me , as I already lost my interest in studies .

The hell started ...

One day I argued on something with one of my classmate in toilet . The argument started on a small topic but it made us fight . The fight stopped with my last punch on his face . Both of us injured each other .

When I came back to my class , everyone ignored me except Sukhsirat . She saw my injuries and asked me about these injuries . At first I ignored her , but when she forced me to speak , I told her to leave me .

She didn't stop asking me . In the end , as I was angry , I replied her " Shut Up , Bitch " . This made her cry . I didn't try to stop her .

On that day , it was the last talk that we had .

The next day , when I reached school gate , I saw the classmate with whom I had the fight . He wasn't alone . He had eight to ten people behind him . And all of them had a bat or a rod in there hands .

It was scary ...

I thought to surrender myself but they started beating without listening me . I became unconscious .

When I was conscious again , I found myself in a hospital and mother crying on my left side . I felt humiliated for making my mom cry .

After fifteen days , when I left hospital , my father asked me about this incident . I told him everything except telling him I bunked classes .

My father became more cautious about me so from next day , he started leaving me on school gate and picking me from school gate .

I wanted to have some free time but I didn't get . It was a pain to me to see my father act as if I was a small kid .

Because of this pain , I started failing in some subjects . And therefore I was always scolded by my father .

I wanted to leave my home ...

On one night , I planned to run away from home . I prepared everything from cloths to money . I took money from the place where my mom used to put saved money .

I left home before 5 A.M.

I knew it well that a train always arrives at Railway Station , for Mumbai , at 6 AM . So I thought to go Mumbai .

For me it was a new experience so I was excited . I thought to go in film industry and become star .

At 6 A.M. , train arrived , I boarded the train . I was in general coach without ticket . I took a window seat and after five to six stations , the coach was full .

I was wondering about Mumbai , about big buildings . But I then I saw a man staring me consistently . First , I thought of him as a fool but when his eyes were not moving elsewhere , it scared me .

After sometime he asked me whether I was alone or not ? I replied " I am with my brother " and pointed randomly at a person who was standing a little bit far .

I was out of luck , therefore the person whom I pointed was his colleague . At that time I didn't know it .

As I was afraid of him , I deboarded the train next station . After sometime when I turned back I saw him and the person I pointed behind me . I ran as fast as I could to hide myself somewhere and screamed for help but nothing worked . They caught me and tied my hands and mouth with a rope .

I wasn't able to screem .....

It was the hell ......

He called someone and than a car came . He made me sit at the back seat and was in front seat. I thought to make myself visible from window but it had blackscreen through which no one was able to see inside from outside .

I cried there ....

By luck , car stopped due to traffic and they forgot to turn on child lock for one side of a door . With my tied hands I slowly opened the door and silently ran away. My heart was pondering very fast .

I somehow managed to untie my hands and mouth . I was hungry but my bag was with them . So I slept on footpath and was starving . In night a beggar broke my dream . When I opened my eyes , he was undressing me . I struggled but he took off my dress and left me with underwear .

In night I was shivering and crying . I decided to go back home .

In morning I looked like a beggar starving on footpath .

On that day , I asked many people to lend their mobile phone so that I can contact my father but nobody gave .

Because I was hungry , I started eating thrown food and always cried for going back home .

After two days , a lady lend me her phone just for a minute . I called my father . On the same day he came to me and by mid night I was in home .

My mom had swollen , red eyes . She became very happy . I was out of home for three days .

I thought , I was out of hell .

But I wasn't ...

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