Cocktail of love and lust

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Victoria Wellesley, a well educated woman who has her life filled with foes and people whom she can't trust , finds an anchor who not only loves her for who she is but knows all her desires. Victoria never expected angel to come with horns but she totally loved the fact that he did have a dark side . Damie Lorenzo was just a marvel, cut straight out of heaven . He had seen many women all his life but everyone has their own demons . He never felt the need for any women . Sex was his need and women the one who could fulfill it . Lust would drop from his eyes but there would never be a tiny trace of love in them . Let's see how their paths are gonna cross and would love overgrow lust !

Romance / Erotica
Happy chic
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Chapter one

Why wasn't it easy

It was a breezy day , the sun was about to set . The sound of the waves hitting the shore were the only thing that made Victoria calm herself down . Victoria was 5 ' 8" in height , she was a fair skinned curvy girl , she had breasts and m aas n on earth could fall for , full lips , blue eyes, and a great waist . No only her brains but her looks would make men go drilling over her.

But she had other issues to deal with .

She had only one past relationship and that too lasted for only a month . She couldn't compromise her dreams for anything or anyone in the world . She was a self made woman . She had started with nothing and today she owned 3 clubs , 5 restaurants and owned great amount of shares of many other companies. Basically she was one among the few ladies who had understood the business of investment ( share market ) pretty well . This working all day and night made her huge . She used to go to family vacations twice a year . And this was one such time of the year .

She along with her family , which consists of George and Emily, her parents , Becca, her sister Edward , her twin brother, Gianna , her bestfriend , only trustworthy person , both professionally and personally .

Her parents were doctors and on the verge of getting retired. Her sister , was 21 years old . She was a model . She had just started at her work and was getting good recognition, but it wasn't all her hardwork , Victoria looked pit for her sister even now and then , many a times she had the bad people get out of her sister's life without saying it out loud . Victoria liked to do things in a silent manner . Edward on the other hand was a wildlife photographer, so most of the times he was in the woods .

So all of them arrived together to the beach house Victoria owned . Victoria had brought pretty good properties for these purposes. One such fine piece of art was this beach house . It was the ultimate place for peace .

As soon as they reached , one of their servants came and took their luggage in . They entered the place . Victoria, Gianna, Edward and Becca sat in the living room , whereas her dad went to take some rest , on the other hand her mom headed straight to the kitchen to direct the servants about what needs to be done .

The house was quiet big having six guest rooms , two master bedrooms, with attached swimming pools . It even had a great garden , a gym .

Edward was first to speak " Victoria you didn't say me about this house before, you always make sure to surprise me!" He was looking at it as a child looks at his candy . Wellesley 's were all very fond of nature .

Victoria said " Seems like someone is in love at the first sight " , and she winked at him .

" Yeah yeah I must say this house is perfect to me "

" Then you can come here whenever you feel like , just tell me and I'll get it ready for you !"

Just then Becca cut in their conversation, " The great magician Victoria has it all , isn't it momma " she said it annoyingly. Becca though 4 years younger than Victoria was always whining about how she has it all , how she's providing them with luxury , basically she was jealous of her own sister.

" And that's good know honey , stop ruining our mood . One day even you'll have it all " said her mother from the kitchen .

" Yes but not all of it mom , if you know what I mean " said Becca and started laughing loudly.

The house became all quiet, no one talked !

That was the only thing Victoria didn't want to get reminded off. That was the only memory about her life which kept haunting her and she wanted to forget about it at every step of her life. Only the people present in the house knew about the horrendous incident.

And then " How pathetic of you to keep saying things like that to your own sister , I really pity your brains Becca " said Gianna sternly by starring at her. If looks could kill Becca would have turned to ashes .

" Its fine , Gia , ignore her " said Victoria trying to lighten the situation.

" Oh really is it fine Victoria, or your again pretending to be all fine ! Huh " saying so she got up and headed upstairs to her room .

Edward started to speak but Victoria had already left the house .

It had been a hour since she left the beach house . Being rich isn't the only thing that matters , having people to enjoy her assets with , having people who stand with here , who support her , who keep her same was all that she wanted , but rather destiny dudnt budge to her needs . Vacation is taken to enjoy themselves. But here she was the only one who wasn't enjoying any bit of it .She kept asking herself WHY WASN'T IT EASY !

She sat on the sand dwelling in her thoughts , she saw a shadow falling on her feet . She turned her head and saw Gianna , she was a fair skinned girl , she had a really fit body , brown eyes , blonde hair , she was a goddess.

Gianna came and sat besides her silently. No one spoke a word . Then Gianna put a hand around her shoulder and hugged her tightly, comforting her .

They watched the sun set and returned home .

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