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A nerdy doctor with so many bad experiences in love in the past...is afraid to fall in love again. Even when it happens to be the Mr. Perfect she had been waiting all along. Will he able to woo her?? Will she succuumb to his charms?? Or is it going to be a bad dream again??

Romance / Erotica
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Waiting for Mr. Perfect

Mia's hands were busy writing prescription for the patient, but her mind was pondering over the phone conversation she had with her dad in the early morning. She felt irtitated with her dad's words " he 'll be perfect for you Mia". "What the hell" she said aloud, causing her senior resident to look at her. She excused herself embarassingly. That was his standard line, whenever a prospective boy came for marriage. The last three turned out to be complete disasters.

Mia, a junior resident doctor in Internal Medicine in a prestigious University is not yet ready for love, let alone marriage. Her past experiences had taught her not to believe anyone with the chromosome XY. Her parents, who strictly followed their Indian heritage wanted to give her in marriage so badly, turning a blind eye to their daughter's feelings. She felt she is yet to meet her Mr. Perfect.

She stood from her chair in the outpatient department. At five feet 7 inches, with an asthenic build Mia looked elegant. Her dark eyes matched her long wavy hair. With her dusky skin and cute smile, she was a sight to behold. She moved out of the OPD room. Ping. She looked at her phone. Her dad had sent a picture of the boy which she did not even give a second glance.

Her parents had their own way to get on her nerves. She was feeling crappy and needed a break. Her legs took her to the cafetaria without any second thoughts. She chose a corner to munch on her chocolate. Two pair of eyes kept steeling glances at her from another. "God, why is everyone getting on my nerves today" she thought to herself. The two guys seemed to be speaking of her. She was in the least mood to answer or speak to anyone.

When she was about to leave the cafe, a voice stopped her. "You are Mia, right?". She turned back to see a man in his early thirties, six feet two inches tall that she had to crane her neck. Wow that was so unusual for her. She studied his face, thinking where she might have seen him. Her face remembering skills were poor - prosapgnosia she convinced herself. But his face was too handsome to be forgotten in the folds of her brain. " you are.....??" Mia was lost for a few seconds. He smiled and extended his hand " I'm Max, and dont wreak your brain so hard. We have'nt met before". His smile was so mesmerising that I dont remember taking my hand up to shake his hands. His hand was so warm, it sent currents into me, making me gasp. He was more than perfect.

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