Secrets and Scars

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I am Bailey Bleek. Life isn't so good for me: a self harming, partially blind, abused, gay, bullied 13 year old boy who is locked up in a room with no windows whenever he isn't at school. Will I ever get away from my abusing mother? Will I ever find someone who loves me even with my Secrets and Scars?

Romance / Drama
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Bailey's POV

I walked into school on Monday morning with new cuts and bruises but as always I had my black hoodie on so no one would see them.

I always made sure I was there early so that I could get to class without any hassle and make sure to be sitting at the back.

I made a beeline for class but wasn't so lucky. Tyler Hill stopped me in the hall and shoved me up against the wall and started kicking and punching me while his mates cheered him on, this was now the daily procedure and I stopped trying to fight along time ago.

'You stupid, idiotic, piece of shit!' Tyler started as he punched my stomach. 'Are you trying to avoid us now eh?' Jake, William's best friend said and kicked me in the nuts. As I whimpered they all cracked out laughing. Then they scattered but not before emptying the contents of my bag on the floor. 'Those monsters' I muttered quietly while I picked up my things.

'Hey Bailey? Is.. Is this yours?' Tyler said in a worried voice as he knelt down and picked up something. 'Oh no, oh no!' I thought as I saw that Tyler was holding the blade I use to slit my wrists. I didnt answer instead snatched it out of his hand. It cut my palm and I dropped it but quickly picked it up after.

Was he going to tell everyone? Was he going to bully me even more? My heart was poutdoing as I quickly gathered the rest of my items and rushed into an empty classroom. But thanks to my luck Tyler came in ripped my bag out of my hands and held me up against the wall.
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