Secrets and Scars

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Tyler's POV

Id just finished my gym practice before school. I was headed to the lockers with my gang when we saw Bailey. Bailey Bleek is the queer quiet kid. He always wears the same black hoodie and gray jeans. He always sits at the back of the class with his head down.

I went up to him and pushed him against the wall and started punching him. My friends would do this every day. You stupid, idiotic piece of shit!' I said as I continued to punch him in the stomach. Then Jake my best bro kicked him in the groin, damn that must have hurt.

We heard him wince and we cracked out laughing then emptied the contents of his bag on the floor. I take my anger and problems out on him. We then scattered.

I wasn't far away and heard him mutter to himself ' Those monsters'. I went back to give him a peice of my mind.

I saw him picking up his stuff when something caught my eye. I bent down to see what it was and... it was a blade with blood on. My heart dropped as I realised what it might be used for.' Bailey, is this yours?' I asked worriedly.

He didn't answer and instead grabbedthe blade out my hand as a result cutting his and my palm. He dropped it then quickly grabed it, shoved it into his bag, grabed the rest of his things and ran off.

I found him in an empty classroom and ripped his bag out of the way and pressed him against the wall.

Nobody knows I'm gay and I planned to keep it that way. But when I saw his soft, pure white hair, his big emerald eyes filled with fear and his tall, pale, skinny figure I couldn't help myself. He looked so sexy.

I took off his hoodie not noticing his tears. I was astonished when I saw all the scars and bruises on his body.

I was devastated! 'Who did this? Did I do this?' I asked as tears of my own started rolling down my face. He shook his head and said in a weak voice still crying ' Please don't stare... please?' At that moment I realised I was staring at his body.

I wrapped him into a tight hug and whispered into his ear 'Who did this?'

'My mother beats me.'His voice was shaky though he seemed like he was enjoying it. As soon as I hear those words i held him as tight as I could.

I gave in to temptation and whispered in his ear ' You are so sexy shirtless!' which was true although you could see he was malnourished. Then after he breathed shakily I started kissing down his neck. He pulled away astonished by what had just happened.

'I.. I dont understand. You... you bullied me and hated me, now you are kissing my neck and care that my mother abuses me. On top of all of that I'm gay and you will make me want more but you are straight. Is this a prank or one of your sick games or someting!' He was shouting now.

I just laughed.' I'm not straight. I bully you because I'm not straight I like you and I can't help it, that makes me angry and I take it out on you because I like you!' I said looking into his eyes.

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