A road called Love

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When 15 year old Davina Mathews graduates from Unity High School never did she realise she would miss Gerald so much. Gerald Jackson son of a famous engineer and businessman Henry Jackson introvert to all but is a powerhouse on his own. An incident changes their lives but they meet again after few years. Will they complete each other or walk different paths altogether? Trigger warning: This book reflects certain incidents with anxiety, depression etc. Please read with caution if you are going through any above issues.

Romance / Drama
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New Neighbors

I love the spring season it brings the newness in the atmosphere taking away the old with itself. Totally engrossed in the beautiful nature my frisbee rolled to the other side of the road which had gone and stopped near the blue gate, a house opposite to mine.

That's when I saw him. Gerald and his family had moved around the end of my spring break as our neighbors. He was very handsome with green eyes and sharp features slightly taller than me.

"Yes, is there anyway I can help you with?"

For a few moments I kept staring at him and his question fell on my deaf ears. The house was unoccupied for a very long time and to finally see inhabited with someone close to my age was a pure joy.

I was always the introvert type. Yes, I had my best friend Stephie who was basically with me since preschool but she was always the talkative one and I chose to be her shadow.

Staring at his face I was too shy to respond and only when he felt no response would be expected out of me the door was banged on my face. Slowly standing for another few minutes I moved back to my house only to look back at his house one last time.

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