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"Why didn't you tell me the truth, why did you lie"

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Rita POV

"Momm!" "What!" "Why Didn't you wake me up!" "WHAT I thought you were up"
"Well I'm not!" You're such a heavy sleeper". My mom says as she gets ready for work. "What are you talking about" I say. "Well supposedly I woke you up, you definitely said ok so I guess you were woke, now enough talking or I will be late to work and you young lady will be late for your first day of school".

"Wow this school is huge" Rose says as we walked to class. Rose was my friend since first grade. "Yeah I know" I say as I'm now standing in front of my classroom door. "Well bye" I say. "See you in lunch" she laughs. "See you" my voice barely above a whisper. (ugh I'm so nervous I don't know why, I switched schools many times because of mom work,ugh i should be use to this.)"Well you going in or not" A deep voice says behind me shaking me out my thoughts. I turned around..."wow he is hot", (With his dirty blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, big juicy lips that you wonder how it feels against your lips, and surprisingly big muscles, wow...)
"Excuse me?" he says with a amused smile on his face. Umm wait did I Just SAY that out LOUD "wow he is hot" Yep I did. FUCK.

"Umm sorry bye" I say in a really high pitch voice as I quickly turn around and open the classroom door. "Well okay that was adorable" I hear the guy's voice behind as we walked inside the classroom. (Damn even his voice is hot) I was about to turn around and give him a piece of my God danm mind when I heard a joyful voice say "oh hey you must be Rita Jones I'm Mr.Peterson, wow you just look like your mother" "umm thanks" (He knows my mom?...well okay) "Alright listen up everyone we have a new student here, Her name is Rita Jones she moved here because of her mom's work so go easy on her, she most be devastated to leave her family and friends so get along, ok!" "Ok!" The class said in unison.

(What! How did he know my mom and I move here because of her work!" The shock I felt most be written on my face because Mr. umm Peterson looks at me in confusion then realization then anger then sadness? (Wait I'm confuse, why is he looking at me) "oh so your name is Rita" the hot, sexy voice guy says behind us, Me totally forgetting he was here. "Umm yeah?" "Nothing just a really cute and adorable name" "....Thanks" I say rolling my eyes. He just has that stupid addicting smirk on his face. (Ughh what is wrong with me!)

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