Our Little Mistake

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Katherine Jones thought she had her whole life planned out, that is until she meets Derek Lawson. The new kid with his eye on Katherine, what happens when something unexpected happens bringing them closer than they imagined? What about their future plans?

Romance / Drama
Savior_Swan Stories
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Chapter 1

Today was like any other day in my house, my mother was moping around thinking about my father. Today just happened to be the day he left us, he left 3 years ago and my mom hasn’t gotten over it yet. She barely notices me, she can’t look me in the eyes. She hasn’t talked to my sister in years not since she left after dad. I ignore her moping around and get ready for school, it’s the first day of my senior year. I made it passed her and out to my car, I sat there for a moment thinking about what would’ve happened if my dad didn’t run off with his receptionist. I pull out and head to school, everyone is so happy to be here. My best friend Carlie races up to my door as I park. I spent the summer working trying to get money for college, she pulls me into a hug and immediately goes into the drama of the school. “Have you seen the new kid yet? His name is Derek Lawson, he’s stupid hot, but off course Mia already has her eye on him.” I cut in front of her and grabbed her shoulders, “Carlie it’s the first day of school. Can we please just worry about our classes and college? I don’t care about boys.” She nods and goes off to her first class, as I walk to mine I run into a boy. “I’m so sorry.” I said squatting down to pick up my stuff, he bends down to help me.“It’s alright.” I look and meet his eyes, his ocean blue eyes meet my emerald green. “I’m Katherine.” I said as he handed me my books, “I’m Derek.” He said smiling and walking away, I looked over my shoulder to see him walking away. I get to class and Mia sits on my desk. “I saw you talking to Derek, Katherine, why would he go for you. You aren’t popular, you have mommy and daddy issues. Face it Katherine you aren’t who he wants.” She said trying to hurt my feelings I just laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“What makes you think he wants a girl with stds?” I say as she tosses her hair and scoffs leaving me alone finally. The teacher passes out a paper for our parents to sign, I stuff it into my binder knowing good and well I will sign it. “Alright class we have a new student this is Derek Lawson. Derek you can sit next to Katherine. Katherine, raise your hand.” I raised my hand and watched Derek smile, he sat next to me. “Katherine right?” I nodded looking back at the teacher. “It’s Justin right?” He smiled looking at the board where the teacher was writing. After class I went to my locker, Derek came up behind it and shut it before I got my stuff out. “I wasn't done there.” I said trying to open it again, “If you want in there say you will go out with me.” I laughed. He was really trying the scene from the Notebook. “Mia seems pretty dead set on getting you, she is very umm Mia.” He slid in front of me blocking my locker with his body. “Go out with me and I’ll let you in.” I rolled my eyes, “Fine I’ll go out with you.” A part of me hoped this wasn’t a dare, I didn’t want him to ask me out just to end up like those girls that stood up. “Let me have your phone, here put your number into mine.” I put my number in and handed it back to him. “I’ll pick you up at 7, text me the address.” After he walked away Carlie came rushing up to me. “What were you Mr. Stupid Hot talking about?” I opened my locker throwing my stuff in and grabbing the stuff for my next class. “He asked me out, and I said yes.” She squealed, making everyone turn to look at us. “Keep it down, I gotta go to class.” I walked away holding my things close to my chest, I was worried what if it was a joke? Classes drug on from then I walked out to my car, I sat there for a minute before starting it and pulling out of the parking lot. When I pulled into my driveway I noticed another car parked next to mine.

I opened the door and my mother was dressed, she did her make-up. I looked in the kitchen and saw my dad. “Dad?” I heard the bathroom door open and a pregnant woman came out. “Katherine please sit down we have much to talk about.” My mother said patting the couch next to her, I sat on the other side of the couch. “Katie this is my wife Rebecca, as you can see she is pregnant. You are going to be a big sister and we would like you to be apart of the baby’s life.” I was hurt that my father had started a new family, I couldn’t just accept this. “You want me to be apart of your new family when you broke ours, no screw you dad.” I rushed up to my room and slammed the door. I laid on my bed staring at the stars on my ceiling. I know I should forgive him. It’s been 3 years but he can’t just abandon the family he has to create a new one. I roll over on my bed to plug my phone in, I grab my laptop to facetime Carlie, she answers immediately.

K: My dad is here

C: You’re dad? What did he want?

K: He brought his new pregnant wife and he wants me to be apart of the baby’s life

C: What did you say?

K: I told him no, he can’t just abandon us then start again. That’s not how life works, anyway let’s talk about something else

C: Okay how about your date with Mr. Stupid Hot?

K: Can you stop calling him that?

C: Ooo so someone seems to like him

K: No I just get tired of hearing that, wanna help me pick out my outfit?

C: Sure let’s see what you got.

I turned the screen and walked over to my closet, I pulled out a white floral dress first I held it up.

C: No you want something sexy but not to sexy

K: I don’t even know where we are going how am I supposed to dress

C: Sexy but no stupid sexy

I pulled out a black dress that my mom had bought me for an audition last year.

K: What about this one?

C: That is perfect, and wear the black pumps you wore for your Britney Spears costume.

I smiled, she always knew how to make me feel better, we talked on the phone for hours until I noticed it was 6:30 and I wasn’t ready. I quickly texted Derek the address and slipped on the dress. I waited to put my shoes on until it was time to leave, Derek knocked on the door. I tried to beat my mother there but she was already at the door. I stood at the top of the stairs out of sight listening to what was being said.

“Can I help you?” My mother asked, almost shutting the door in his face, “I’m Derek Lawson. I came to pick up Katherine if that’s alright with you ma’am?” He said as my mother invited him in. I finished getting dressed and rushed downstairs before my mom could do anything else. “Derek you met my mother how nice we should go before she tries to stop us.” He got the hint and we rushed out the door, he opened the car door for me and I climbed in. “So where are we going?” He turned to me and smiled, of course he isn’t telling me.

That would ruin the surprise, I got an unsettling feeling like this was going to end badly. I tried to bury the feelings, we drove into town and he parked the car in the park. “The park?” I asked as he opened my door, he opened the trunk revealing a blanket and a basket. “Let’s go.” He held the basket in one hand and mine in the other with the blanket draped over his shoulder. We walked for a little bit before we reached a little ledge overlooking a mini waterfall. “This is beautiful.” He smiled, laying down the blanket and taking my hand as I sat down. “I didn’t know what you liked so I just made chicken alfredo. It’s my favorite.” He dipped me up a plate handing it to me. “How did you find this place?” I asked setting my plate down getting up to look down at the waterfall. Derek got up and stood next to me. “When we moved her my parents sent me off so they could pack and I just stumbled on it.” I felt him take my hand, I knew what he was about to do.

“Don’t you do it, Derek don’t” He jumped into the water pulling me down with him, we both hit the water once we reached the surface I was face to face with his ocean blue eyes. “What was that for?” I splashed his face, “What was what for? You mean this?” He said splashing me back, I tried to swim away but I felt him grab me around the waist. He spun me around in the water, we laughed and splashed water at each other before it started getting dark soon. We climbed back to the top to pack up our stuff, he helped me into the car. He drove me home, we stood on the porch of my house. "I had fun tonight thank you." He smiled I could feel him wanting to get closer, I couldn't take the tension anymore I pulled him in by his jacket collar. His lips locking with mine, his hands slid up my back as he pulled me in closer to his chest. Once we broke apart I smiled, I began to open the door when he said, "Same time tomorrow."

I nodded heading inside, my head was spinning. I leaned against the door trying to gather my thoughts when my mother appeared from around the corner. "Where have you been? You are soaked." She said grabbing me a towel, "I was out." I tried to run upstairs but my mother grabbed my arm. "I know your father leaving was hard but can you at least try to forgive him?"

"Forgive him? You want me to forgive him for leaving you, for leaving me. No I can't do that, he started a new family maybe his new kid will be perfect and he won't have to leave." I pulled my arm breaking her grip and rushing up the steps. Once I made it to my room I changed into my pajamas, I real just spent most of the night with Derek Lawson. He didn't trick me, he didn't try anything. He was just taking me out, I soon fell asleep thinking about what would happen tomorrow.

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