Our Little Mistake

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Katherine Jones is a normal 17 year old girl, she's smart, kind, and pretty. One night she makes a bold choice leads her to find the love of her life. Derek Lawson, the schools bad boy who has his eyes set on Katherine. Will he get her? What leads her too him?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Today wasn’t like an other day in my house, this marks the 2nd year since my father left us for his receptionist, and started their own family. My mother still continues to mope around the house whining that she misses him. It’s the day before my Senior Year and I had a plan to go shopping with my mom but she seem busy at the moment. As I walk down the sidewalk I feel the summer breeze blow through my dark brown hair, that’s when I saw him. The new kid who just moved across the street, I’ve heard so much about him things that shouldn’t turn a girl on but for some reason they did.

He flashed me a smile and lit his cigarette, I knew I shouldn’t be focusing on boys right now I haven’t even started planning my future. Without even thinking I cross the street to meet the new neighbors. “Hello my name is Katherine Jones I live across the street I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the neighborhood.” They smiled and nudged the boy to smile. “Well it was nice meeting you I’m Darcy Lawson, this is my husband John, and our son Derek.”

I smile at him, his eyes are so green you could get lost in them. “I think he’s about maybe your age, why don’t you walk her back over while your father and I unpack?” He started walking me back to my house, there was something about him that attracted me to his bad boy persona. “So are you going to Summerville High tomorrow?” I asked hoping to receive an answer, he nodded looking at me in the eyes.

I could feel my hands getting sweaty so I tried to rush getting inside. “Thanks for walking me home I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” I rushed inside the door, once he walked back across the street I opened the door to make sure he wasn’t lurking. Jesus something about him makes my head rush I know it sound stupid considering I just met him. I look over at his house and he is giving me a smile.

I grab my car keys and prepare to leave, when I pull out Derek jumped in front of my car. “Are you fucking crazy? I could have hit you.” He smiled and got in the front seat, “But you didn’t. So where are we going?” I tried not to laugh.

“We aren’t going anywhere I’m going to my best friends house, you can’t come.” He chuckled like he knew I would change my mind. “How about you show me the town? Take me to all of your favorite places, and show me fun things to do.” There was something mysterious and sexy about him.

“Ok let’s start with the best diner in town The Amber Well, it has the best milkshakes.” I couldn’t say no so we drove off to the Amber Well, once we got there and took a seat the waiter came over. “Katie it’s nice to see you again and who is your friend?” She asked looking at Derek, “This is Derek he just moved here I’m showing him around town. Can I get my usually?”

She nodded jotting it down on her paper, “Can I get her usual?” She nodded adding another. “Katie don’t forget to show him the rock.” I hid my face behind the menu hoping no praying he wouldn’t ask me what the rock was. Sensing I was uncomfortable he didn’t ask he just stared at me. “So how do you like the view?” I asked he looked at me up and down. “From here it’s great, wait were you talking about the diner? It could use some more color” I laughed throwing my menu at him, the waiter brought out our order. “This is what you order? A chocolate milkshake with extra cream?”

“Yeah every day after school my dad and I would come get one of these, so I like to get them sometimes to remember I guess.”

“What happened to your dad?”

“He left me and my mom when I was 15 for his receptionist. He started a new family and I haven’t heard from him since, tell me about your family”

“Well I have an older sister who’s in college, other than that we are just a family.”

" Why move out here? In the middle of nowhere”

“My father grew up here and he thought us kids could use a change in scenery, I like it here”

“Why is that?”

“Because I got to meet you!”
There it was the moment I knew was coming, I can’t be falling in love with him already I haven’t know him a whole day yet. I could feel his eyes watching me and all I wanted to do was pull him across the table and kiss him. “Well I’m glad I met you, we better get going soon. I didn’t tell my mom where I was going she gets a little worried.” And just like that I drove us home and prayed he liked me enough to do it all again.

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