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"Kim, I know you don't love him. I'm the only guy you've ever loved. You can't just replace me!" He steps closer to me and I step back. "Wesley, please don't come near me. I don't want any trouble." "I know you love me. I know you want me to touch you," He pins me against the wall, "and kiss you," he kisses me lightly on my neck. I can't resist him. That's why when he connects our lips, I kiss him back. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kim and her boyfriend Wesley break up after a period of two years together. When he leaves her, she thinks it's the end but what happens when Wesley realizes he wants her back but all of a sudden, Austin Kingsley steps in? It's so cliche but it gets better as you go on. I think😅

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one


We're gathered up at Jake's house and everything is going well. A good movie is on and I'm in Wesley's arms. My sweet boyfriend.
We've been together for a really long time and he makes me really happy.
"Kim,can we go outside for a bit?" Wesley whispers.
I nod in response and we make our way outside. I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about this. I hope I didn't do anything wrong.
"Kim, there's something you need to know." His tone is worrying me. This cannot be good.
"What is it?" I ask.
"Bianca and I have been hanging out and I think I might actually like her." I know exactly what he's trying to do. How could he go out with Bianca of all the girls! I hate her more than any human on this earth! She's the most annoying and selfish bitch I know.
We got into so many fights in the past. Wesley was fed up of her hurting me so he decided to talk to her. Could he have cheated for that long? How didn't I notice?
"So, you've been cheating on me?" That came out unintentionally loud. Doesn't matter! He deserves to be yelled at. How could he just cheat on me with Bianca!
"No, I didn't cheat on you Kim and please try to calm down."
Calm down?! What's wrong with this guy?! He's trying to dump me and he wants me to be calm. I just wanna beat him up for doing this to me. I loved him so much and this is what I get?!
"You want me to calm down when you're trying to break up with me for Bianca!"
"No! I'm not trying to, I am breaking up with you." I can't believe it! He's actually leaving me for the girl i hate the most. What the hell got into him?
"I'm sorry but i just don't feel anything for you anymore."
I can't believe this. This has to be a nightmare! He doesn't feel anything for me?! We're in love! This can't be true. He's lying!
My eyes start welling up and I feel like I've been stabbed in the throat with a knife.
I should just accept this. He doesn't want me. There's no point of standing here and crying so he could feel sorry for me. If he wants Bianca, I'll just get out the way.
"Okay Wesley, whatever! I'm out of here. You can date Bianca now since I'm no longer in your way." I say in a shaky voice.
I don't want to know more about him and Bianca. I might just lose my mind. He doesn't want me anymore and I was making things hard for him and the one he wants. I'll leave right now and he can go spend time with his new girlfriend.
I go back inside the house and grab my stuff without saying anything to anyone. They all look confused but I'm not staying here any longer.
Wesley is still outside when I'm heading to my car. I glance at him with tears in my eyes and drive out of there as fast as I can.
I feel so broken. No one's ever hurt me like this. He cheated on me like it wouldn't hurt me. He lied and humiliated me. I can't believe the only guy I've ever loved broke me like this.
I get home and run up to my room.
With my tear stained face, I throw myself on the bed and sob quietly.
Looking at his picture frame on the bed side table is making it harder for me to stop crying so I do the first thing I think of. I throw the frame out the window.
Wesley and I have been together for two fucking years. I don't get it! What is so good about Bianca that made him dump me like this? She's a real pain in the ass. I hate her! Everyone does! What does Wesley want from her? He told me he loved me almost everyday and I felt so safe in his arms. How could he just leave me like that. We shared a lot of moments together. I lost my virginity to him!
I can't stop these tears 'cause crying is the only thing that can heal me. At least that's what I think. I can't believe he's putting me through this. I feel like my heart isn't beating anymore.

Later at night, my mom and I eat dinner together. It's pretty much this way all the time 'cause my brother Darian is always out partying and my father is out of town all the time.
Darian is older than me by one year. He's the laziest asshole and all he does is go to parties and fuck girls. He didn't want me to be with Wesley and if he finds out about this, he's gonna freak!
"Honey, are you okay?" I'm not telling mom about this. She'll get really worried and I don't want that. I don't want her to feel bad for me. I'll start crying again.
"I'm fine," I lie.
"You look so shitty!" Of course I do. My eyes are puffy and my hair is all messy. I've been crying all day. I even imagined Wesley texting me earlier. I'm so obsessed with him. I just wish I could forget about him just with a blink of an eye.
"It's because I'm exhausted." I am actually exhausted. With all that has happened, I don't think I'll ever be happy. This is the end! I'm gonna die.
We stay silent for a while and i really like it. I'm really not in the mood to talk but mom just can't keep quiet any longer. She's not the silent kind.
"I got you a tutor," she smiles.
Like seriously, why?!
" I don't need a tutor. Maybe i need a study partner but not a tutor."
"Why not? It'll be really nice. Don't you think?"
"No! Mom I don't need a tutor at all. I'll be fine on my own. I've always been." I clear my plate and leave the dining.
Why would mom think that I need a tutor? I always do well when it comes to my studies.
I lay on my bed and the memories of Wesley sleeping next to me come rushing back. I start crying again and it goes on like that till I'm asleep.
It's Monday morning and I really want to skip school. How can I go there and face Wesley? We have like three classes together. Ugh!!!!! Couldn't he have dumped me on Friday?! At least I'd have the weekend to cry my eyes out.
"Kim, wake up! You're gonna be late," mom yells from downstairs.
I make my way into the bathroom and strip out of my clothes. I look in the mirror and see a broken girl. I have never gone through a break up before. Wesley was my first boyfriend and I've been stupid enough to think that we could be together forever. I should've known that Bianca would get in the way. What did he see in the most slutty figure at school?! It's so unfair how I never get what I want.
Once cleaned up, i blow dry my hair and tie it up in a tight ponytail.
I dress up in ripped mini shorts,a crop top and high heeled boots. I apply some nude lipstick and coat my lashes with mascara. Maybe this look is good enough for the day after a break up. I kinda wish Linda could pick my outfits everyday and not only when I'm going to a party or a date.
I'm ready for school! I just hope this day gets over very fast.
I eat cereal for breakfast since mom is already gone and Darian didn't get the groceries. He was supposed to go the store on Saturday morning.
I should go wake him up or else he'll miss school. He's a senior and doesn't take that seriously. It only matters when he has football. He should be waking me up!
"Darian get up we're supposed to leave for school in a few minutes." I pull the covers off his body. He's in his boxers. Why do boys love sleeping like that?
He groans sleepily and jumps out of bed. He makes his way to the bathroom. "I hate You. Don't wake me up again."
He's gonna be more than late today. This guy is not a morning person and he's so slow.
I get outside of the house and enter my car.
I drive to school with loud music playing. I feel so great at the moment and Wesley is my last concern. I wish it could be like this all the time.

I'm at my locker when Linda approaches me. "Kimmy!" She gives me a hug, "You know I'm here for you honey. Wesley is such a jerk for leaving you." How did she find out?
"Linda, how'd you find out about that? I did not tell anyone."
"Wesley told us right after you left. I wanted to go to your house but i figured you needed some time alone." I could see the sadness in her eyes. She's such a good friend.
"Linda, you don't have to worry about me. I'm doing fine and I couldn't care less about him."
"Are you sure about that?" she smiles.
Linda is my bestfriend. She was hit on by almost every guy in school. I started hanging out with her back in middle school. We do everything together. She's like a sister to me.
Wesley actually tried hitting on her before we started dating and it was hilarious how he failed to win her over.
Linda and I talk as we walk down the hallway. I could feel so many eyes on me. It's so obvious that everyone found out about the quarterback breaking up with the random girl for the cheer captain.
The bell rings for class and I make my way to chemistry. Wesley is walking Bianca to her class. They stop at the door and he pecks her lips. I cannot deny the fact that I feel jealous. He used to walk me to class every chance he had. If I wasn't standing in a hallway full of teenagers, I'd be crying by now.
I really don't know how I'm gonna move on. I've never felt this kind of pain!
I should get to class and study like any normal girl of my age. I'm wasting time out here.
"Kim," It almost feels like I'm dreaming. That's Wesley's voice. I freeze in my spot and think of what I should do. I don't think talking to my ex who hurt me is a good idea. I should definitely go!
He's standing in front of me. Maybe I should just listen to him. "I texted you last evening and you didn't reply."
He did text me! I thought I was imagining stuff 'cause I was like obsessed with him. Thank God, I didn't reply.
What should I say to him now? I stand there thinking of what to say.
"I don't think that texting your ex immediately after dumping her is a good move. You're not supposed to talk to me. I'm not willing to listen either so stay away!" I get in class and take a seat as far away from him as possible.
I can't believe I just said that! I didn't break down in front of him. Maybe coming to school after a break up isn't exactly a bad thing. I know I'll get over him really fast.

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