Worth Fighting For

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Book 4 in the Peterson brothers. (Sample only) Eddie is a police officer who has recently come out as gay, He now faces some hard times as old friends turn against him and other friends show him that it is worth fighting for.

Romance / Action
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1


Edward Peterson, otherwise known as Eddie to his friends, family and colleagues.

Eddie has been a police officer for the last seven years just like his older brothers. Some of you might know them already. Adam, Blake and Danny. Eddie also has a sister, Claire who went into the forensics side of the police.

Eddie has just come out to his family as being gay, he has been hiding it for the last three years. Being a police officer and being gay he knows he is in for a hard time. If it wasn't for Ria, Blake's wife, he would have kept it a secret for much longer if not forever. Ria had sensed it and confronted him but giving him the full support and love which is what helped him come out to his family. Eddie had met a guy and brought him along to Ria and Blake's wedding. It's from there that everyone else soon found out and the talk went around the police station, some were more accepting than others.

Chapter 1

George appears up from the cells and bumps into Eddie on purpose, making him spill the coffee he was carrying in his hand all down the front of his uniform. "Watch where you're going queer " George walks off laughing. Eddie who is already finding things hard and to top it off George and he were friends, everything changed when George found out that Eddie was gay. It was like a complete u-turn he made in their friendship and apart from making Eddie's life miserable he even put Eddie's life at risk when they were doing a raid and teamwork was the key to arresting everyone in the house, George didn't inform Eddie that there was a guy hiding in a cupboard as Eddie was trying to cuff one guy when this other guy attempted to jump out and attack Eddie, George just stood and watched. Luckily Adam stepped in the room and threw the guy to the floor.

Eddie goes off to the bathroom to try at least dry some of the coffee off his uniform.

"Why do I even try sometimes?"

He can feel the tears threatening to fall, but he's not going to cry, not for him, not for anyone. He has to stay strong. David keeps telling him every time someone hurts him with words to think about all the people who love him and support him. Eddie smiles as he thinks back to the time Ria held him after she found out. She told him that she loved him and held his hand as he cried. Eddie dries himself off the best he can, before he leaves he takes a look in the mirror, straightens out his uniform and puts a smile on his face as he heads back out. He runs into the Chief on his way back to the interview room that he was going to. A guy had been mugged and Eddie was trying to get a description off him so they could get a profile. There had been quite a few muggings of recent and they were on the incline.

Chief was just on his way to see Eddie to find out if the guy could describe the mugger.

"No I didn't get a good look at him, but he had a tattoo on the side of his face."

This was the first bit of good news they had got.

"How tall do you think he was?"

" At least as tall as you, if not a bit taller."

Eddie is six foot so this guy must be at least six one.

Chief Heller asks the guy if he could draw or at least describe the tattoo on the side of his face.

"Yeah, it was a small butterfly, just black. He had a cap on his head and a bandanna around his face but it had slipped and I saw the tattoo."

"Thank you Mr Greenwood, you've been very helpful."

Chief Heller wants to speak to Eddie after he has taken Mr Greenwood out.

"Okay Chief I'll come to your office in a bit."

Eddie leads Mr Greenwood along the corridors and back out to the front of the station. Thanking him once again for his help. As Eddie makes his way to see what the chief was wanting to talk about he has some worry that George has been stirring up trouble again.

Knocking on the door to the Chief's office.

"Eddie shut the door and take a seat."

Eddie does so, his stomach twisting in knots even though he knows that he hasn't done anything wrong. He takes a deep breath trying to stop this feeling of wanting to be sick. The Chief notices the worry on Eddie's face.

"You're not in trouble Eddie, I just wanted to see how you are?"

With some relief Eddie begins to breathe normally again.

" I'm okay."

It's the only words he managed to get out.

" Listen Eddie, I know it has been hard and you have been getting some grief from a couple of the guys in here, I heard what had happened out on that raid and I've had words with George. But I want you to know that I'm here for you to speak to, you're one of my good officers here and I don't want to see you suffer for just being you."

The words hit Eddie hard, having the support from your chief means so much to him. He can feel the tears pricking at the corner of his eyes.

Swallowing hard he thanks the chief and let's him know how much he appreciates his support.

" Eddie before you go, let me know if George continues doing stuff to you, I wont tolerate bullies in this station, we are all here for a reason and that's to help others no matter what."

" Thanks Chief."

Eddie leaves the office and heads to sort himself out ready to go home for the night. Next week he is working the late shift so he wants to spend a bit of time with David as he knows he won't see him much with their different work schedules. Packing up his bag, he shuts his locker which has been defaced for the umpteenth time now, he knows who it is but as there are no cameras allowed in the locker room he can't prove it. He's not bothered to clean it off this time as he knows they will just keep doing it. Picking up his bag the door goes to the locker room and Eddie's stomach twists again as he sees who it is.

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