Worth Fighting For

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Eddie is standing with his bag ready to leave and is faced with George and Thomas.

"Well…looks like this little piggy wants to go home." George starts making pig noises and Thomas just laughs.

They're still blocking the door out, Eddie takes in a deep breath and walks forwards to the door asking them to move.

"Better move Thomas otherwise you might turn gay if he touches you."

Eddie holds his tongue in fear that they might start on him like last time, shoving him into the lockers, he was saved by Bo coming in and threatening to kick their butts if they didn't leave him alone. Not that it has helped at all, George and Thomas constantly try pushing Eddie to see if he will break down and cry. Eddie gets to the door and starts to open it, that's when George kicks it shut with his foot.

"You think you just get to walk away?"

" You have a problem with me, go take it up with the chief."

Eddie knows the chief is on his side and George has already had one warning from him.

" I've not got a problem, you have, you need help."

"Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I have a problem, you can't accept that you were once friends with me for so long and now you know, suddenly you hate me."

"Hate is a strong word Eddie, your just a fucking queer bastard who makes me sick. To think I was friends with you."

"Nothing's changed George."

"Everything has changed Eddie, you have changed."

Thomas shoves Eddie making him stumble and George uses his foot to push him down onto the ground.

"Stay down and don't bother getting back up you arse licking twat."

Both George and Thomas leave before anyone comes, they know the next shift will be coming in. Chief had let Eddie go a bit earlier today as he didn't want to clash with these two, but it looks like they knew he was leaving and got to him anyway.

Eddie is left laying on the floor, it's getting worse with those two, and Eddie is wondering if he should just give it up and look for something else. He picks himself off the floor and wipes his hands down on his trousers before picking his bag up and heading out.

Finally getting home Eddie strips off and jumps into the shower washing all the hate off him. Tears start rolling down his cheeks followed by sobs, the shower masking the noise and water washing away his tears.

Today David is arriving soon and Eddie should feel happy but instead he thinks he should tell him not to bother coming as all Eddie wants to do is curl up into a ball and cry himself to sleep.

As Eddie puts on his t-shirt and jeans, the door goes and he knows that it is David. As soon as Eddie answers the door every single bit of disbelief that he had went away when he saw David's face.

" Hi handsome."

Straight away David could see something was wrong and took Eddie into his arms.

Shutting the door behind them David pressed Eddie up against the door.

"Don't tell me he's been at it again?"

Eddie's face dropped and he looked at the floor. David took his hand and lifted Eddie's chin up so his eyes met his.

"He's not worth it."

"He pushed me to the floor this time."

"He's the bastard in all this, you are the most good hearted, gorgeous man and I love you Eddie."

Those few words make Eddie smile, David always knows what to say.

"I love you too David."

David ran his hands inside Eddie's top pulling it up exposing his body. Holding Eddie's arms up in the top above his head David's mouth kisses along Eddie's neck to his lips.

"Mmm, David."

"You know how sexy I think you are."

" And you can feel how much you turn me on David."

David smiles against Eddie's lips and trails one hand down to his crotch feeling his growing bulge in his jeans.

" Let me show you how much I love you Eddie."

Before Eddie had chance to answer David is undoing his zipper and pulling out Eddie's cock bending down and taking it in his mouth. Eddie groans out loudly as he does so and rests the back of his head against the door, closing his eyes and enjoying this moment as David reminds him of who he is and how much he is loved.

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