Worth Fighting For

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chapter 3

Chapter 3

After some much-needed quality time with David, Eddie feels better and is back to feeling himself again. Eddie still doesn’t go out that much in public with David as he seems to find himself feeling uncomfortable and as if he is doing something wrong even though he is not and there are a lot of gays about.

“I want to take you out this weekend.”

“I’m not sure.”

David takes Eddie’s hands and holds them above his head as he straddles himself over the top of him on the bed.

" You’re coming out with me on Saturday night. There’s a new place that has just opened up, I promise you will like it.”

The way David is looking at Eddie he knows that he can’t say no.

David leans down kissing Eddie’s lips slipping his tongue along and into Eddie’s mouth so they can battle against each other as the kiss heats up. Releasing Eddie’s hands so he can roam his body. Eddie groans and his body shudders as David’s hand moves down grasping Eddie’s erection and starts pumping it, David’s own presses against Eddie’s leg and he rocks gently with the movements of his hand.

“Let me touch you, David.”

“I want to feel you inside of me.”

Eddie groans again as the thoughts of penetrating David’s hole excites him and David knows Eddie likes it. Moving off Eddie so he can get into a better position, Eddie likes to bend him over the end of the bed, David stands ready as Eddie slides on a condom and some lube. He’s always gentle at first, kissing David’s back as he rocks in and out slowly.

“Fuck me, Eddie, fuck me hard.”

Eddie holds either side of David’s hips and starts to slam into him hard and fast.

“I’m going to cum for you.”

As Eddie said those words David’s hand works faster on his own release.

“Fuck yes I’m cumin with you, Eddie.”

With the last few slams into David’s ass, Eddie releases himself filling the condom as David spills his load out into his hand.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Eddie says with concern as David sucked in a breath when Eddie pulled out.

" No that was fucking amazing.”

David turns and gives Eddie a kiss before heading to the bathroom so he can shower, Eddie discards the condom and cleans himself up. He was worried for a moment there as he felt he might have gone too hard with his thrusts, and also it worries Eddie a little bit at how much he enjoyed being more aggressive when he fucked him. He puts it aside to him just getting some of his anger out and he thinks that’s why David told him to fuck him hard.

David is in the shower washing his body, with thoughts of just moments ago, Eddie did hurt him only a little bit as he was quite rough but he also enjoyed it just as much. After coming out he finds Eddie laying back on the bed.

“You okay?” Eddie looks up as he says this to David. He was really worried that David might run away scared at what just happened.

David lays on the bed next to Eddie and they talk about what just happened, David let Eddie know that he was maybe just a little bit too rough but he did enjoy it. As Eddie said how much he did enjoy it and it scared him a bit.

“We will just take things each day, maybe you were just angry today.”

“Your right and you know how much I enjoy it when we do it slowly as well.”

Exactly, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.”

After they had talked things through Eddie made some food for them both and they spent the night together.

It’s another day and Eddie is already hoping that George and Thomas won’t be on the same shift as him when he goes into work. David gives Eddie another pep talk about staying strong and keeping his chin up before he gives him a final kiss before leaving himself.

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