In Holy Mafiamony: Til Death Do Us Part

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Ch.12| Namaste


Sixteen Hours Earlier;

“What do you mean you set up a meeting with Villetti, dad?” I gritted through my teeth.

“This family is in this situation because of you two goons! Now I looked the other way when Alaiyah wanted to amend that marriage contract. I held my tongue when you two spent seven months sleeping in separate rooms. I didn’t kill you when you chose to divorce, bring shame on this entire family, but so help me god! If both of you don’t pull your heads out of each others’ asses and fix this mess, Lincoln, I will be the one killing the both of you myself!” My father seethed.

So Gian-Carlo Costello is beyond furious, I get that. But pulling me out of bed at four in the morning to hop on a plane, to have a meeting in Italy, that he set up is uncalled for. I rolled my eyes as he barked away.

“Last time I checked, I am Capo of this family. If I wanted a meeting with Castiel Villetti, it will be on my time and my terms. I love you, but if you ever threaten my wife or step out of your place again, I will personally make sure your death is painful. Do I make myself clear?” I respected his rank when he was lead; he needs to learn to respect mine.

“Lincoln Gabriel Costello! Speak to your father like that again! I dare you too!” my mother yelled in the background,

Fucking snitch, always has to have my mom fight his fucking battles.

“Fine. I'll gather some men and head out!” I whisper yelled. It was times like this that made me wish flip phones were still a thing because as much as I wanted to throw my phone right now, I didn’t want to wake Alaiyah up. We just spent the entire night with our bodies glued to one another as she rode me again and again. I couldn’t tell you how many times I came in that sweet pussy of hers, but I’m sure it was enough to knock her up if she wasn’t on birth control.

Ending the call, I looked over at my beautiful wife, who now had her naked body sprawled out, halfway over mine. On the one hand, I wanted to wake her up and fuck her once more before I left, but I knew if I did, I wouldn’t go. Carefully, I untangled myself from my sleeping beauty, kissing her on the forehead.

“No more, Lincoln. I’m tired.” She groaned in her sleep.

I paused in my tracks, afraid she would wake up. Not because my wife scares me, but because as a Mafioso, she is a pain in my ass. I was relieved when she turned over in bed, and her soft snores began again. Smiling, I quietly grabbed my clothes from the closet and made my way to the shower to get ready.

Once I was in my office, I called Fabian, Shen, and Milosh, demanding they be in my office in the next half hour.


“What do you mean we're going to Italy?!” Shen and Milosh shouted at the same time.

“Will you fools keep your fucking voices down?! The last thing we need is for my wife to wake up and call your wife!” I warned.

“Lincoln, I can’t go to Italy. Ivanna has a scan for the babies today; I can’t miss it; it's the gender scan,” Milosh yawned.

“Lincoln, I can go for him,” Fabian spoke up.

“No, I need these two with me. They are in charge of Alaiyah security, and they need to be there!” Between these idiots and my father, I don’t know who was pissing me off more.

“This is bullshit! Ever since you got married, I no longer feel like your right hand!” Leave it to Fabian to bitch at five in the morning.

“Well, next time you want to fuck my little sister, I guess you will fuck that thought instead!” I snapped, I was too tired for this bullshit.

“The three of us are on that plane in an hour!—And Fabian, you can consider this your demotion. Milosh, your up!” I got up from my desk and walked out of the room. I promised Alaiyah I would work on the anger issues she claims I have, and I won’t go back on that. I just wish these fucking idiots would realize my anger issues stem from their lack of competency.

Was I okay with Fabian dating Gianna? Yes, as long as he was man enough to speak with me and my dad, but it’s been over a year, and he still hasn’t come forward. I can’t call him ‘my right hand’ when he isn’t acting right. Family and consent means everything, and if you aren’t in an arranged marriage, you need permission to date a relative of your Capo.


Within the next hour, Shen, Milosh, and I boarded a seven a.m plane destined for Italy. While Shen was in the back, listening to meditation, Milosh held a pissy look on his face as he looked out the window. His family meant everything to him, and I feel like shit for forcing him to come.

“If I didn’t need your muscle, you know I would have made you stay home. Right?” I broke the heavy silence between us.

“I know. I’m just tired.” That was Milosh’s way of telling me he was disappointed in me.

“Lincoln, are you serious about me becoming your right hand? I’m gonna have three babies and am pushing fifty,” He began to speak.

“To be honest, I am running on a half an hour of sleep and seeing Fabian pissed me off. He still hasn’t come clean about dating GiGi, and I am over it.” I took in a deep breath as I looked down the rows, to the seats at the back of the plane.

Every time I have to fly, those seats make me feel like I’m home because that is where my home began. It was in those seats where I got my ass handed to me. Those seats where I fell in love with her laugh. Those seats where we first kissed and where I knew the girl I had to marry was going to be someone I would die for. The rest of the way to Italy, I alternated between sleeping and listening to Ivanna chew Milosh out over the phone while Shen slept the whole way there. Oh, how I wish I could've nama-stayed the fuck home.


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