In Holy Mafiamony: Til Death Do Us Part

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Ch.3| Half of Us


I can’t tell you how long I ran for, but it must have been a while. When I finally stopped running, I looked around and found myself standing under a street light, in the same exact spot that Alaiyah and I took that picture on my lock screen. Her beautiful smile flashed in my head again, and this time I couldn’t stop the hurt from falling down my face. The reality of this situation was that I needed her, I needed all of her... and she wouldn’t even look at me. I couldn’t blame her, though, I took it too far. The night I hurt her, was the final straw for her.

I was just so angry at the world—at Castiel Villetti, better known as the Leading Capo. He was in charge of our Mafia’s Headquarters over in Italy and was the oldest piece of scum I ever met. He was known best in our world for upholding the cruelest of laws and traditions, hints why he made that new contract. In doing so, he not only threatened my wife and the girl my brother was seeing, but he took it as far as to threaten my unborn child in a sick and twisted way of exacting revenge for changing the traditional marriage agreement.

So when Alaiyah said she wanted a divorce, I just snapped. We were finally getting somewhere in our relationship—or so I thought. Before this all happened, I was finally starting to get her to talk about maybe having a baby. We smiled and laughed non stop. I actually found myself falling in love with her, and I found myself falling in love with the idea of having something that was half of each of us running around. But the moment she chose to walk away was the moment all of her love and trust in me went out the window. It was the moment Castiel Villetti hurt me, in yet another vicious way.

Letting out the rest of my pent-up emotions, I began to run back home. If I were lucky, I would be able to take a quick shower and get a couple hours of sleep before the nightmares came back. That’s another fucked up thing that happened. Alaiyah left, and I no longer could sleep, and to make matters worse, I had another meeting with the board tomorrow, one that she would be at.


The Next Morning;

“Wake your dumb ass up!” I heard someone yelling at the foot of my bed.

“Fuck you, Luca!” I groaned searching for my phone.

“No, thank you, I’m in a committed relationship,” He huffed.

“Not for much longer if Castiel gets his fucking way!” I threw those words in his face, knowing both him and Ellie knew about the terms of the new marriage agreement.

“You’re not seriously thinking about taking the offer, right?!” Luca’s fists balled white as his face flushed with anger.

“I’m not fucking stupid. Now get out!” I pointed to the door as I walked over to my bathroom, grabbing a towel.

I quickly got in a morning shower and got dressed, then headed out the door. I made sure to leave an hour-and-a-half early, just so I could grab Alaiyah and I some breakfast from her favorite Café, Nonna Nina’s. I knew Alaiyah had a nasty habit of forgetting to eat, and most days, it was only when I got her Nonna Nina’s breakfast that she would eat a good amount. Having already placed the order online, I pulled into a parking space out front of the Café and ran in.

“Piccolo mio, sei qui!” Nonna Nina cried out with a smile, opening her arms for a hug.

(IT: My baby boy, you’re here!)

Ever since Santiago’s hitman found and destroyed Nonna Nina’s diner, I loved her closer to me and bought her a new restaurant. It was hit both to the community and to my wife.

“Prendi quest, I packed Alaiyah some eggs, bacon, fruit, and cornetto, along with a Carmel Latte,” She said, handing me more food than I ordered, as always.

(IT: Take this.)

“Grazie, Nonna Nina. Darò ad Alaiyah un abbraccio per te,” I smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

(IT: Thank you, I’ll give Alaiyah a hug for you.)

Giving Nonna Nina one more kiss on the cheek, I grabbed the bag and started to walk out of the Café.

“Oh, e Lincoln!... Buona fortune!” Nonna Nina called out.

(IT: Oh, and Lincoln!... Good Luck.)

I got back in my car and took off. As I got closer to my destination, I began to get a little nervous. I haven’t spoken to my wife in nearly a month, and it has also put a strain on my friendship with Milosh. Usually, he and his family would come over every day, and we would watch games and hang out, but ever since I lost my shit, if the topic weren’t work-related, he would talk to me, not that I blame him. He took care of Alaiyah, and that’s all that mattered now.

When I walked into the office building, I saw Milosh standing by a bench as Alaiyah sat there, looking a little irritated.

“Good morning, Nonna Nina packed some breakfast for us,” I said, trying to break the tension in the air.

“Lincoln, why is the door locked? Where is everyone?” She snipped.

“They will be here in an hour, I wanted to make sure you got something to eat, and we need to have a conversation...alone,” I made sure to stair at Milosh when I said the last part.

“Here, this is for you, Milosh.” I handed him a plain Latte and a cornetto as I nodded for Alaiyah to follow me.

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