In Holy Mafiamony: Til Death Do Us Part

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Ch.8| Take It Back


After I asked Lincoln to join me in the bath, he stripped his boxers and practically flew into the tub. I moved forward a little, and Lincoln sat behind me, pulling me, so I was laying back on his chest.

"So, what did you wanna talk to me about?" I asked, playing with his hands.

"I just wanted to apologize for my actions," he whispered into my neck.

"I shouldn't have accused you of sleeping with someone, especially Milosh, and for that, I'm truly sorry. I was just aggravated, and I felt like you didn't like me anymore. Especially after being apart for a month. I thought your feelings weren't as strong as mine." As soon as that apology left his mouth, I turned around and put my legs on either side of his body and wrapped my arms loosely around his neck.

"Lincoln, if I didn't love your stupid ass, I would have just stayed with Milosh and Ivanna, and I damn sure would not be risking my life." I made sure to look him dead in the eyes so he could see and feel the sincerity of my words.

"I know that now, and I love your stubborn ass as well," Lincoln winked, causing me to tilt my head back in laughter.

"So, you're really serious about this whole school thing?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah, I am." This was my dream, and I was going to make sure I did it.

"I'm proud of you, Amore," Lincoln saying those words meant more to me than he'll ever know.

"Did you decide what you will major in?" Being able to talk to him about this was nice.

"I want to major in nursing. I have always wanted to work in Labor and Delivery, as well as in the NNICU." Lincoln listened attentively as I explained to him what that all meant.

"Well, it sounds like we'll need to get you your own laptop tomorrow, then," he chuckled.

"What, you don't like me using yours?" I joked.

"I'll pass on the 'bathing with a laptop,' thing." We both laughed at the sheer panic he held in his eyes.

"So, what is your next step?" I was really happy he was curious about my dreams.

"Well, I have to write the entry letter, then I need you to use your wealth and power to persuade that Admissions Board to let me in!" I joked.

"Sorry, Amore; Not only is that illegal, but I don't mess with education. That's a technical foul on my soul." I couldn't help but laugh even more at his hypocrisy.

We continued to laugh and joke as I took a loofa and washed his body. My husband, though not perfect, was still amazing to me. Suddenly, Lincoln pulled me even closer to him, and then I felt the warmth of his lips crashing into mine, awaking this desire in me that I didn't know I had. The kiss started slow and gentle but quickly grew faster and more demanding as my hips began to grind against his.

Our hands then began to explore each other's bodies, as if we were trying to memorize the feeling, but as fast as it started, Lincoln ended it.

"Get up," He demanded, tapping on my leg.

"What?" I was confused. Did he not like what we were just doing.

"Get up," He repeated.

I momentarily fought with myself, but I didn't feel like fighting with him. Annoyed, I got up, climbed out of the tub, grabbing a towel to dry off with. Following my lead, Lincoln quickly did the same, but as I wrapped my towel around me, something happened.

"Oh, Mio Amore, you won't be needing that." Lincoln gave me a cheeky smile and pulled my towel off of me, letting it fall to the ground. He then picked me up, my legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as his lips initiated another deep kiss. It wasn't until my back met the softness of the bed that I realized Lincoln had carried me out of the bathroom.

"I missed you, Amore," Lincoln whispered in my ear, sending a warming shiver down my spine.

"I missed you too," I managed to moan out, in-between each skillful kiss Lincoln's mouth gave. Needless to say, Lincoln managed to take my breath away time after time that night. It was as if letting go of each other would somehow kill us, like breaking a kiss would leave us to suffocate.


Waking up the next morning was just as blissful as the night before. My pillow was my husband's beautifully sculpted chest, and my blanket was his arms and leg that somehow managed to tower over me, and for the first time in over a month, I finally felt like I was home.

Smiling, I looked up to Lincoln's face and saw nothing but comfort and calmness. There were no signs of worry in his muscles; his armor of coldness was completely stripped, and the eyes that have seen more than their fair share of cruelness were tucked away in a finally peacefully sleep.

Not wanting to wake him just yet, I gently snuck out of bed, exchanging a pillow in place of myself, and crept over to the bathroom before grabbing Lincoln's laptop and making myself comfortable on the couch.

I still had to print out the admissions paperwork, and now I needed to look at new laptops. While I was an iPhone user, I was a Windows girl at heart. I wanted something that was both powerful and handy, so I had some research to do.

A couple hours had past when Lincoln's movements diverted my eyes from the screen. I couldn't help but silently laugh as Lincoln cuddled up to the pillow for a few seconds before his arms started searching for my body that was no longer there. I continued to watch for a few seconds as he groggily opened his in a state of panic, not knowing if last night was real or not.

"I'm over here," I chuckled as I watched the sound of my voice startle him.

"Amore?! What are you doing up so early?" He asked, sitting up in the bed.

"Early? It's nearly noon, sleepyhead." I watched him as he looked at the clock on his phone in shock.

"Well, still—what are you doing over there... and on my laptop?" I watched as Lincoln's beautifully naked body climbed out of bed and headed over to the dresser, before pulling on a fresh pair of Calvin Kleins'.

"We were having a conversation on how he wanted to go Scuba Diving in the tub again," I joked, closing the laptop.

"Ha, Ha, Ha. Alaiyah thinks she got jokes," He mimicked, walking over to me.

"Oh, I know I got jokes. The biggest one being my boneheaded husband," I whispered out, knowing damn well he heard it.

"Wanna say that a little louder, Amore?" He cocked his eyebrow as he leaned in and rested his forehead on mine.

"I said you're a-" Before I could even finish my words, Lincoln began tickling me, just like he did on the plane when we first met.

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you," he spoke louder over my fits of laughter.

"I- said- y-y-you're an-an-an- IDIOT!" I finally managed to get the word out, in between my bursts of laughter, prompting Linclon to tickle me even more.

"Take it back!" He growled, pinning my arms above my head.

"NEVER!" I challenged.

"I'm warning you, take it back." A look of mischief appeared in his eyes as he glanced down at my lips.

"Take. It. Back." A small smile crept onto his lips as they got closer to mine.

"I said 'never,'" I repeated.

"Fine, then you leave me no choice." Before I could react, Lincoln removed his hands from my wrists and when right for my exposed armpits.

"S-T-O-P!" I cried out in laughter.

"Take it back," he teased.

"I-I-I-" I couldn't form the words.

"Itakeitback!" I yelled, mustering up all the energy I had left in me.

"That's what I thought," Lincoln chimed as he climbed off of me.

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