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"Oh I can't believe how immature that brother of yours can be. He made my day living hell. All I got was smart ass comments and him being jealous that I was messaging someone other then him. I just don't think you will understand how much he has pissed me off." I say to Tom. Well more rant I guess because he has annoyed me so much. "First up can you just breathe and second I think I understand Summer. He is a dick we all know that. I don't know why you have been seeing him you can do so much better." Tom says pulling a park at the bar.

Shoot I forgot it was my first day here. We get out and Tom heads to his office. "You coming or what?" Tom yells. "Okay." I yell back having to run to catch up to where he is. I head into Tom's office taking a seat. Tom follows locking the door behind him. "So I have an idea you might think it's stupid but just hear me out okay." Tom says with a playful smirk on his face. "Sure." I say feeling a little worried.

"So you wanna make Blane really jealous. Change my name in your phone to babe or lover or something. I'll change yours in my phone so he doesn't know who we really are talking to." Tom says pulling his phone out. "Why?" I question. Not following along. "Why, so we can get a little pay back for pissing you off in class. We can just talk about stuff couples talk about. You leave your phone out and when he goes past it I'll message and if he is jealous he will stop and look." Tom says getting all excited.

We put our plan in motion before Tom calls Scarlet in to take me out for my first shift. Scarlet shows me a couple of different things before letting me serve my first customer of the night. Yeah I might be feeling a little nervous but if I do what Scarlet has showed me I'll be okay, I hope.

"What can I get you this afternoon Sir?" I ask my first customer. "I'll have a rum and coke thanks love." He says with a kind smile. I quickly make his drink and pass it to him. "That will be $7.50 please." I say giving him a nice smile. He hands me the right amount of cash and walks off. "Wow that was super easy." I say to Scarlet feeling proud of myself. I can't help but smile.

"Someone is happy." Tom says from really close behind me. "Yep." I say a little to happy. "You ready for this. Blane should be arriving soon he will be working on the bar with you tonight so Scarlet can go upstairs and work." Tom says letting me know before leaving to take a seat on the other side of the room. Upstairs what is upstairs. "Hey Scarlet I heard you are about to finish and head upstairs to work is that right?" I question hoping she might tell me what is upstairs. But she just gives me a smile and nods.

Tom changed my name to sugar and I changed his to lover. I really hope this works. I don't even feel bad for doing this. Blane just really pissed me off. I hear the front door open. I look up to see Blane walking in. I look over at Tom to see he is nodding his head for me to start. Okay here goes nothing.

*Hey sorry I'm just at work maybe we can catch up after I finish. Xx S*

*All good my Sugar I can come over yours after you finish just let me know. L*

*Okay will do. Miss you. S*

I put my phone down on the counter so next time Tom messages it's in clear sight.

"Hey Scarlet sorry I'm late the traffic was bad." Blane says putting his bag down. "All good. Summer has picked it up really fast you should have not trouble. Have fun." Scarlet says leaving to head upstairs. I don't turn around to say hi. I just head over to the over end of the bar leaving Blane near my phone.

I busy myself with serving customers as it's starting to pick up now. I try and keep my distance from Blane. But it's hard when I'm busy working and he accidentally touches me. But no matter how many time he says it's an accident I know it's not. Not when he has his cheeky grin anyways. After a couple of hours it starts to slow down. I look up at Tom who is still sitting in the same place.

"Hey Summer can you come here please." Tom says now that it's quite. I walk over taking a seat next to him. "What's up?" I ask kinda worried because this wasn't in his plan. I can't help my legs from shaking under the table, I try and stop them but I can't. "It's okay you are not in trouble." Tom says putting a hand on my legs under the table trying to stop them. "You ready?" Tom asks looking at me. I nod, now knowing what he called me over for. We wait for Blane to head over near my phone.

*I can't wait to see you tonight. I miss you. L*

Blane hears my phone go off. But he stops himself from looking.

*Sugar you there*

Still he doesn't look. He doesn't look up at us. But we make sure to look busy while Tom pretends to type away on his laptop.

*I can't wait to touch your skin again. L*

Blane looks down. But he just looks away. I realise Toms hand is still on my legs when he moves his hand up a little. I can't help but blush.

*Hey Sugar when I get to yours tonight I hope you are not tired because all the things I wanna do to you. I will throw you on that bed of yours and strip you naked.*

*Then I will plant soft kisses down your body. I wanna suck that sexy neck of yours leaving marks so everyone knows you are mine. Then I will slide my fingers into you and....L*

Blane looks down at my phone. But this time he doesn't look away. He looks mad. Really mad. "What did you type?" I ask Tom.

"It's nothing." Tom says. He gets up taking his stuff and leaves. I head back over. I stop at Blane who he still staring at my phone. "Hey." I say. But nothing. I head down the end of the bar and start to pack up as it's already closing time. I finish cleaning everything when I realise Blane has gone.

I grab my phone and take a seat at the bar reading the messages. I can't help but get turned on. Like very turned on. Fuck. I have to stop myself. I hear someone behind me. "You're mine. No one else's." Blane says before he spins my chair around. I don't care. I start to finger myself. I bite my lip trying to hold back the moans. "Don't." Blane says with a deep voice. But I can't stop it just turns me on more. "Summer stop. Now!" Blane says grabbing my hand to stop me. But I quickly replace my hand. With his. "Fuck me now!" Is all I can say before he places me on the bar. To do just that.

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