My Student

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A couple of weeks have went by now. I've paid off my rent so I'm now up to date. But it's still not enough for me to live comfortably off. But that's okay I guess I will just have to make do.

Blane has still been a little shit in my class, but he has toned it down enough for me to be able to stand him enough to not wanna kill him. I've been working extra shifts at the bar just to help. I haven't seen Tom since that night. I don't know why, when I go to talk to him or message him he is always busy or doesn't wanna talk.

I leave my place early enough for my shift at the bar, hoping Tom will have some time to have a little talk. I get in and head to his office. I knock and let myself in not waiting for him to say anything. I take a seat and wait for him to get off of the phone. "It's okay Ann I'll see if I can find someone to cover you." Tom says looking a little worried. He hangs up and looks up at me.

"So I have a really big favour to ask. I really hope you will say yes but it's totally up to you." Tom says running his fingers through his messy hair. "Yes anything, you know that Tom." I say noticing the bags under his eyes. Wow he really looks tired. "So one of my workers just called in sick would you like to cover?" Tom asks. "Of course Tom you know I will." I say a little bit to happy I guess. "Okay sorry I didn't know you would be this happy to be stripping." Tom says "Sorry what?" I ask a little confused. Stripping. No. Wait is that what he really said. Like as in a stripper.

Before Tom can say anything. "That's what's upstairs isn't it?" I question. "Wait you didn't know. Oh wow Summer I thought you knew. You don't have to do it but it would make my life a lot easier if you said yes." Tom said looking me in the eyes for the first time in a long time. Tom gives me the run down on it, what I'll be doing, what I'll be getting paid and if I like it and really want the cash he will give me a job upstairs. But I guess I'm just in shock. Because I don't know what to say other then.

"I'm sorry Tom but I'm not going to. I just can't. Like that's good money but no." I say getting upset about turning the money down. "$200 per hour and all extras you make I'll double." Tom says getting on his hands and knees begging. "My girls make really good tips. They can make around $1,000 in tips for a 6 hour shift." Tom says. He calls someone on the phone. I just sit here in silence not really knowing what to do. Scarlet walks in with someone else behind her. They must be strippers. They are dressed in a red lace play suit. I could really use that money, it can't hurt can it.

"Okay deal." I say putting a smile on. I'm happy about the money but not about dancing half naked in front of people I don't know. "Hi by the way I'm Rosemary. I'm Tom's best dancer. I can show you a thing or two if you really want before you start." Rosemary states way to happy. Scarlets pokes her tongue out making a face behind Rosemary. I nod trying not to laugh. I follow Rosemary upstairs she takes me out the back. There's a pole in the middle of the room she gets on. She shows me a couple of moves and then gets me to have a go.

This is actually a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I look at the time 5 o'clock, shit I've been here forever already. I head up onto the stage and just follow Rosemarys lead. This is actually really fun besides from dancing in front of total strangers, naked! Some guy is waving a $100 bill in the air I head over. "Hi I'm Summer how can I help you tonight." I say messing his hair up. "Hey baby I want a lapdance for 100 bucks if you don't mind. I'll give you a $50 tip if you're good." The stranger says ever so eager. Fuck a $50 tip oh my god. I jump on his lap and start teasing him. I finish and head back into the stage. I can feel my confidence starting to build up. I follow Rosemary and Scarlet. We all stop dead in our tracks when we hear the door slam closed, it's that bad you can feel it on the stage. I don't even have to look up to know who it is.

He yells out, walking over. He is mad. Oh my god I've never seen him this mad before. I jump off the stage and pull him into the back room. "What is wrong? Why did you slam the door like that? Why did you do that?" I ask him making sure to not look at him because I'm to scared to see his face. But before I can say anything else. His hand makes contact with my face. "You slut." He screams out pushing me back away from him. I hit the table behind me and trip over. I go right through the mirror. I scream out in pain as the glass cuts my body. Everyone comes running in. Scarlet, Rosemary, the stranger a couple over people. But I can't see their faces. "Go get Tom." Someone says. I can't move I have glass all over me. "It's okay babe Rosemary has gone to get help. Just don't move" Someone says not knowing what to do, I guess. But before I can do anything I black out.

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