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"Blane can't be here right now." Is all Tom says before walking out. The doctors come in and explain that I've got a broken rib. But otherwise I'm fine. They discharge me I pull my phone out to ring for a taxi. "Don't call anyone I'll take you home." Blane says running over. I turn and start to walk. Oh wow having a broken rib really hurts. "Stop walking away Summer. I'm sorry I hit you I didn't mean to. It's just when I seen you up there I was worried. I know what you have been through. I don't want you to get hurt." Blane says. "You hurt me." I say. Oh this isn't good it's hard to breath.

Oh wow I need to stop walking. But if I do Blane will think his won. I keep walking. "Summer please just wait I really didn't mean to do any of that. I just seen how all the guys were looking at you and it pissed me off. You are mine. No one else's. Mine." Blane says walking behind me. He doesn't get to close, he just keeps walking at a slow speed. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. I have to tell myself over and over again. "Please just stop walking and I'll take you home." Blane says stopping now. Everything is getting blurry now. My head is spinning. "Help" is all I say. I can feel myself falling, I brace myself. But I don't hit the ground. I look up and see that Blane has me. He picks me up and takes me to his car. I don't say a thing. It's not that I'm to weak to. It's that I don't know what to say. I done what I had to do to earn money.

He puts his hand on my leg, but I can't help but flinch. He doesn't move it, he just keeps it there. We pull up outside my apartment, Blane comes around to help me. He carries me up the stairs and into the shower. He puts me down on the chair and turns the water on. I start to get undressed, I try not to let my screams escape my mouth. But my body hurts. Blane turns around I'm completely naked now. He looks upset, he looks at my body. "I'm so sorry." Blane says crying. I look down and realise what he is sorry about. I'm covered in bruises and scratches.

Oh wow I didn't know it was that bad. I can feel the tears running down my face. Blane comes over, he reaches up to wipe my tears away. "No!" I scream "Get out!" I scream pushing his hand away. I get in the shower and let the hot water burn my skin. It doesn't hurt for long. Blane's still here I can hear him out in my bedroom. I don't want him here. But I do at the same time. How can I tell him. I don't know what to do myself. I get out of the shower after what felt like forever. I wrap a towel around myself and head out to my bedroom. Blane must have left I can't hear he no more. And he isn't in my bedroom. I find a note on my bed *Im sorry* is all it says. I throw it on the ground and get in bed. I fall asleep not long after. I wake up a couple of time in a panic and look around for Blane but he isn't here.

The rest of the week goes by really fast. Today is my first day back the work for the week. After I finish today I have to head over to the bar and get my pay. I can't go back to work there for a while. My rib still hasn't healed. I get out of bed the best I can as I'm still in so much pain. I go to my dresser and look through my clothes. I want something nice. I find my short red skirt and my white off the shoulder shirt. I pull my hair up in a messy bun and head for the door. I find a note in my letter box *Ive fixed your car. I fueled it up too. I am really sorry please forgive me. Blane* I get my keys out and head to work.

I get in and set up for my grade 10 English. "Hey Miss I've missed you. Apparently the grade 12s were saying you left town with a man?" One of my students asked. " I wish." I say faking a laugh. "So why were you away? Were you sick? Or did you go on a holiday?" Another one asked. "Um no I had an accident and I've got a broken rib now." I say back. After that class dragged on. I forgot to bring my pain killers in so my rib is killing me. I head to my next class. Fuck I forgot my dance gear. Great I can't dance in this, what am I going to do. I head into the dance room, it's empty I get set up for class. I sit down as it's getting really hard to breath.

"You okay Miss Parker?" I jump. Oh crap that hurts even more. Shit I didn't know anyone was in the room. I turn around and fake a smile. Oh it's just Blane. I get up. I don't smile no more. I miss him like crazy. But I'm still really pissed off at him for what he done. I get up. Breath in. Breath out. I repeat over in my head. "Summer please. You don't understand how sorry I am. I never meant to hurt you. Please." Blane says getting upset. "Blane I need help." I say softly. I feel really dizzy. Blane rushes over and holds onto me. I ask him to go get my pain killer out of my car. He lets me go and heads for the door. I miss him so much. I want him back here holding me. I start to yell out to him but stop myself when my students start coming in for class.

"Good morning class today we are finishing off the people that didn't get marked last week." I say. Amber puts her hand up. "Yes." I say. "Is it true?" Amber asks really loud. "What?" I ask confused. "That you are seeing someone?" Amber asking looking me in the eyes. "It's complicated. Now can we get to it please." I say out to my class that has started talking amongst themselves. "Amber your up." I yell out getting annoyed, as they are still talking. I turn the music on and we start dancing. Breath in. Breath out. I shouldn't have come back it's really hard to breath. "Next." I yell out. I just want this over and down with. Breath in... Breath out... What is taking Blane so long. "Next." Oh great big foot Billy. Blane walks in just as we start dancing. Thank god he has got them. "Ouch." I let out. "Sorry Miss." Billy says. I don't know what hurts more my foot now that it's been stepped on or my ribs.

I take some pain killers and finish the lesson off. "Thank you for today class you all did good. Have a great weekend I'll see you on Monday. And if you are in my English class make sure you study." I say before the bell rings. "Why Miss do we have a test again?" Amber asks curiously. "Look I'm not saying just please study." I say. Packing up my things and head out the gate to my car. Thank god today is over.

I arrive at the bar and head up to Tom's office. I knock once and let myself in. Toms sitting at his desk with a confused look on his face. "Yes?" I say standing awkwardly in his office. He looks up "Please have a seat Summer." He says. I pull the seat out and sit down. I look up to see his eye are watching me closely. I clear my voice hoping to get back to whatever this is. "Sorry as I wanted to say is." He stops looking down at his lap. "Yes Tom." I say trying to get him back on track. "Blane's got a girlfriend." Tom blurts out in a rush. He looks shocked at what he just said. "What?" Is all I can say. This can't be true. Tom's just jealous.

"Look Summer the last week he was only sucking up to you. He thinks it will make it easier when he ends whatever it is you two have." Tom says with angry in his voice. "Hey no please don't cry." Tom says getting up from his seat. He walks over to me and sits in the chair next to me. He reaches up and wipes the tears away from my cheeks. I didn't know they had fallen until Tom's hands were on my face. I look up to see him, he is really close now. "Why are you telling me all of this?" I asked leaning into his hand that's still on my face. "Because I care about you Summer. I always have." Tom says leaving in closer.

I never knew he cared about me. It's not like he ever showed it, well maybe a couple times but not all the time. "Why?" I ask him needing to know. Tom doesn't answer. He leans in his lips are just touching mine. "Yo Tom you in there." A deep husky voice yells out. I don't move. I don't want to. This feels so good to have him close. "Hey sorry he is actually with someone at the moment." Scarlet says.

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