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After what felt like forever I finally pulled away from Tom. Letting the cold air hit my now swollen lips. I catch my breath and leave quietly. I just about make it to the door when I hear Tom yell my name, I turn around to see he is now standing at the bar. "Summer. Thank you for your help tonight. See you next shift." Is all Toms say before turning and talking to a dark headed male. I quickly turn and rush out the door hoping no one sees me blushing.

Pull it together Summer first Blane now Tom what is wrong with yourself. Get a grip. I say in my head on my walk home.

I get home and head straight for a shower. I can't help but replay the night in my head. Why did he kiss me? Was he just angry at his brother? Was he doing it so I would go tell Blane? But why did I not want him to stop?

I get ready for work slipping on a tight fitted black dress with my red heels. I put a little bit of make up on and leave my hair down and head to work. I arrive at work with time to spear. I head in and take a seat in the back. Before I can go onto my phone Tom comes over and sits down. Oh crap this isn't what I wanted. I just wanted to avoid him for as long as I can.

"Hey, so how are you feeling?" Tom asks not looking me in the eyes. "Yeah fine why?" I ask back. "Well if you are up to it I had someone ask for you in room 1 but it's only up to you. If you are not ready and are still sore that's okay." Tom says still not looking up. "No." I say back bluntly. Ha that got his attention. "What. Wait why?" Tom says looking a little concerned. "Oh no I'll do it. But I just wanted you to actually look at me and not your crotch the whole time." I say holding the laughter back. I excuse myself and head up to room one.

I head into room one my stomach doing flips. I've never been in a room before, I don't know what to do. Wait do they have sex behind these door. Oh no I can't do this. Wow. The room is so pretty is just like a hotel bedroom and a flash one at that. Maybe I will just stay and see, it might not be so bad. Maybe they just hire these rooms out for a private show. I finally build up the courage to close the door.

I see a envelope on the bed in the middle of the room. I head over taking a seat on the bed and open it.

There is a blindfold in the top drawer get it out and put it on. I have rules. If you follow these rules you will get rewarded.

1. The blindfold must stay on at all times. If taken off the little reward that is in the first draw will be taken away.

2. Do not tell anyone what happens in this room not even your boss. Or this will never happen again.

3. When you come in I want you blindfolded and ready for me.

4. No talking.

What the hell is with these rules why should I follow them. Who is this person to tell me what to do. I put the letter back in the envelope. I head over to the draws and see another envelope on top. Written on it says 'PAY' I open it to see a check inside. I pull it out. Holy shit. $2,000. I can't help but smile. Wow. Whoever it is I like them already. I open the draw and see the blindfold I take it out and see that there is another check in there. But there is nothing on it.

I put the blindfold on and wait on the bed for my mysterious person. I wonder how they know I'm ready. I hear the door open and close. I don't hear them come over but I know they are standing in front of me. They take my right hand and it goes down there pants. Okay it's definitely a male. I can't help but blush. He is already hard. Wow. He feels so big. I start to play with him I pull my hand out and feel around for his button and zipper. Aha I have found them. I can't help but feel proud of myself. I quickly undo his pants and pull them down.

He pushes me back on the bed and climbs on top of me his hard penis pushing against my dress. I reach up to find his lips. He pulls my panties to one side and sticks his fingers inside of my pussy. Wow I didn't know I was wet. He kisses my lips ever so softy. While he fucks me with his fingers. My hands travel down his body until they reach his penis. I start off slowly going up and down. I can tell he likes it by the way he is moaning. He bites my bottom lips making me moan out in pleasure. I've never felt so alive in my life. He is driving me so close to the edge and only with his touch. I kiss him harder, stroke him harder. I'm so close to cumming. His lips come down on my neck making me moan out my last moan before I cum all over his fingers.

He pulls them out. And just like that he is gone. I take my blindfold off and look down to see the now written on check $1,500. Who is he?

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