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Trouble. Part 1

Hey so sorry guys this is a really long chapter but there was so much to write. So yes there will be a part two for Trouble. Because it's so juicy. Enjoy.

It's been over two weeks since going into room one. I have not had to go back in there. I was really hoping that it wouldn't be a once off but I guess I wasn't what he wanted.

"Miss Parker!" I hear someone yelling my name. "Yes" I say really not sure who called it. I was that deep in thought I just about jumped out of my chair. I see Amber standing up and coming to my desk. "May we please speak outside?" Amber asks looking worried. I quickly get up and get the door ushering her outside. "Are you okay?" I ask Amber trying to break the awkward silence. "Yes." Is all that Amber says fiddling with her fingers. "Okay then, looks like you don't need my help." I say turning around to go back into the room.

"Wait Miss. I'm not okay." Amber says looking at me now with tears threatening to escape her tiny bright blue eyes. "Here I'll get some tissues." I say going back inside. I grab two chairs and the box of tissues. Amber takes a seat holding the tissue box like her life depends on it. "Look Amber whatever you have on your mind you can tell me and I won't judge. It's better to talk about it then to bottle it up. But if you don't want to talk I'm happy to just sit here with you." I say trying to comfort her.

"I'm pregnant." Amber says sobbing into her hands. Wow okay I was not expecting that. I wonder if she knows who the father is. I wonder if he knows. What about her parents, what do they think of this. What do I say. "So you have taken a test then. Who have you told?" I ask not really knowing what to do. She shakes her head. "Wait so you haven't taken a test yet?" I question. "No." Amber says trying to calm herself down.

"Okay well after school I would suggest you go and buy one because you might not be pregnant." I say looking her in the eyes. "But. But I can't Miss. What happens if someone sees me buying one." Amber says sobbing louder now. I poke my head back in the room to see that my students are now taking. "Oi if y'all don't sit back down and finish your work. CLASS DETENTION!!" I yell getting annoyed. I quickly get the trash can and close the door. Amber throws her used tissues in. "Okay how about you meet me here after school and I'll buy a box and you can come to my house and take them. So no one will know it's you." I say with a soft smile. She gives a soft smile back nodding her head

"Miss what about prom? How will I hide my big belly at prom. How do I ask someone to take me to prom with a big ugly belly?" Amber questions me wiping the tears. "Look let's take it one step at a time okay. We will work that out when we have an answer." I say giving her tiny hands a little squeeze. I gather the stuff up and head back inside while Amber goes and freshens up.

"Right class you have seven minutes until the bell if you are finished your work bring it up the front so it can be marked. If it's not finished by the bell you can stay and finish it." I say making sure they know I'm not joking around no more. "Summer where's Amber?" Blane yells out making the rest of the class laugh. "It's Miss Parker and it's not your business so please get back to work." I say biting my tongue. "It is my business she is my girlfriend!" Blane yells slamming his hands on the desks making some students jump.

But not me. No I didn't jump. No cause it feels like he punched me. Right in the stomach. It feels like I've been hit by a car. I can't breath. It's taken all the air out of me. It's twisted ever little last bit I have left out of me. I can't move. How can he do this to me. Right here, right now. In front of everyone. I want to run. I want to get up and run. Run as fast as I can. Away from this mess. But I can't. I just sit here with a blank look on my face, while Blane keeps yelling at me. He is so mad. He is red. His books are getting thrown across the room. I need to snap myself out of this. My students.

"Hurry please everyone get out to the room don't worry about your stuff just go!" I whisper yell, still trying to catch my breath. Everyone does what I say they all rush out into the hallway. "Blane calm down." I say in the calmest voice I can manage. "No!" Blane screams throwing his chair. It hits the bookshelf making the books come crashing down. "Okay Blane I'll tell you what you want just calm down. I promise." I say scarring myself when how calm I sound. He stops. He is bent over now looking at the ground. He's breathing heavy. I take a step closer. He doesn't move. Another step. And another. We are only a couple of feet apart now. But before I can speak the door busts open. "Summer are you okay?" Mr Evans the head teacher says in between breaths as he rushes into the room.

"What is going on here?" Mr Evans yells out now seeing the state of my class room. Blane looks up. He looks pissed his brown eyes are now a shade of black. He hair is a mess. "What you can't handle this yourself. So you had to get a man to come do your work for you? Huh!" Blane yells kicking his desk. "What you sleeping with him to?" Blane yells taking a step closer. I can't help but shake with how he is acting. Last time he was like his he hit me. "No Blane I'm not with him. And even if I was it's not your business." I say trying to hind the shakiness in my voice. I turn to look at the head teacher behind me. But the look on Mr Evans face is blank. It's like he doesn't know what to do.

"Don't look at him! Look at me!" Blane spits the words out at me. "Okay. Here if Mr Evans leaves we can sit down and talk. About anything you want." I say sitting down on a chair next to me. "Here sit." I say pointing to a chair. I'm taken back when Blane follows what I say. "What about him?" Blane says in a calmer voice now. "It's okay Sir. We are fine. How about you go make sure my students are okay." I say more then ask him. He does what I say leaving the room. "Okay he is gone now. So let's talk." I say to Blane.

Blane talks to me about everything that is going on in his life. And that he is sorry about what he done he didn't know what happened he just got mad and lost it. He promises that it won't happen again. I tell him that he had be talking for over an hour. And that it's just about home time. And I have a lot to do but I'm happy to carry on with him tomorrow at lunch breaks. He agrees and leaves. Leaving me with this mess. I start picking up the chairs and desks and putting them back to how they were. Now the book shelves. I hear the bell go for home time. And all the students rushing through the hallways excited that school is over with for another day. I hear the door open remembering that Amber is meeting me here. I don't turn around and keep cleaning the books ups. "Hey sorry Amber I won't be to long then we will go I promise." I say stacking the books.

"It's only me Summer." Mr Evans says. Shit. I quickly turn around. "Sorry Mr Evans I thought you were one of my students." I say embarrassed. "It's okay. Please call me Benson." He says coming down next to me, to help stack the books. "So about before I would really like to talk to you about that and what happened." Benson says. "Umm yeah sure I just can't do it today I promised a student I would help her with some work after school." I say turning to see if she is here. But still nothing. "Sorry would you excuse me for a second." I say getting up off the floor. I poke my head out the door and see that Amber is waiting outside. "Come in, sorry I won't be long just have to clean this up." I say getting back to the mess. "Oh wow what happened?" Amber asks coming next to me helping. "Nothing the shelves just broke." I say not wanting to upset her anymore.

"So Amber I heard you are needing help with your studies?" Benson asks Amber. "Yes Sir." Amber says putting the last of the books on the shelves. I get up and help Amber off the ground. "Summer, I really mean what I said before. That we need to talk about what happened." Benson says trying not to say to much. "Yes I know. Here I'll be free after 6 tonight if you wanted to go over it then, if not I can come in early tomorrow. Whatever suits you." I say packing up my things. "Here I know this great place not that far from here we can disgust it tonight at 6." Benson says writing it down on a bit of paper. I nod and leave the room with Amber not far behind me.

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