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Trouble. Part 2

Okay so this one is super long haha sorry. I just got carried away and I didn't know how to make it smaller. I hope y'all enjoy. It's juicy.

We arrive at my place and head upstairs. I get us a drink while Amber is in the bathroom. Right now my brain is in over drive. What happens if she is pregnant. What will I do, or say. I'm still trying to get my head around her and Blane being together. Why didn't he tell me. Then again it's not like we were ever dating. So why should I care. Wait I don't know why I didn't think about this before but that means that Blane will be the father. Right? Oh my god Tom is going to kill him when he finds out. What is Blane going to do when he finds out. Shit. I've been to busy with my own thoughts that I forgot about Amber. I get up off the couch and head over to the bathroom.

"No matter what it says I will be here to help you okay?" I say through the door. No reply. "Amber are you okay?" I say again. But still nothing. "Amber I'm coming in." I say more then asking. I turn the door handle and slowly walk in. I see her sitting on the floor with tears running down her face. I rush over and sit beside her pulling her into a hug. "Hey it's gonna be okay. I promise." I whisper to hear. "Can you please see what it says I. I couldn't." Amber says looking up at me. "Oh okay." I say. I thought she had already seen what it says. Why do I have to tell her. For both our sakes I hope it says negative. I grab the test from her hands and turn it over.

"Positive." I breath out. Feeling the air leave my body again for a second time today. She hugs me tighter. Crying all over again. I don't move. I don't say anything. I just sit with her hugging her. After awhile I get her off the floor and onto the couch. I pass her a glass of water. She hasn't said anything. I wanna ask her some questions but she isn't in the right head space. I get up and get my phone with the piece of paper that Benson wrote on and find his number.

"What are you doing?" Amber says with no emotions. "Just ringing Mr Evans to cancel. You need me more right now. That stuff can wait." I say dialling his number.

'Hello this is Benson.'

'Hi it's Summer. I'm just ringing to say that.'

"No Miss I will be just fine please go." Amber says before I can finish. "No it's okay Amber." I say muting my phone. "No please. Please do this for me." Amber says looking me in the eyes with her scared blue ones. I nod, unmuting my phone.

'Hi sorry about that. I will meet you there at 6 tonight. But I won't be able to stay long I have something that I need to help with.'

'No that's all good Summer. Well I will see you there.'

"So where are you meeting him?" Amber asks taking a sip of water. "Umm it says. Tom's bar." I say looking shocked. Crap. Crap. Crap. Why did he have to pick there. Of all places the bloody one I work at. "I've heard it's got stripper. Is that true do you know?" Amber says looking at me. "I don't know." I say trying to hind my emotions from jumping out. "Miss may I please stay here? Just for tonight I don't know what to tell my parents. Cause they will kick me out." Amber says trying to hold back her tears. "Um yeah that's fine. But do you think that maybe you should let the father know?" I question. Arr my big mouth. "Well I. I don't know who it is." Amber blurts out like the words have burnt her mouth. I can't help but looked shocked. "It's not what you are thinking. I'm not a slut." Amber says looking hurt. "No I never said that. I'm sorry I'm just a little shocked that all. Just Blane said today that you guys are going out and I just thought it would be him." I say trying to fix it.

"Wow Miss look at the time it's 5 you have to get ready." Amber says completely changing the subject. "Oh I was just going to go in this." I say looking at my outfit to see what's wrong with it. "No." Amber says getting up and heading to my room. "Well why not. We are just discussing work matter." I say hoping it will change her mind. It is the truth anyways. "Yeah sure that's what they all say." Amber says trying to hind the smile that has crept on her face. I can't help but smile. "Fine whatever I'll change." I say making her jump in excitement. "I like the bright red mini dress you wear all the time." Amber says sitting down on my bed. "Um okay but." "No buts Miss wear it. With your hair down I'll curl it for you. And I'll put some make up on. And you will look smoking hot." Amber says going into my bathroom getting me to follow. After what left like forever I was ready.

Wow she is really good. I've never looked so good before. "Wow thank you so much. I love it." I say smiling at her. I leave $20 on the table for her to order dinner and head to the bar. I arrive and find that he is already here. He is sitting at the bar talking to Scarlet. He had changed from the suit he was wearing before. He is in a white shirt with black jeans. Wow he looks good from behind. His dark black hair is still messy but it suits him. I start walking over to the bar when Scarlet looks up. Her mouth hung open as she looks me up and down. I try not to laugh. Tom comes in and stops dead in his tracks when he sees me. His mouth opened as well. Benson turns around to see what they are both looking at.

Wow he is handsome. His dark blue eyes are glued to mine. I've never noticed the sleeve of tattoos he has on his right arm before. But I guess that's cause he is always in a suit. His shirt tight against his muscles about to rip of he moves. I can't help but blush. "Alright you three close your mouth before you catch flys." I say laughing at the sight of them. I take a seat next to Benson. Scarlet gets my order without me saying. "You must be a regular here I see." Benson says looking me dead in the eyes. "Yeah something like that." I say hoping he won't ask anymore questions about me and this bar. "No mate she is actually a." Tom tries to finish but I cut him off. "Benson this is Tom he is actually the owner of the bar." I say. Tom and Benson shake hands.

"So you must be Summer's date." Tom says winking at me. Kill me now. "No I'm actually her boss." Benson says looking amused. I'm so gonna kill him next time I have a shift. We get up and go find a table at the back of the bar.

We get talking about Blane's out break and how his parents are fighting and wanting to get a divorce. And they are wanting him to choose who he will live with cause his brother isn't an option as they don't like his life choices. And how his girlfriend is pregnant but he doesn't know yet. And I'm worried if he knows it will push him over the edge. I tell Benson how I think that Sex Ed classes should be getting taught in school as our school doesn't do that as they don't have the money and how I'm happy to teach students. He agrees and says he will join me in teaching them and we can do it.

"Here are your drinks" Scarlets says putting them down. "Thanks hun." I say taking a sip letting the alcohol rush through my body. I don't know how many we have had but I'm starting to feel a little tipsy. "So I was thinking that you should be our school councillor. The way you handled Blane today was amazing. And the way you are helping Amber with her studies is really good." Benson says. "Thank you. Can I think about that and get back to you. Cause I really enjoy teaching." I say looking him in the eyes. I don't know if it's the alcohol or me but I really wanna kiss him.

"Hey guys this is your last drink as we are about to close up." Tom says handing us our drinks. "What. Noooo. Tom." I slur my words. Benson just giggles. "What the hell Summer it's 1am you have work tomorrow and I'm guessing you do as well Benson and you are both drunk." Tom states taking out drinks away. I look at him giving him puppy dog eyes. "Out!" Tom tells pointing to the door. We both get up and stumbled to the door. Laughing as we go. We start walking back to my place. We get upstairs. I try and unlock my door but get stopped when Benson's lips are on my neck. I can't help but moan. I quickly manage to get the door open making it slam against the wall. "Whoops." I giggle. Benson turns me around and picks me up. My lips come in contact with his. Mmm he tastes like whisky. He throws the door closed and pushes me against it. His lips move from mine and make their way down my neck to my collar bones. I can't help but moan out. My hands are twisted in his hair, every time he bites my neck or collar bones I can't help but tug on his hair making him moan. "My bedroom." I pant out. He carries me in closing the door behind us he throws me on the bed and climbs on top of me.

"Miss Parker are you okay to take me to school when you go? If not I'll call Blane." I hear someone yelling out. Then a knock at the door. "Miss Parker are you awake." They yell again. Shit it's Amber. What time is it. I roll over 7:20 oh no. "Yeah Amber just give me a minute." I yell back getting out of bed. What the hell happened last night. And why does my head hurt so much. Wait why am I naked. I quickly grab a shirt and jean and rush into have a quick shower. "Arrrrr!" I scream out when I see him standing half naked in my bathroom. "Summer are you okay?" I hear Amber yell out. I can hear the worry in her voice.

"Yes sorry just slipped ha." I yell back. "Oh my god I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you." Benson says laughing. "Mm really." I spit out. "So last night was fun. Anyways I better get to work. Don't be late." He says I quickly grab his hand stopping him in his tracks "You can't you out there Amber is there. I'll just have a quick shower and we will go just lock the door." I say panicked. I quickly shower and get dressed not worrying about how I look. I grab my sunglasses put them on and we head out the door.

On the way to school it's silent. That's good cause I don't know what happened last night so I don't know if she heard anything. "So you come home late last night." Amber says breaking the silence. "Really what time?" I question wanting to know for myself. "Around 2am I heard you guys. I mean I heard you come in. You sounded really drunk." Amber says laughing. "You guys?" I question. "Yeah Miss. Don't worry your secret is safe with me. He is hot don't you think." Amber says as we pull up at the school. "How do you know who it was?" I question. "Miss he came out and got a drink of water while you were still asleep. We had a little chat." Amber says running off to class. Great my life is over thanks to that asshole.

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