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It has been a week since Bensons and my little slip up. We really don't know what happened. Just we got home really drunk and woke up naked the next day. Amber has been staying with me as her parents kicked her out, she has been a mess. But I can't blame her. She still hasn't told Blane. Or me who the father is, but I don't wanna push her. I spoke to Tom about Blane and everything that is going on. He didn't even know. So Blane is moving in with him soon, cause his parents are definitely splitting but they are also moving towns. I convinced them to let him stay and finish his schooling here as he doesn't have long. And I promised to keep an eye on him cause they don't trust Tom.

"Alright class I would like you to open your English books. I want everyone to write about what has happened in the last couple of weeks. Feel free to get as personal as you want. I will be the only one seeing these. Unless it's illegal then it will be going to Mr Evans." I say looking up at my grade 12s. I open my laptop to start marking yesterday's tests from grade 10. When the class room door opens I look up to see it's Benson. Standing there in his black suit. He has a red tie on today, making him look freaking hot. I can't help but blush.

"How is my favourite grade 12 class going?" He questions them. Most of them don't say anything as they are to busy with their work. But some reply. He comes over grabbing a seat next to me. "Hey sexy, how are you this fine morning?" He questions putting his hand on my leg under the desk. I can't help but go red in the face. Oh god I probably match his tie. "Better now." I whisper back so no one can hear but him. "Would be amazing if I could kiss you." Benson says smirking making me giggle. "I'm here to talk to Amber if that's okay?" He asks giving me puppy dog eyes. "Yeah that's fine." I say looking at Amber. "Amber can you come here please." I say loud enough so she can here me. She can't help but smile looking at us. She has actually kept it quite and not told anyone about our slip up. "She will need you when she hears this." Benson says his expression changing instantly. My stomach drops.

We head outside and close the door. "What's up guys?" Amber beams so happy to see us. But I can't help but reach for her tiny hand. "Okay if you want my blessing to date I say yes. You guys are so cute together. Omg amazing the babies." Amber carries on. "Amber your parents were just in." Benson says keeping his emotions back. "What do they want?" Amber asks trying to hind the hurt. "They have taken you out of school. They said you don't live with them so they are not paying. I'm sorry, if there is anything I can do please let me know." Benson says giving her shoulder a squeeze. She is crying now. I pull her in hugging her not knowing how to comfort her. "Go wash your face sweetie I need to talk to Benson. Um. Mr Evans." I stutter out. Making Amber laugh a little.

"How do I go about paying?" I ask Benson. "Um sorry what? Pay for Amber? Summer that's a lot of money." Benson says grabbing my hands. "Yeah I know but it's okay I can manage." I say looking him in the eyes so he knows how serious I am. "Um wow. You know you really are amazing." Benson says leaning in, his soft lips on mine. I can't help but put my hands around his neck pulling him closer. Our kiss is soft and sweet neither one of us wanting to pull apart. But I do. "We can't get caught." I say looking down at my feet, trying to hide my face. "Why can't we? We are both adults." Benson says leaning in again.

"Eww!" We both hear Amber yell out. I can't help but giggle at her out burst. "So this amazing lady standing in front of us has offered to pay for your schooling." Benson says making a big deal out of it. "But that's only if you want my help." I finish off Bensons sentence. "Really? You will really do that? For me? Why?" Amber's questions all come out at once, the tears threaten to come loose again. "You are an amazing student and I don't want you to miss out on your last year of schooling because of your parents." I say looking her in the eyes so she knows I'm being serious. "Thank you!" Amber yells out throwing herself at me with excitement. "Okay this stays between us. Now get back in class." I say giving her one last hug. "Come around tonight." I tell Benson before I turn and head back into class.

The rest of the day goes by pretty fast. After Amber and I finish the rest of her paper work. We head home.

'Hey sorry to do this but can you come in tonight? T'

'Yeah why? Is everything okay with Blane? S'

'Yeah everything is fine. I'm just a worker down that's all. T'

'Yeah I guess I can be there. See you later. S'

Crap why does this always happen. But it's not like I can turn it down I need the money more now then ever. "Hey sorry I have to work tonight. Will you be fine by yourself?" I ask Amber as we get upstairs. "Yeah that's fine. Don't work to hard." Amber says giving me a wink. I just shake my head. If only she knew the truth. Heck if only everyone knew the truth about what I do, what would they all think of me. I'd probably lose my teaching job that ones for sure. I race into my room and grab a bag and put my clothes in. Fishnet stockings with an over size black of the shoulder shirt and a tie. "Okay I'm going". Shit I need to ring Benson. I get my phone out and see that there is already a message from him.

'Hey sugar sorry I have to cancel tonight something has come up. B'

'Oh no that's okay. S'

I arrive at the bar and get dressed. "Hey Summer I have a note for you." Scarlet yells out as I walk past the bar. "Cool." I say grabbing it. I open it up on the way upstairs to see that room 1 is written on it. My heart skips a beat. Yes! Finally! Wait what happens if it's not the same person.

Walking into the room I see the blindfold on the bed and a note next to it. I can't help but smile. I open the note up to see ' I have a little something for you to wear. It's hanging up. I've heard you can be a bad girl.' I go over to the dresser and see a naughty teachers outfit. I put it on with the blindfold and wait on the bed.

Within seconds his fingers are inside of me. His other hand has my arms pinned to the bed while he traces my collar bones with his mouth. He starts off slow. But not long after he flips me over so my backside is up in the air. He softly tugs on my hair making me moan out in pleasure. He makes me feel so good. He pushes his pants up against my backside making me scream. I want him. I want all of him. I want him inside of me. I try and roll over but he puts his fingers back inside of me. I can't help but bite down on the bed sheets. He is now fucking me harder then before. I don't want this to end. He stops.

I can hear him undo his belt and pants. Yes! I scream in my head. Oh my god! It's actually happening. I feel the bed move as he gets off, within seconds he is back on he is naked from the waist down. I can feel him against my skin. He slowly grinds against me. Making me moan and arch my back. I push up against him. His fingers go back inside while his harden dick pushes against my bare backside.

I take the blindfold off and get changed I go back to the bed and see the check. $4,000. I can't help but feel dirty after what we just done. I feel like a hooker getting paid this much for what we done. The rest of my shift drags on, after we close I sit at the bar next to Scarlet counting our tips for the night. $2,560 in cash plus my $4,000 check. "How much did you make tonight?" Scarlet says looking at me. "Yeah not to much just over two." I say getting up. We say our goodbyes and head off home.

"Oi bitch!" I hear. I don't turn around. I start walking a little faster. I really need to start driving. I think to myself. "Oi slut! I'm talking to you." He yells again. I don't wanna run otherwise he will chase me. I keep my head down. He grabs my bag pulling at it, making me fall over. "Hey let go asswipe!" I yell trying to hold my bag. He kicks me in the side making me yell out in pain. But I don't let go. He kicks me again in the same spot. He pulls the bag from me and is gone. Gone with all my money.

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