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Sorry this chapter is a little long. But it's very hot and steamy at the end. Enjoy.

'Hi Benson. I'm sorry I won't be able to come in today due to being unwell. S'

'Thank you for letting me know. B'

I feel sick. Not really because my side is bruised. But mostly because I lost that money. The money to pay for Amber to go to school. "Hey hun you ready I'll drop you off." I yell out to Amber. "Yeah coming." She yells back coming out of her room. She stops when she see I'm not dressed up ready for work. "You can't be going looking like that?" She questions, raising her eyebrows at me. I laugh not realising how much pain I'm in. I try to play it cool but she can tell something is up. She comes and sits down next to me with a worried look on her face. "What's wrong? You don't look good? Do you want me to call someone? Here I'll call Benson." Amber rushes out trying to get my phone. "No. No. Amber I'm fine just slept funny I guess just a little sore. But I'm not feeling well so I won't be there today." I say trying to insure her that's I'm fine.

The drive to school is filled with baby talk. As her appointment for a scan is this afternoon. I tell her to ask the father if she wants. But she didn't answer she just kept talking. I pull up at the gates to let her out. "Hey please don't say anything to Benson. Okay?" I say before she gets out the car. "Why? Is there something else you are not telling me?" She questions. "No. I just don't want him worrying too that's all. I already have you worrying about me." I say. "Okay well if you need me just message and I'll come right home." Amber says getting out the car and running to class.

I arrive at the bar needing to talk to Tom. I head on up to his office and let myself in. "Hey what's up buttercup. Oh wow you don't look good." Tom says changing the sentence. "Yeah thanks. Is there any way I can do extra shifts? I really need the cash." I plead. "Um yeah of course but once you are better. Why? I thought two shifts a week was enough." Tom says typing away at his laptop. "Yeah well plans changed. Three or four would be amazing if you have them if not it's okay." I say trying to get comfy in the seat. "Have you got yourself into some sort of trouble? Is that why you need the extra cash?" Tom watches me moving around, with concern. "No. There is a girl at school that got kicked out of home and her parents have stopped paying for her schooling. So I am." I say standing up not being about to get comfy. Once I get Tom to agree I head back home.

Amber P.O.V

Class drags on with Miss not being here. I really wanna tell Mr Evans that she isn't sick and something else is wrong even though she doesn't wanna admit it. The bell for second class goes. I quickly pack up my things and head to English. The class that I have come to enjoy cause of Miss. I take a seat and wait for the sub teacher. I'm the only one that knows Miss isn't here today. I can hear chatter from some of the students behind me talking about how Miss is never late. When Blane sits down next to me.

"Hey babe." Blane says giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Hi." I say not really in the mood for talking. I still haven't told him I'm pregnant. But how do I tell him. He will think he is the father and he isn't. "Wow Summer is late today." Blane says leaning back in his chair. "God why do you have to call her that her name is Miss Parker. Anyone would think that you wanna fuck her the way you act." I snap. He is taken back by my out burst but I can't blame him I am as well.

"Good morning class." Mr Evans says closing the door and coming up in front of the desk. "I will be your teacher today as Miss Parker is unwell." He says looking around the room. He writes our tasks on the board and tells us to start. He really isn't a good teacher. Maybe he isn't good a English. "Sir May I please use the bathroom." I say he nods his head. I stop myself when I get to the door. I really wanna tell him. But I promised I wouldn't. "Is there something wrong?" He says scaring me from my thoughts. I shake my head and run to the bathroom. I have my scan this afternoon. Maybe that's why I'm acting weird cause I'm nervous. What happens if they ask questions that I can't answer. I splash some water on my face and head back to class. Shit why does he have to be waiting outside. Maybe he just wants to see how I'm going and not ask questions about Summer.

"Hey Amber before you go back in I have to ask you something." Mr Evans says looking serious. He is very intimidating when he stands with his arms crossed. "Yes" I say fiddling with my fingers. "Is she really sick?" He asks looking worried now. "I don't know you tell me you were with her last night." I say trying to hide the fact that I know something is wrong. "Wait what?" He asks looking confused. "No I wasn't." He says. "Yeah Sir don't lie. Summer I mean Miss Parker said she had to go back to work when we got home yesterday. I know about you two but I'm not gonna tell anyone." I say trying not to say to much. "No Amber we were meant to but I had something come up so I canceled." He says pulling his phone out. Oh shit what have I done.

Summer's P.O.V.

What is that noise. Shit. I wake up in a shock forgetting about my side and hurting myself. I reach for my phone and answer it not looking at who it is.

'Hello this is Summer.'

'Hey it's Benson sorry if I woke you. And sorry I couldn't do dinner last night what about tonight. I'll bring dinner around so you don't have to cook.'

'I would love to but I'm gonna have to pass as I don't want you catching what I have. Another time.'

'I'm not taking no for an answer I'll be around tonight at 6.'

Benson says before hanging up. Arrr great. I set my alarm for 2 so I can be up and ready to pick Amber up and take her to her appointment.

My alarm wakes me up making me jump out of bed I grown out in pain. I look at my phone and see seven missed calls and ten text messages from Blane asking where I am. I don't bother about replying. I get in the shower to see if that will help the pain a little but it doesn't . I quickly get dressed and head to the school. Amber is waiting at the gate where I dropped her off as well as Blane. "Sorry Miss he wanted to see if you are okay no matter how many times I said yes." Amber says getting annoyed. But before Blane can say anything I drive off making Amber laugh. We arrive at the doctors early enough so we can fill out the paper work. "Don't be nervous everything will be fine." I tell Amber.

"Amber Baker." The doctor yells out. I grab her hand and we both walk in. "So I'll get you to take a seat and lift your shirt up please. Do you know how far along you are?" The doc asks. Amber shakes her head. "Okay well we will see. This will be a little cold." She says. The doc pokes and prods around. And stops when she hears a heart beat. "You look to be about 7 weeks alone. Congratulations. It's so lovely when the daughters asks there mums to come." The doctor says finishing up. Before I can correct her. Amber speaks up. "Yeah I'm glad she came." She says making my eyes water.

We arrive at home to find Blane and Benson standing at the door. He said 6 not 5. "Blane what are you doing here?" I ask unlocking the door. "Um well I came to see Amber. Yes. That's right." He says scratching his head. "What is he doing him?" Blane questions giving Benson a dirty look. "Just get inside. Keep the bedroom door opened." I yell out after them.

"Hi." Benson says leaning down to give me a kiss. I can't help but melt a little on the inside. "Hi." I say back feeling like I'm floating in the clouds. We head in and put the food in the fridge. "Sorry I didn't know Amber had company. Other why's I would have cooked more." Benson says with a concerned look on his face. "Yeah me too. And I'm fine." I say heading to my bedroom to get changed into something more comfy. I hear the door close once I get into my room. I quickly spin around to see that it's Benson who has closed the door not the kids. "Um I'm sorry what are you doing. I'm getting changed." I says smiling at him. "Yeah I'm not stopping you." Benson says laying down on my bed. "No get out." I say trying my best to laugh. "Why sugar I've seen you naked before. Why not again?" He says with a cheeky grin. I shake my head because there are no words wanting to come out of my mouth.

He gets up and picks me up I try not to show that I'm hurting otherwise he will ask questions. He places me on the bed softly and climbs on top. He starts kissing my lips before working his way down to my neck. I can't help the soft moans that come out of my mouth. "Oi you two what happened to keep the doors opened." I hear Amber yelling out. Making everyone giggle but Benson cause he is to busy sucking away at my bare skin. His hands slide up my shirt and under my bra. It doesn't take us long before we are both naked. His lips are on my breast while his fingers are playing with my other nipple. His now free hand is in between my legs playing with my clit. "Hey Summer there is someone here for you." Amber yells out. "That's nice we are busy!" Benson yells back.

"I should go see who that is." I pant out. "Okay then." Benson says. Oh wow that was easy haha I win. Oh my god. He slowly pushing himself inside of me. "You still want to?" He questions me as he slowly goes up and down. I shake my head not being about to talk. "Good" he says as he picks up the speed. I wrap my legs around him making him moan. I wrap my arms around his back. With every thrust I dig my names in deeper. I try not to moan to loud. It doesn't take us long before we have both reached our climax. With one last trust we finish. We lay on the bed trying to catch my breath.

"I'm hungry." Benson says getting up. I'm still trying to catch my breath so I just nod. "Am I allowed to eat?" He questions me with a smirk. "Yeah. You. Are." I pant out. He lift my legs up over his shoulders and starts off slow with his tongue. I can't help but moan out really loud. Making his giggle.

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