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Playing Games

'How many times have I told you to not call me. It's bloody two in the morning.'

I hear Benson on the phone getting annoyed but I can tell he is trying to keep his voice down so he doesn't wake me.

'No listen here Stevie you only ring me when Cole isn't well. That was the deal when you up and left. You don't get to ring whenever you want.'

Wait who is Stevie and Cole. Is he married and I'm just a fling when his wife doesn't wanna give him some. I shouldn't be listen to his conversation. What happens if he knows I'm awake. What happens if he gets really mad.

'Look I'm going. I'll call tomorrow. At a time that is decent.'

Benson says hanging the phone up and coming back to bed. I want to ask him who was on the phone but it's not my business. It's not like we are together. It doesn't take him long before he is asleep. But not me. Not now. I can't sleep. My brain won't shut off. Not after what I just heard. I get up throw on some clothes and head into the lounge room and curl up on the couch.

"Shhh don't wake her." I hear Amber say. "Don't worry I'm awake." I grunt out. "Cool come have breakfast with us. Blane has made pancakes." Amber sings out in a happy mood. Arrrr why is he still here. I get up slowly trying not to hurt myself. I take a seat at the table next to Blane. Not cause I want to but cause it's the only empty spot left. "So what are everyone's plans for today?" Benson asks looking around while filling his plate up. Amber and Blane say they have nothing planned as they start talking amongst themselves about what to do. "How about we have a board game day?" Benson says looking around to see if we are in. I don't say anything still thinking about last night. "Summer you in?" Amber says getting on her knees begging. I can't help but smile. I nod my head not wanting to talk with a mouth full of food.

We clean up and get ready for the day. I try not to talk to much to Benson nor Blane. And it's not easy that's for sure. We get through twister, pie face and hangman. But they start getting bored. "I have an idea." Blane says getting a smirk on his face. And a dirty one at that. "Yes what is it?" I question. "2 truths and 1 lie or truth or dare." Blane says smirking at me. "Definitely not truth or dare." Benson says. "Okay I'll start." Amber saying excited.

"I've kissed a girl. I want to go to college. And. Umm. Oh. I've only ever been with one guy."

"Right well the lie is you want to go to college." Benson says with testing eyes. She shakes her head. "The lie is you have kissed a girl." I say smiling at her. She nods her head and can't help but laugh. "Right Blane's go." Benson says with a hint of jealousy. That I can't help but notice.

"Okay this will be easy. My brother owns a strip club. I've sold drugs before. I'm still a virgin." Blane says looking at me.

"Right well the sold drugs is a lie." Benson says looking Blane right in the eyes. But he doesn't move. "No your brother owns a strip club. That one is a lie." Amber quickly jumps in. Blane turns and looks at me. "What about you Summer what's your pick?" He questions with a dirty grin. "Oh I don't know they probably all are a lie." I say knowing the trust and knowing that he is only trying to piss me off. And boy it's working. "Okay so the lie is me being a virgin." He says proudly. "Okay Summer's turn." Blane says looking at me.

"I've been mugged. I was seeing two guys at the same time, and they didn't know. I'm still technically married." I say knowing well that this well stump them.

"The seeing two guys at the same time." Amber says looking like a kid in a candy store, she looks that happy. I shake my head making sure to look at Blane when I do so, knowing well it will tick him off. "That you've been mugged." Blane says with a bit of anger in his voice. I shake my head. "Come on guys you really think I'm married, I've been engaged but not married." I say laughing the best I can. "Blane you should know that." I say smirking. "Wait why should he?" Benson says looking between us. "Oh haha yeah sorry I should have said this before but I guess it just slipped my mind. But his brother owns Tom's bar the one we went too. We all grew up together." I say making sure he gets my point. "Righto then Benson's turn." I say changing the subject.

"Right. I've been married twice now. I have three kids that I know of. And I have the hots for one of my teachers." He says smirking at me.

"Okay well we all know the last one is true. We heard you guys going at it like rabbits last night. So the married twice." Amber says making an ugly face at us. I can't help myself from blushing. Whoops I didn't mean for them to hear. I actually kinda forgot they were here. He shakes his head. "Nar sadly I've been married twice." Benson says looking a little sad. Well thank god he don't have three kids. But I still wanna know what the go was with the phone call last night.

We play the game until dinner time. I actually started to have fun. I know Amber definitely did. Watching her enjoy herself makes me happy. I think it more ended up being a competition between the two boys. But that's okay they kept making fools of themselves making both myself and Amber laugh. "Okay well I have nothing in the fridge so how about we get dinner at the bar my shout." I say packing up the games. They all agree saying how hungry they are. Amber heads off into my room with me following. I close and lock the door making sure the others won't come in.

"Hey are you okay?" I ask sitting down on the bed with her. "Yeah I feel really happy thanks to you. Can I please wear something of yours?" Amber says. "Yeah sure you don't have to ask." I say getting up and helping her find something. Amber picks out my red dress with black ballet flats. I don't want to go in something to flash as I don't wanna draw attention to myself cause most of the regulars are in tonight. I put on my black ripped jeans and a white top. We head out getting some wolf whistles from the guys. We head down to the bar. I already know that it will be some what busy.

We get a table and order our drinks. I head back up to the bar to talk to Scarlet and get another drink. "Hey hun can I have another." I say. Scarlets comes back with two. "I only asked for one." I say looking confused. "Some guy paid for these and said for the pretty lady at the bar." Scarlet says wiggling her eyebrows. Making me laugh. I head back to the table.

"Right so does everyone know what they want for dinner?" I hear Tom say as he comes up to us. Shit I haven't looked at the menu yet. I reach over grabbing one and start looking. "Summer my office please." Tom says in an abrupt voice. "Why mate?" Benson says before I can get up. "Because I asked nicely." Tom says grabbing my arm. "Oi get off me." I say heading up the stairs to his office. "No!" Tom yells, scaring me. He slams the office door closed making sure to lock it knowing well that Blane or Benson would have followed. "Now you going to tell me what's going on?" Tom says finally letting go of my arm. "I don't know what you are talking about?" I say back with a hint of anger. "This!" Tom yells lifting my shirt up. The cool air hits my side like a brick, making me shiver. "What the fuck Summer has he done this to you?" "Look Tom just calm down. Okay. Some guy took my cash on the way home after work the other night. That's all." I say pulling my shirt back down. It takes a bit to convince Tom but he finally lets me head back down starts promising not to say anything.

"What the hell was that?" Benson says coming closer to me. "Oh nothing really. I'll tell you later." I say smiling. We get our meals and start eating when Amber decides to ask questions. "So where is the strippers? And were you really engaged. Because I can't see it. Who is he? Why did it end?" All the questions pour out of Ambers mouth. I point upstairs making Ambers face light up. "And that's in the past." I say taking a drink. "Anyone want a drink?" I say getting up. They both shake there heads. I look to Benson but he is getting up. We head to the bar and take a seat. They are busy now and I'm not in the mood for waiting. I get off the seat and head into the bar. I grab a bottle of whisky and tequila. I come back and sit down pouring us drinks.

"So what happened to the guy?" Benson says looking at me. I down my drink not wanting to answer. "It can't be that bad." He says smiling. "You have no idea." I say taking a shot. "So you married?" I blurt out before I can stop myself. He downs his drink pouring another one. "Nar I'm not." He says putting his hand on my leg. I take another shot. "Well who's Stevie and Cole?" I question. "My ex wife and Cole is my 4 year old son." Benson says taking a shot. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked." I say squeezing his hand. "It's okay it wasn't meant to be. She left me and took Cole. They live in the next town. I try and see him as much as I can. But it's hard when she is a bitch." He says getting emotional. "Well I don't like her." I say making him laugh. His laugh always gives me butterflies.

"Trust me your past isn't as bad as mine. I was married twice you were only engaged." Benson says laughing. I take a shot. "Tell me? You are not gonna scary me away." Benson says spinning me around so we are facing each other. I don't know how many shots I've taken but I'm definitely tipsy now. I take another. And another. And another. "Okay okay. You don't wanna talk about it." Benson says putting his hands up.

Amber and Blane head back to Tom's leaving Benson and myself walking home. We arrive at mine and head straight to the bedroom. "So why are you covered in bruises." Benson says taking my clothes off planting soft wet kisses on my side, making me shiver and giggle. He picks me up and places me on the bed. I spill my guts out to him telling him how I was coming home from doing a shift at the bar. Leaving out the part about me getting paid to do stuff. And being a stripper. And some guy jumped me taking my bag and kicking me.

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