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"Please stop! Please." I yell. Why won't he stop. Why is he doing this to me. I've asked him to stop but it's like he can't hear me. "Please Stop! No Stop! Don't touch me! Get off of me!" I scream out in pain. He has me pinned to the bedroom wall. When a young attractive teacher is in desperate need of money, there is only one thing left to do. Will she do it or risk losing everything, including her job as a teacher.

Romance / Mystery
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"Please stop! Please." I yell. Why won't he stop. Why is he doing this to me. I've asked him to stop but it's like he can't hear me. "Please Stop! No Stop! Don't touch me! Get off of me!" I scream out in pain. He has me pinned to the bedroom wall. I can't move. His hands go up my shirt. I feel dirty. He moves his hands until they reach my breasts, he squeezes them. I try to move.

He takes his hands out and slams me against the wall. I try and stop him but I don't have enough strength. My body gets pushed against the wall, slamming the back of my head. My vision gets all cloudy. I can't move. He holds my hands above my head. Every time I flinch his grip get tighter around my wrists. I just want to die. He lets go of my right hand, looking up at my wrist he smiles at the red marks he has left.

Before I can try and move his hand is around my throat. I punch him in the face with my now free hand. He tightens his grip. "Can't breathe." I whisper. He starts rubbing himself up and down my body. He smirks at me with angry in his eyes.

I knee him between the legs, as hard as I can he just laughs at me. "Don't move because you will regret it. That's a promise." He says chocking me again. He brings his lips to mine and bites my bottom lip so hard I can taste blood. I can feel the tears forming in my eyes. Don't cry. I repeat over and over in my head. "You like this I can tell." He says. He puts his hand down my pants and starts to rub me. "Tell me you like this." He yells getting really mad.

I turn my face so I don't have to look at him. His hand makes contact with my face. Throwing my head to the side. My tears start to fall. He slaps me again, but this time really hard. A screams escapes my mouth. "Tell me you like it!" He spits in my face. He tightens his grip again making everything go a white blur. "I." is all I can say. "I like it." I say softly.

He lets go of my throat. I can't remember when air tasted this good. I look down at the ground, noticing my clothes have been taken off. He unbuckles his belt and unzips his jeans. He picks me up and throws me onto his bed. He quickly jumps on top of me before I can try and move. He lands on top of me with a thud. Pain shoots all through my body. He leans in, I quickly reach up and scratch at his face I push my fingers into his eyes, making him jump back screaming. He jumps that far back he falls off the bed and onto the floor with a loud bang.

I quickly get up not worrying about my clothes or anything and run for his bedroom door. Every inch of my body is screaming out in pain as I run for my life. His door is unlocked I open it as fast as I can and run. I don't look back.

"HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!" I scream at the top of my lungs. My tears won't stop they just keep coming, but I don't care about anything. I just need to get help. "FUCK YOU! YOU SLUT!" He screams. "SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! HELP ME! MAKE HIM STOP!" I scream out hoping someone will come see what I'm screaming about.

I bang at his front door.

I can hear him laughing. "Looking for theses darling?" He questions me. I turn around to see that he has the keys. "Please. Please don't hurt me. Please I'll do anything." I beg. He laughs again. "To late, bitch." Is all I hear as he slams my head against the door. I fell a sharp pain go into my neck. I let out a scream so loud. Then everything goes black.

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