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I still get nightmares to this day, some days I wish I didn't have to get out of bed and deal with life. I get out of bed and get the shower ready, getting into the shower always helps me calm down. I get out and get dressed ready for work. I've always wanted to become a teacher, no one ever believed that I would. But I did.

Some days I wish I never did, my students can be such an ass sometimes. I teach grade 10-12 English and Dance. I work so hard all the time even do extra work but teaching isn't one of the best paying jobs. Some days I really think I should get another job. I walk into my first class and set up for the day. I get just about everything ready when I realise I have left some actives in my car.

I quickly run out and grab them, hoping to get back before the bell rings. I make it to my car when the bell rings for class. I lock my car and run back inside. I run into my class room hoping everyone is late today. "Good morning Miss Parker." Some of my students say. "Late again Summer." One of the smart ass guys yells out from the back. "It's Miss Parker to you." I say back salty.

Class goes by really fast. I tell them to make sure their homework is done before tomorrow as they leave. I quickly pack my stuff up and head for my grade 12 Dance class. I get over to the hall and all the doors are unlocked. That's weird I didn't think anyone was in here for first session. I don't worry too much as there really is nothing to steal. I start getting ready for class. 'BANG' I jump.

"Who's there?" I yell put asking an empty room. Nothing but dead silence. I can hear my heart racing. I make sure I keep myself busy finishing up from before. I grab my clothes and go to the bathroom to get changed. I take my shirt off and put in into my bag. I reach back to unclip my bra.

"Want a hand unclipping your bra Summer?" A deep males voice says from behind me. "BLANE! Oh my lord get out." I say. I can pick his voice anywhere. I quickly finish getting changed and head into start the lesson.

"Good morning class. Today we will be learning the waltz. Please can the males pick a female partner." I say to the class. I look around to see that everyone has a partner, it's great. That means I don't have to dance with anyone. "When the music changers you will change partners. Ready let's start!" I yell out over the music.

They start to get the beat of the music as they move, I look around smiling to myself. 'BANG!' everyone stops dancing and looks to the back of the dance hall. Great my best student is on the ground. I rush over and make sure she is okay. "Miss Parker big foot Billy tripped me over. I think he has broken my ankle." Amber cries out. "It's not broken Amber, but it's probably just sprained."

I say helping Amber up and onto a seat. "Alright guys get back to it please." I yell out as I start the music back up. So that means I'm now one person down. Oh great so I'll have to pair up with someone. I hate dancing with my students they are either dicks about it or like big foot Billy.

"Excuse me Miss." A voice says bringing me back. "Yes." I say realising my class is now staring at me. "I don't have a partner." Jimmy says loudly. Great one of the ones that's always a dick. Oh and to make it worse he can't dance to save this life too. "Okay get in line then." I say trying not to sound to annoyed. We start to dance to the music that is playing.

"Ouch" I say out loud. "Sorry." Is all Jimmy saying as he keeps stepping on my toes. "Jimmy don't look down look at me. Ready 1,2,3. 1,2,3." I say over and over again.

Wow I must be a good teacher because he is already getting better. We change partners a couple of times before I have to finish the lesson up. "Alright class that was a good effort today I'm actually surprised in how well you guys have got. So that doesn't mean you can slack off. I want you to keep practicing at home, for homework." I say. "But Miss." I hear someone say from the back. "No but Miss me, I will be marking you guys on it tomorrow." I yell out over the bell.

The rest of the day goes by really fast. I head home happy with how today went in dance class. I head up the stairs to my apartment, and see that there is an invocation notice on my front door. 'you are two weeks behind in rent. Not paid by next Monday you will be thrown out.' "SLUT!" I yell kicking my door closed behind me. How the hell am I going to get $725 by next Monday. I get my phone out of my pocket. I have five fucking days to find that money or I'm out. My life is a shit show. I need another job.

Waking up this morning I actually feel somewhat myself, well better than last night anyways. I feel like today will be a good day. Think positive is all I keep telling myself. Nothing can go wrong. I look through my clothes trying to find something nice to wear to work. I find my tight fitted red dress that finishes just above my knees. As long as I don't bend over my ass won't show and my boobs won't fall out. I pack my tank top and tights into my bag for dance class.

I close my bedroom door, the wind catches it and slams it shut. 'Bang!' Shit that scared me and I knew that was going to happen. I head to the front door when I realise that I've left my phone on change in the bedroom. I head back to the door, but its stuck. The wind must have jammed it closed.

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