My Student

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I arrive at the school and head into set up for dance class. I finish setting up and realise I still have a couple minutes before class stars. I get changed and head onto the stage. I turn the music on and start to practice dancing. I get so into the music and dancing that I didn't hear my class come in. "Whoa Miss I didn't know you could dance like that." Some of my students say. I smile.

We get through just about everyone before the bell goes. "Okay class the people that didn't get to go today will do it Friday morning or can do it start of first break." I yell out over the noise from outside. I head into the bathroom to get changed. Thank god I don't have another class until later as I would be late.

I start to get my dress on when I hear the door open. Shit I should have gotten changed in a stall. "Sorry!" I yell out quickly putting my dress on. "Don't be, I like you in your underwear." His husky voice says. I can feel his lips against my neck. He feels so good. "I've missed you." He mumbles not breaking contact. He spins me around and pins me against the wall. His hands have found their way up my dress. I let out a moan when his fingers move my panties to the side.

"Miss!" I hear a voice. His lips are on mine now kissing me. "Oh Blane." I moan out. "Miss Parker, are you in there?" I hear the voice again this time louder. "Yes!" I yell back. "I need to talk to you it's important. It's me Amber." With one last kiss he is gone. "Yes Amber!" I yell annoyed at her for wrecking the moment. I head out of the bathroom to talk to her.

"What is on your neck? Wait is that what I think it is?" Amber questions, her eyes piecing my skin, trying to get a better look. My hand goes to where she is staring. I look at her with confusing in my eyes. "A love bite Miss!" Amber squeals. I can feel my face getting hotter. OH MY FUCKING GOD! I'm going to kill him.

I look up to see that Amber is talking about something but right now I'm to mad to care. How am I meant to teach, with this on my neck! I just can't have this. I look back up to realise that Amber is staring at me again.

"Yes." I snap. "Miss you don't look to good." Amber points out. Well no shit, I feel sick to my stomach because of this stupid mark on my neck. "Sorry you will have to excuse me." I say to Amber as I grab my bags and head to the office to let them know I'm going home.

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