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Crazy, Stupid

Who do you think Blane is? And why does he only appear when no one else is around. Is it just her imagination or is he real. Leave comments on who you think he is and if he is real or not. Keep reading to find out more.

Shit my door is still broken. I can't get into my room. I head into my spare bathroom and have a quick shower, I throw my dress back on and head down to my local bar, to see if someone can help me with my door. And maybe a drink or two. It doesn't take me long to walk there. I open the door and let the smell of men, smokes and liquor hit me hard in the face. I walk in and get a seat at the bar.

"Hey sugar what can I get you?" A bartender asks as I seat down. "Just a water thanks." I say politely giving her a small smile. She must be new I haven't seen her before. She has brown shoulder length hair. That makes her tan skin glow in the bad lighting. Her dark eyes make you want to stare into them forever. Like they hold lots of secrets.

"Oi you right there checking my new bartender out." I hear a male voice say. "But she's cute." I say back turning around to see him. I get up and give him a hug when he gets closer. "Well stop I don't want you to scare this one off too, Bunny." I give a small laugh. "Anyways how have you been tiny Tommy?" I question him, trying not to laugh. "Great if you didn't call me that." Tom says getting annoyed. "Well don't call me Bunny and I'll stop." I bite back.

Tom is an old school friend, he also owns the bar. He is tall, dark and handsome any girls dream guy. Yet he still doesn't have a girlfriend, he just says he is to busy for a relationship. But I just think he is gay. Bunny is a stupid nickname I got back in high school. Only because I dressed up as a sexy bunny for a dress up party.

"Anyways I come here not to drink tonight but to see if you could help me. Pretty please." I beg pouting my lip looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. "Oh Bunny when you beg like that I'll do anything you want." Tom says giving the same look back. "You dirty little so and so." I say hitting his arm. He just smirks his little cocky smirk. I just want to smack his pretty little face,sometimes.

"What do you need help with?" He says in an annoyed voice. "My bedroom door is jammed closed and I can't get it opened. Well I haven't really tired to get it open. But if you get it open I'll buy dinner." I say pleading again. "Yeah righto I can do that for you, I guess but it will cost you big time." Tom says making kisses lips. "Bugger off I'm buying you dinner, be great full." I say getting up off my chair and heading for the door.

The walk back to my place is mostly quite except for some smart ass comments. We get up stairs and into my place. I get Tom's phone and order pizza while he works away at my door. He gets it open just before the pizza guy comes. I place the pizza down on my table and get us some drinks. I pass Tom his drink and take a seat next to him. "So have you fucked my brother yet or what?" Tom blurts out. I just about spit my drink back out, at the question he just asked.

I try and look away before going to red but it's to late. "You know I don't like this right." Tom keeps talking not caring about anything else. "No I haven't slept with him yet. And I know you don't like this but I'm sorry I can't control my feelings." I say quietly. This is my life. Now I know he is only looking out for us because it is his brother and I am his best friend. But I'm a grown ass women who can do whoever or whatever I want.

Tom gets up to get himself another drink. I'm to busy feeding my face to realise what he is holding in his hands. He comes back over bringing his seat closer to mine. I look at him and I can see the sadness in his eyes. "What up's buttercup?" I ask still feeding my face. He doesn't say anything. He just keeps looking me in the eyes. "Summer why didn't you come to me when you first got the letter." Tom more states then asks me. I just shrug my shoulders.

I don't want anyone to pity me or feel bad for me. Especially Tom. "Don't shrug your shoulders Summer Rose." Tom says softly, his eyes cutting through me like a knife. "Come see me Friday at 4:30pm and I'll give you a job. Just for a little bit just to help you out. Just some easy cash." Tom says grabbing my hands and holding them in his warm hands, making me shiver. Wow I didn't realise how cold I've gotten.

"Okay, thank you." I say not knowing what else to say. I look down to see that he is still holding my hands. "You're crazy." I say pulling my hands away. "Me I'm crazy." Tom says acting like it hurt him. "No Summer you are the crazy one. And frankly, pretty stupid as well." Tom states. "What!" I yell trying not to show that those words kinda hurt.

"Summer you are messing around with my brother. To me that's crazy, stupid." Is all Tom says before he leaves.

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