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If anyone has any questions or would like to point anything out please feel free too. I would love your feedback. As this is my first book I've written. Enjoy.

I head to work nice and early, only because I have a meeting with Blane. Otherwise I would still be in bed. I arrive at the school a little before 7am. I grab my stuff and head on in. While waiting for Blane to arrive I decide to start seating up for my first class of today English. I hear a soft knock on the door. "Come in." I yell out loud enough for them to hear.

I finish writing on the whiteboard before I turn around. I can't help but stare his messy hair is all over the place. His brown eyes roaming all over my body. His top buttons are not done up showing his golden muscular chest off. I just want him to push me up against the wall and ease my pain, my hunger for him. I can see the hunger in his eyes. Shit I need to stop thinking like this. Professional, stay professional Summer.

"Thank you for coming Blane." I say trying to get the dirty thoughts out of my head. I go around to the front of my desk and sit on it. "Yeah no problem so what did you want to talk about." Blane says hunger filling his voice now. He takes a step closer. "I." Is all I can say looking at him. Oh I want him so badly. "Nice mark you have there." Blane says taking another step closer. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out.

"What's the time?" Blane asks curiously what why does he want to know that. I get up and head around to have a look at the time on my computer. "It's 7:30 why's that? We have enough time for the meeting class starts at 8:30." I say I look up to see that Blane has taking another step closer. I head back around and lean on the desk. "So the reason why I asked for this meeting today is because of." Is all I can say before I am cut off, by his lips on mine.

I let out a soft moan I didn't know I was holding in. My hands are in his hair softly pulling, making him moan. He bites my bottom lip making me moan louder. "Fuck this." Blane says reaching behind me and pushing everything off my desk with one swift movement. He picks me up and lays me on the desk and climbs on top. He lips crash back into mine kissing me with more passion this time. His hands have traveled down my body and under my pencil skirt. He pulls my lace panties off and throws them to the side. His fingers softly tease me rubbing circles at my entrance.

I can feel his hard dick pushing tight against his pants wanting to be free. I undo his belt not wanting to break the kiss. I unbuckle his pants trying to pull them down. "Baby girl I want you so bad. See what you do to me." Blane says with short breaths. "Please." Is all I can manage to say before he gets up off the desk bringing me with him. "Turn around and bend over." Blane saying pulling his pants down the rest of the way, letting his dick free. I bend over the desk. He pulls my skirt up so he has full view of my naked behind.

He slowly pushing himself inside of me, making me moan out in pleasure. He holds onto my hips slowly rocking back and forwards. This feels so good. He feels so good. "Faster!" I yell out wanting, no needing more. He picks up the pace going faster and harder. "YES!" I moan out, so close to my peak already. "Please baby girl!" Blane moans out taking me over the edge. With one last thrust he stills inside of me.

We get dressed and fix ourselves up. I look at my phone fuck. It's already 7:50. "Shit Blane." I say in a panic. "What was I that bad." Blane jokes. I shake my head. "No the time. Look at the time my students will be getting ready to head to class in ten minutes." I say. "Oh shit." Blane half mumbles to himself. "I can't find my underwear." I say looking at the floor. "To late." Blane says as the door opens.

He give me a wink and leaves, as my students start to come in and take a seat. "Good morning class, who hasn't done their homework?" I question trying not to think about my missing underwear. "Miss why is your laptop and books on the ground?" Amber yells out over the chatter. I can feel my cheeks going red. Crap. All eyes are on me now, probably thinking I'm an idiot. "I had a meeting this morning and while waiting for them to arrive I decided to clean." I say calmly. "Oh okay. I thought maybe it had something to do with your messy hair and the desk has been moved." Amber states.

"Okay Amber thank you for pointing that out but it's not now can everyone bring their homework up please so I can mark it. And then open your reading books to where we last left off." I say picking my stuff up and putting it back on my desk. "What chapter are we up to Miss." Billy yells out. "Billy don't yell out please. That goes for everyone if you have something to say put your hand up." I say getting annoyed at everyone yelling out. "Now who can tell Billy what chapter we are up to please?" I question my students.

"Yes Amber?" I question. "It's chapter 8 Miss." Amber says proudly. "Thank you Amber." I say. I reach into my bag under my desk to get my glasses out. I see my red panties just sitting under my desk for everyone to see. I crawl under my desk and quickly pick them up, putting them in my bag. "Miss you okay down there." Someone yells out. Crap. "Yep just dropped my pen." I say coming back up holding my pen so that everyone can see.

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