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You did what!

The rest of the day goes by in a blur. Before I know it I'm heading back to my car at the end of the day. I throw my stuff in then climb in my shit box. I turn the key but nothing. Please don't do this now. Not today, it's been such a good day. Why. I try again but still nothing. "You piece of rubbish!" I yell out hitting the steering wheel in angry. "Hey what did it ever do to you?" Blane questions with a grin on his face.

"It won't start that's what it did." I say annoyed at my situation. He grabs the keys out of my hands and reaches over me to try and start it. What the hell I just told him it won't start. What doesn't he believe me. Bloody males! I yell in my head so he doesn't here. He tries several times before giving up. "Yeah sorry to say but she's dead." Blane says leaning against my car door. "No shit dumbass." I mumble to myself hoping he doesn't hear me.

"What's that? You need a lift?" Blane jokes knowing he is pissing me off even more. "Well yeah I do please that's if I'm allowed out of my car." I bite back. "What?" Blane questions me, with a dumb look on his face not working out why I can't get out. "Get off my door please." I say shocked that he couldn't work that out. "Oh yeah ha, that would help wouldn't it." Blane says going red in the face.

We walk over to where his bike is parked and head back to mine. He pulls up out the front of mine turning his bike off. "Thanks for the ride." I say a little bit happier then I was before. "No problems anytime baby girl." Blane smirks happy with himself. "You wanna come in for a bit? I ask hoping he will say yes. "I would love to. But I have to head to work Tom is down a worker so I said I would fill in." Blane says looking a little upset. Maybe because he wanted to come in or maybe because he doesn't like working at the bar. But I wasn't going to ask.

I head inside and get in the shower washing today away. And because I kinda smelt like sex from this morning. I get out and decided to head down to the bar for a drink and something to eat. I throw on a white singlet and my black overalls. I slip on my flats and head for the front door. I decide to grab some book work so I can work on while I'm there.

I arrive at the bar a little after 4. I head in letting the smell hit me hard in the face. I don't know why but I don't think it's to bad. I find a booth off to the side and place my stuff down. I head up to the bar and order a drink. "Hey sweetie what can I get you today?" The cute bartender asks. "I'll have a Rum thanks. And the names Summer by the way." I say back. She gets into making my drink right away. "Here you go." She says passing my drink over. "Thanks." I say taking my card out to pay. "It's on the house. bosses orders. And I know who you are don't worry he talks about you all the time." She states. I didn't realise the first time I seen her but she has two cute little dimples.

I thank her and get up to head back to my little spot. "It's Scarlett by the way." She yells out as I walk away. "Well it's nice to finally know your name." I yell back. I take a set and get stuck into my work. Scarlett comes over every time she sees that my drink is empty and fills is back up. After the fourth time I have to tell her that water will do.

"We need to talk." Tom says taking a seat next to me. I put down my pen and close my books up. I take a sip of my water before looking up at him. "What do we need to talk about?" I ask curiously. Oh no please don't tell me that you don't want me to work here because I really need the money. "What have you done to my brother he is broken?" Tom asks running his fingers through his messy hair. "Sorry what? What do you mean, I haven't done anything." Okay now I'm worried what is he talking about. "He is all happy and said he can fill in until I find someone. And we both know he hates it here." Tom says what a questioning look on his face. "Mmm I don't know sorry." I say back. Because I don't. I don't know why he is so happy. Oh wait I think I do know.

"Well we kinda had sex this morning." I say feeling my cheeks go bright red. "You did what!" Tom yells more then asks. "I said we fucked this morning." I whisper yell back.

"What, when, where, what?" Tom looks at like he just seen a ghost. "Yeah I know. This morning before work and at work in my class room." I say knowing well that he is going to kill us both. "Are you crazy what happens if someone walked in. What would you guys do. You guys would be in so much trouble. Oh my god I can't believe this." Tom rambles on.

"Look it was way before anyone got there and the door was locked so no one could get in." I say trying to make the situation better. "Oh because that makes me feel so much better." Tom yells getting people's attention. "Tom keep it down." I beg. I pack up my things and head to his office knowing well that he will follow.

I lock the door behind us and place my bag down on a chair. "Please calm down I know it was stupid." I say trying to calm him down. "STUPID ISN'T THE WORD SUMMER!" Tom yells louder now that we are in his office. I try not to flinch at how loud and mad he is, but I can't help it. "Tom please stop yelling you are scaring me." I whisper, holding back the tears that are building up. But Tom doesn't hear me. "YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT." Tom yells punching the wall beside me. I yet out a small scream. I try and grab my bag but he is standing in front of it. I hear a knock at the door and someone yelling. But I can't make out who it is over Toms voice.

I try and unlock the door but Tom stops me. "Don't." He says with so much anger in his voice, I start to shake. I slide to the floor waiting this to be over with. I knew I had to tell him because if I didn't, he would have found out another way. But I didn't know he would be this mad. If I told him. I just sit on the floor waiting for him to cool down.

Once he stops yelling he turns around to look at the wall so his back is to me. I quietly grab my bag. I stand up trying not to make a sound. I can feel the tears running down my face. But I don't care he has never been this mad at me before. Heck I've never seen him his mad at all. I quickly unlock the door and run out. I can hear he yelling out to me but I don't stop. I can feel everyone's eyes on me now as I head for the door. I rip it open, the cool air hitting me in the face like a punch to the gut. I run down the block and around the corner. I slow to a walk once I'm far enough away now.

I make it home a little after 9. I throw my bag down, kicking off my shoes I head to my room. I don't worry about changing out of my clothes. I get in bed and curl up under my blankets letting the warmness circle me. I let the tiredness take over my body.

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