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I’m sorry

I wake up to someone banging on my door. What the hell what time is it. Oh crap have I slept in shit. I quickly jump out of bed not realising I'm tangled in my blankets, I fall to the floor with a loud thud. "Ouch!" I yell out in pain. I quickly untangle myself and run to my front door. "Alright, alright I'm coming." I yell out to whoever is bashing my door down. I reach my door and unlock it.

"Tom?" I question. What is he doing here and what is the time. Before I can say anything else Tom walks in taking a seat on my couch. I walk over and sit down, making sure I keep my distance. If it was up to me I would not have let him in, he has really annoyed me.

"Look I'm sorry okay. I shouldn't have lost it the way I did. But." Before Tom can finish I cut him off. "No you shouldn't have lost it. I understand you are mad, pissed off or whatever. But you don't have the right to scream at me. I know what you think about me and your brother okay. I know you don't like it but it's not like I can flip a switch and my feelings turn off. It doesn't work like that." I say frustrated at the situation.

"Please Summer please forgive me. I'll keep my cool next time I promise. I never wanted to hurt you. If I could take this back I would. I would do it in a heart beat. But I can't. So I'm sorry." Tom says looking down at his hands. "Well it's to late for that Tom, you freaking punched the wall right next to me. What would happen if you missed the wall and got me. What would you have done then." I say trying to hold back my tears. "I'm sorry. Summer I am. I would never hit you. You know that. I made sure I got the wall and not you." Tom says looking at me with pain in his eyes.

"Well that's reassuring. But let's say you missed. Tom you were that mad I don't think you would have stop. It looked like you really want to hit me and not the wall. So what's stopping you now. Go on do it. Just hit me!" I scream out at him. My tears working their way down my cheeks. I get up and walk over to him. I kneel down in front of him looking him right in the eyes. "Right here." I say pointing to my cheek. My hands shaking.

"No." Tom says reaching out to touch me. But before he can I push his hand away. "JUST DO IT." I scream out. My whole body shaking now. I try and stop it but I can't. I can't control myself. "NO!" Tom yells back. I fall the rest of the way to the ground, I'm crying so much now I can't see properly.

"Summer calm down. Just breathe. In. Out. In. Out." Tom says holding my shoulders to try and stop me from shaking. In. Out. In. Out. I repeat over and over in my head slowly calming myself down. I look up to see that Tom is sitting beside me on the floor now. "Why won't you do it?" The question pops out before I can stop myself.

"Because Summer. I love you." Tom says wiping my tears away. What. I. What. No he can't love me. I don't love him back. Before I can say anything he keeps talking. "I love you like my little sister. The sister I never had Summer." Tom says pulling me into a hug. Oh. Okay that makes more sense now. I wrap my arms around him taking in the warmth of his hug. "I'm sorry but you should get back to bed." Tom says not letting go. "Why isn't it morning?" I ask still not knowing the time. "No it's only 11:30." Tom says pulling away now.

"Please stay." I beg getting up off the ground holding my hand out to help him up. "No I don't want Blane to get mad." Tom says getting up. "He will be fine. Anyways like you said I'm like a sister." I say back hoping he will change his mind. "Sure." Is all Tom says before quickly looking away. Was that hurt in his eyes? I ask myself. No it can't be. He said so himself that he loves me like a sister. I guess I'm just over tired, it has been a massive day and night.

We say goodnight and head off into the rooms. Tom goes into the spare room on the other side of the house. Is it bad that I want to feel his warmth around me again. While he holds me close. What am I thinking he is like my brother. Yep I'm definitely over tired. I close my door and get changed into something a little bit more comfortable. I climb back in bed and within minutes the sleep takes over my body once again.

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