My Student

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New Student

My alarm goes off at 6:30am. I go to hit snooze but I know if I do I won't be getting back up. I drag myself out of bed and head for the shower. I let the warm water run all over my body waking me up. I try not to think about last night. Knowing well that it will play on my mind all day. I get out of the shower and dry off. But before I can head to my room to get dressed for today. Someone thought it would be the perfect time to knock on my door. Really I'm not even dressed and it's to early for this. I run over to my door trying not to slip on the water, that's dripping everywhere. I reach up and look through my little peak hole. What!

"What are you doing here again?" I ask Tom opening the door but not to much so I'm still covered. "I've brought you breakfast as we both know you are not a morning person." Tom says holding up a bag. "So am I allowed in or you still mad?" Tom asks me with a concerned face. "Oh yeah right." I say opening the door a little more so he can fit through. "Don't slip." I yell out running away to my room.

I slip into my cream colour pant suit and slip my black heels on. I quickly put some make-up on and throw my hair up into a messy bun. I slip my glasses on so I can see. And head out to have some breakfast. Tom is sitting at the table waiting for me to come and join him. He has grabbed some plates and cutlery and placed our food out. "So what do we have for breakfast?" I question taking a seat next to him. "Well I didn't know what you felt like so I brought pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns and a fruit salad and yoghurt." Tom says going a little red in the face.

"Well I'll start with some pancakes but can I pretty please have the fruit salad and yoghurt for work. I have no food in this house." I say pleading with him. "Well I guess so." Tom says pouring us some orange juice. "We should do this more often." I say finishing my last pancake off. "What you mean me buying you food?" Tom asks with a grin on his face. "Ha yeah that." I say back smiling.

I quickly wash up our dishes and grab my stuff for work. "Shit." I say out loud. "What?" Tom looks at me worried. "Blane said he would fix my car but I haven't heard from him. How am I meant to get to work." I ramble on worried I'm going to be late. "What, do you think I only come to feed you. I'm taking you to work and picking you up apparently." Tom says acting like it's the end of the world. "Oh great thanks you really are the best when you are not grumpy." I say making a face.

The ride to work was mostly quite. I guess no one really wanted to talk incase we said the wrong thing and brought up last night. Tom pulls a park out the front of the school so I can get out. "Thanks." I say getting out. "Hey Summer should you really be wearing that?" Tom yells out. "Yeah why?" What is he going on about. What is wrong with it. "Don't worry have a great day at work Bunny!" Tom yells out super loud driving off. Great now everyone is looking at me. It feels like it's my first day in high school with all the praying eyes looking at me.

I get into my first class and quickly place a test face down on everyone's desks. Making sure that the desks are all apart from each other. I take a seat at my desk and wait for the bell to go. I open my computer and log in pulling up the class roll. All my students start filing in taking a seat. "Righto class today we have a test. It's not hard it's just for me to see how much you have learnt and where you are falling behind. Don't turn it over until I say. First we have to mark the roll." I say to my class knowing well when I look away they will try and look at their tests.

We get through the roll with only a couple interruptions. "Okay class we are just waiting on one more." I say. "Oh and apparently we have a new student joining our class. So please just because we have someone new doesn't mean you can start misbehaving." I say out over some chatter that is starting to happen. "Miss Billy isn't coming today he is sick." Amber says coming up to my desk. "Okay thank you Amber, you may go sit back down." I say pointing back to here she come from. "Don't tell anyone I told you, okay." Amber says walking off.

"Summer." He says standing in front of my desk. "Blane what are you doing here, I'm about to start my lesson, get out." I whisper yell. "Isn't that a nice wait to treat your new student." Blane says smirking. What! I scream in my head. Oh my god this can't be happening. I can feel my face going bright red. The heat creeping up my body. What! I don't know what else to say. I'm shocked.

I look up to see my class is staring at us. "Please take a seat at the back of the class room and don't be late again." I say trying to hide the shakiness in my voice. "Sorry it won't happen again. I just got lost trying to find my new class room Miss." Blane says with a big smirk on his face. "Blane you have been at this school your whole high school years. You are now in grade 12 if you can't find your way around that's not my fault." I say back to him hoping he gets the hint to shut up. "Whatever you say Boss lady!" Blane yells out taking his seat. Making a couple students laugh. "If you want to be a smart ass in my class room you won't last long." I bite back.

"Okay class if anyone talks throughout the test you will be sent out into the hall and will have to do it at lunch. If you have any questions please put your hand up and I will come to you. You may start." I say.

I start working on my laptop when I notice I have a message on my phone from Tom.

*I mean everyone was staring at you -Tom*

*And that's bad how?- Summer*

*No wonder my brother likes you. If we had a teacher that was that hot I would wanna smash her too -Tom*

*Yeah well the idiot brother of yours is now in my class causing trouble -Summer*

I look up to see that Amber has her hand up. I place my phone down and head over. "What's up Amber?" I ask softly trying not to disturb anyone. "Should you really be on your phone Miss?" Amber questions me. "If this isn't a question to do with your work it's not important right now." I say back heading back to my seat.

*Well have fun with that - Tom*

*Yeah thanks -Summer*

*I wish I was sitting in that class room right now because you looked so fucking fine this morning I wanted to ;) -Tom*

Oh my god what! I scream in my head. I feel turned on by his messages. I can't stop smiling, and what's even worse is that I can feel my cheeks going red again. But not because I'm embarrassed this time but because I like it.

*How much you willing to pay and I might consider it -Summer*

*Mmm how about $1,000. Be ready when I pick you up after work Bunny. Because I know I will be ;) -Tom*

Oh my god is this really happening. No it can't be last night he said he thinks of me as a little sister. Yeah no he must just be playing around. I look up to see that Blane is staring at me but not a I wanna fuck you stare. But more of a jealous one. Great now he has decided to put his hand up. Maybe if I look back at my laptop he will just forget about it. Yeah no that's not going to work. He will just cause a scene in class and disrupt everyone.

I get up and head over to Blane. I bend down so only he can hear me. "Yes Blane?" I ask very sweetly, hoping that my cleavage and voice will distract him. "Who is messaging you. I can see you up there blushing and smirking that little not so innocent smirk of yours." Blane states more then asks. "It's a private matter. Do you have a question that involves school work?" I ask making sure he knows this conversation is over. "That's what I thought. Please keep going with your work." I say getting up and heading back to my desk.

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