The Things We Crave

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Catherine Samson is a 27-year-old California sunshine girl with a perfect life, perfect family. The father an attorney, mother an RN, however her life is flipped upside down when her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. For months Catherine's body goes through the stress, the ups and downs as her mother battles for her life. Little by little her body starts to crave the rush of the adrenaline. During this hectic time, her sister finds love and invites her to the wedding where she meets Vincent Vancherro. There’s an instant attraction, she throws caution to the wind. Two years later, she finds herself sitting across this same man in his office for a job interview. How awkward…he probably doesn’t even remember me. He hires her as his personal assistant, where she must be at his beck and call at any time. Vincent remembers, and she’s not getting away this time. She’ll be mine in less than a years’ time. She’s been a hell cat the last few years but that just makes her more exciting. She’ll heal and give me what I’ve been craving. He thought. Follow them as they get to know each other and grow through addiction, insecurities, arrogance, failures, and misunderstanding as they give into the things they crave.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Catherine unlocks her door to her apartment in her hometown in southern California. She kicks off her black heels and hangs her keys and purse then drags herself to the living room. She plops on the sofa with a grunt. Her roommate, Lexie, is in the kitchen. Which is only separated by a bar. Lexie pours two glasses of milk and pulls out a package of chips ahoy. Lexie smiles with a wink.

“Tough night? This will put a smile on your face.” She says as she throws the cookies at me. Then brings in a glass of milk and sets it down in front of Catherine on the coffee table.

“I guess so, I never though being an escort would be so tiring. It so mentally numbing to pretend to be interested in what they’re saying. My jaw is soar from my fake smile and my feet hurt from those heals. It’s a good thing I get paid so well or I’d tell the next guy where he can stick this job. My profile specifically says no sex, yet they continue to try any way.” Catherine gripes.

“Well, at least you’re getting better clients. They’ve been taking you to high dollar places. I think I saw a picture of you in a tabloid. Free publicity. Maybe you’ll be seen, and more rich clients will hire you.” Lexie says between bites.

“I don’t know how they could miss me. I’m 5’5”, thick and husky with curves like an hourglass, my candy apple red, strait as a board hair pops, have dark green eyes like jewels, and have a personality as big and bold as the Grand Canyon.” Catherine exclaims.

“How’s your mom? She called me asking for you.” Lexie asks.

“oh crap! I forgot to call her back. You didn’t tell her where I was did you?” Catherine says slapping her forehead.

“No worries, Kit-Kat. I told her you were out with a friend.” Lexie chuckles.

“She’s doing alright, I guess. The chemo is really doing a number on her. It’s been six months since her diagnosis of breast cancer. I thought she’d be better by now. I’m thankful for everyday she’s still here, but I miss the energetic woman she used to be. I also miss her cooking. Her banana bread and freshly baked cookies were to die for. Do you remember how she would come here early in the morning on my birthday and make me pancakes? I want my mother back.” Her words get strained as she goes. A tear rolls down her cheek.

“Aww, don’t cry, I miss those times too, but your mother is a fighter. She’ll pull through this and go right back to doing the things she loves. What she needs now is prayer and showered with love and encouragement. Keep your chin up. I’m always here.” Lexie gives me a big hug.

She picks up my empty glass and bring it into the kitchen then puts it into the sink. She grabs a stack of mail and hands it to me. “Give your mother a call first thing in the morning. It’s late, she’s probably in bed now. I’m going to bed. Good-night, Kat.”

She makes her way down the hall to her bedroom. Catherine smiles then yawns. As she flips through the envelops one stands out. The return address is her older sister, Tammy’s. She opens it hastily. She hasn’t heard from her for about a year. She moved to the to Denver, Colorado with her boyfriend. Her mom says tammy calls her regularly and asks about her all the time. Which is odd. They never really got along growing up.

Tammy was quiet, shy, strawberry blonde with freckles, a know-it-all and a snitch. Catherine, on the other hand, has always been the black sheep, and very different then her sister. Catherine is loud, hyper, spontaneous, along with unpredictable. She admits to not thing before she speaks or act. Tammy is a bookworm, control freak, and always been a girly girl. Catherine is a rule breaker, tomboy, and hated school. Although she did get a degree for and entry level secretary. Her parents wanted her to have something to fall back on.

Catherine opens the letter. It’s a wedding invitation. After a year, they’re getting married. It seems so sudden. She thinks back to previous conversations with her mother as she wonders if she was told about this. Whenever Tammy is brought up, she tends to tune it out. She was glad to still be invited though. According to the invitation, the wedding is going to be here in California, on the beach. The reception is at fancy club, all food and drinks are free. At least their mother will be able to attend.

Their father must be thrilled, Brad is rich and can afford to spoil his favorite. Catherine rolls her eyes at the thought.

Catherine throws the mail and the invitation on the coffee table. She’s too tired to think right now and the last thing she wants to be thinking about is her sister’s dumb luck at marrying a rich man. She takes a shower and goes to bed. To go or not to go? That is the question.

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