You're The One

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Melody Miller, a shy,quiet,smart and beautiful 17 year old girl. Her dad died when she was very young and she lives with her mom. Melody and her mom moved to California because her mom's new job. Melody has to start a new school and some challenges will come her way Bullies,boys,parties,'friends',dates.. Will Melody like her new school? Will she meet a bad boy and fall in love? Or will she just go there and be the Shy Girl? Find out in... YOU'RE THE ONE

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Chapter 1

Melody's P.O.V

"Mom, i'm gonna be fine" I said to my mom for the hundredth time now

"I know your gonna be fine sweetie, but I just want to walk you in on your first day" My mom said

Oh sorry, forgot to introduce myself. I'm Melody Miller, i'm 17 years old. I just moved to california because of my mom's job from Texas. I didn't really have a problem with moving. It's not like I left any friends behind so I didn't care.

I was always bullied at my old school and it got to the point where I wanted to kill myself. I did cut a few times. But my mom eventually found out and I stopped.

Anyways.. I am currently parked infront of my new school trying to tell my mom not to come with me inside

I love my mom.. but she can be emarrassing at times

And I know for a fact if she goes in there with me she will kiss my cheek,hug me and start crying because i'm 'growing up too fast'

Yeah... I'm not letting that happen

"Mom, please I was already bullied at my old school. What do you think people would do or say to me if my mom walked me in school on my first day?" I asked

"Fine. I won't go in" My mom said finally giving in

"Thank you mom, I love you. See you later" I kissed my mom's cheek and got out the car

"Bye sweeie" My mom smiled

"Bye" I said and shut the door

I started walking towards the school building but I turned around to see if my mom was still here

But she wasn't so I turned back around and walked into the school

It wasn't that bad

I wanted to see go to the principal's office but I had no idea where it is

All of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder

"HEY! You must be the new girl. I'm Lauren" she said with a lot if excitement in her voice.

"Oh um i'm Melody. Can you please show me where the principal's office is?" I asked

"Of course, follow me" She said

I followed her down the hall and we eventually reached a door that said 'principal's Office' on it.

"You can go in and get your schedule. I have to go meet up with my friends. I'll see you at lunch or in class if we have any classes together. Bye, nice meeting you Melody" Lauren said and walked away

I sigh and open the principal's door

"Hello! You must be our new student Melody!" A lady that looks like she could be in her early 20's said

"Oh um yes I am. I came for my schedule" I said

She nodded and started to look through papers and handed me one

"Here, have a nice day" she says with a warm smile

I took it and smiled

"Thank you" I said and walked out the office

As I was walking I was too focused to my schedule I didn't even realize someone was walking towards me

Suddenly, I bumped into a hard chest..


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