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"You can't imagine what I want to do to you. what am going to do to you." I put my hands on her thighs, pulling her closer. As she stared at me, her face facial expression was exactly how it was the day she had told me that she loved me. The moment was endless.

Romance / Fantasy
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The night and day

"She is getting married." A voice woke me from my sleep. But that was this time. The time where my fate finally changed for the better.

I don't want to confuse you any longer so I will get to it.

My name is amanda. Today, yeah. I've been named differently for the past hundreds of years.

I come from a different dimension of planet earth, my dimension is called Areth which many call the heart. How I came to get on earth was the doing of a witch from the other sides who tried to pass through the different corners of the world, whoever it was, sent a child in my mother's womb. In my world, we were just made and placed to belong in a family and I belonged to the royals.

The child who appeared in our world was extraordinary, he cried at his birth and no one had any idea of what that was. It seemed free and full of emotions which attracted the king, my father. He took a decision that he wanted to visit the planet were the child came from. He researched and discovered a way to get to earth was to send someone there to take over whatever ruling they had. choosing to turn me back and sending me to earth. Since I was there only option.

I was called the fated one all around my world since I amongst the many was destined to be part of the royal family. No matter how many times i reincarnated, I would become a royal again. A few more others were too but I was said to be more privileged.

I was given a mission, reach earth, grow among them, and become a leader so they would get a way past to block the dimensional gates.

Just like the little child in our world, I was sent to earth through a womb, the queen's womb. Isabel queen of laska. Inside that womb, I would hear everything and I was so eager to meet the different sounds of music I always heard. I would feel her touch as she said she would love me like no other.

In a few months, sixteen fifteen January, I was born and named Kathryn. listened to myself cry many times trying to talk out what I needed. It seemed like they didn't understand. Time past by as i coped with everything, I faced bad times, better but mostly beautiful. I gained emotions that were extra ordinary. Watched people praise me, loved me till one day, I was reminded my mission.

In sixteen thirty, me and my father king james had a walk around the villages in the kingdom where we met a very old fortune teller. She insisted to read our fate. Both of us, and with no effort, my father accepted. We went inside her place and sat at the table. She took out her tarot cards and bones laid out on the table, she asked my father to pick a card as I stared.

"Your ruling will live an impact on laska and she will keep your praise." She stated.

"I will have to live Kathryn with you old lady as you read her fortune. I will return in a while." father headed out.

"Princess Kathryn or should I call you Princess Zea." The old lady assumed. "Your fate is clearly written on every single tarot there is."

"I don't understand you lady." I responded in terror.

"You have a mission princess Zea." She said.

"What are you saying?" I tried to deny it.

"You, princess Zea were destined on Areth and so it is here on earth. Thou your fate here is additional with love." She turned one of her tarot up. "You will fall in love, intensely that you won't think of anything but having your love with you. You will fail the mission." She commended scaring the grim out of me.

"I can't listen to this." I got to my feet extremely pissed knowing she would be right.

"And one more thing princess. You will have to choose. Between the mission or love. Good luck." She giggled.

In just a second, I couldn't think of anything but not accepting the love emotions come my way. I decided to not accept any marriage proposals, started acting bitter and I knew everyone started hating me. They couldn't stand my temper, rude attitude and the mistreatments I gave everyone. I respected no one, I was always arguing and counting the misdeeds of others.

Not hard as I tried to resist falling for anyone. I never wanted any man close to me at all. Never had a two minutes conversation with them except my father.

On that particular day when love struck, I was supposed to expect prince Nathan of Balomoth but I ditched him to go ride my horse that took me like thirty miles from home finding a lagoon in the forest that held beauty around it. I decide to stop and recognize the fascination that was caught around the beautiful blue waters.

Just when I had found peace, I watched her come out of the water bare. Too mesmerising to take my eyes off. I kept looking and never noticed her dress up too quickly.

"Princess Kathryn." She bowed to greet me. "What brings you around these lands?" She asked.

"Nothing..... I was just about to live so, continue doing what you were doing. I will just head off." I responded crushing and I was in love but I didn't recognize it till I started thinking of her unconsciously.

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