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"You can't imagine what I want to do to you. what am going to do to you." I put my hands on her thighs, pulling her closer. As she stared at me, her face facial expression was exactly how it was the day she had told me that she loved me. The moment was endless.

Romance / Fantasy
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The night and day


"Wake up Amanda, she is getting married. A strange voice woke her from a crazy dream." I took a seat at my study table.

"That's exactly how they will tell our story when we are gone. But, I won't allow that happen." I opened up a new page to start writing when Marina arrived from the front door of our living room naked. "how am I supposed to write our romance when you're sexually tempting me?"

"Well that's up to you." She slowly made her way to me and skid onto my laps making my shoulders droop into the chair.

"You're sexually harassing my mind you know that right?" I asked staring at her gorgeous nipples.

"Can I accept a practical mind?" Marina began unbuttoning my shirt.

"You can't imagine what I want to do to you. what am going to do to you." I put my hands on her thighs, pulling her closer.

As she stared at me, her face facial expression was exactly how it was the day she had told me that she loved me. The moment was endless.

"Don't you ever give up looking at me with those eyes." I felt flirty butterflies in my tummy.

" And don't you ever stop the feeling." She took my shirt off.


I turned her over to the chair kissing her neck intensely with my fingers in her hair. Knelt down between her legs linking her thighs one at a time as she threw her neck over feeling me go inside her.

"Why did you stop." She snapped at me staring as I took off my pants.

"I'm taking you to bed." She placed both her hands in mine.

I carried her to my waist till we hit the bedroom. carefully set her down. Both her legs tied around my thighs, she pulled me down by my arms and kissed me with her tongue which took about a few minutes to sink the kiss in.

I took both her hands laid wide licking her nipples with my tongue. Going slowly down to her belly button, I let one of my hands go down on her and the other hold tightly around her waist. Placed two of my fingers inside her going gently and softly having her holding the bed to block from screaming.

Slid a little further going down on her with my tongue and she grabbed me by the hair.

"Don't stop." She intensely said.

"Shhh.. don't suppose a thing, I can't do that." I thought to myself as I went on making her cam. Learned my way back up slowly kissing her belly till I reached her lips.

"Your a goddess of romance." She whispered in my ear.

"I cognize, and you.... are my charm." I replied continuing with the kisses.

"Can I go down on you?" Marina asked.

"You are the owner of all this. Do whatever you like with me. Kill me if you want too." I laid down giving her all the authority, just a little bit more of what she already holds.

"But as to compliment, you make love to me like no other. " I said in beats to lay off from screaming as she camed me intensely.

"I would make love to you all day if I had too." She climbed on top of me.

"But in a few hours, I will gain more responsibilities and I want to have you with me." I told her as i thought to myself of what the next day would make up the rest of my life.

"I love you Amanda." She sweetly said.

"Oh God, those three words coming out of your mouth mean everything to me, I love you too Ma."

"Knock knock." A bang on my bedroom door woke me up, a smile on me as I thought what day it was and a turn staring at the woman of my liveliness.

"Come in."I responded to the knock as I kept gazing at Ma's beautiful face.

"A Good morning your majesty." Gery threw my bedroom door open which he knew made me angry but at the time, I was too busy imagining stuff.

"Good morning to you too Gery. Did you fetch what I asked you for?" I turned to him.

"Yes your majesty, I will set it down here at your table." He slid the entrance chair.

"No, give it to me." I laid my hand out and he placed the box in my palm.

"You majesty, I was told to inform you that the ceremony will be commencing in two hours, so you should prepare."

"Alright, we will be." I opened and gazed at the emerald ring in the chest box expressing a getaway sign for Gery.

Watching the door shut, I turned back to my amazing creature passing my fingers through her hair. she awakened

"Good morning sweetheart." I stared at her sexy morning yawn when she set her eyes on me. "I love you."

"I love you too." She chuckled, expressing fun.

"No, I love you meaning I can't endure with out you." I knelt on my knees and got the ring box from under the pillow.

"With I love you, I mean I don't want to ever stay away from you. For the many times I've proposed to you, I know this time we are going to be us and together. Your not just my everything, your my life. I exist because of you and you know that for certain. I become a better person everytime because of you. My life would be meaningless if i didn't feel this for you. This thing that makes my heart beat fast every single time I look or get next to you. You can feel my heart beat fast right now." I placed her hand on my chest watching her tear out in surprise.

"I miss you even when am with you, I don't know if I can take a serious, silly or cheesy thought In my head without you in it. With you? ... huh.... um .... i need nothing else in life . And if am to be crowned today, I want you to be my wife. Please marry me Marina." I opened the box staring right into her eyes.

"Did you write that down?" She raised kneeling infront of me.

"No, that's how I feel." Took out the ring from the box.

"Yeah, cause I....," she appeared from the locker on her bed side and struck out a ring box. "I was supposed to propose to you first. I imply , you changed my everything from the very day I met you, you became one of the reason why I want to wake up and smile at the world, I also can't imagine a single second without you by my side, you haunt me everytime and I love it. So, Amanda MandyMc, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"she accepted the ring out of the box living me speechless for a while.

"Yes, I want to be your wife. " I put the ring on her finger and she placed hers on mine. "I love you."

"I love you too." She kissed me back down to bed and needed a bit of time making love.

"The dress is ready your majesty." Gery loudly spoke to me through my bedroom when I and Ma were romancing in the bathtub.

"Thank you Gery." I loudly replied.

"What dress?" Ma asked curiously.

"Your wedding dress, let's go check it out already." I placed on a towel and threw her a hand raise.

"We haven't set the date. " she responsed.

"considerably, we are getting married.... today." I atrracted her by the waste closely and kissed her.

"What?" She smiled.

"Well, that's where I impart a better surprise, I.. have been planning this for a while. You only need that dress, a makeup artist if you want too cause in my opinion I reckon you were created an angel.... and that's... it."

"Wow, this dress is beautiful."she got it out of the box.

"I guess I will grab the credit too for having better test." I rolled behind her and grabbed her waist.

"Don't say, I can tell Gery picked it out." She responded.

"No.... for real... I picked everything out. Potruding from the ring and i asked Gery to get it picked from the tailor. This dress, was made exclusively for you. And I can't wait to say I do."

"Neither do i." I turned her around.

"At once, let's get ready cause I eagerly can't wait to call you my wife. Ms. MandyMc.

"I love my new name already." She passed her fingers through my hair. "what would I do without you, you just appeared recklessly in my life and you tend to be the only meaningful there is." She kissed my forehead.
"I don't want to waste anytime becoming your wife and you can't get to see the bride in her wedding dress so...." she chuckled.

"right. I will use the other bedroom." responded I.

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