Bitter sweet

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Vampires and werewolves have been known to be enemies but this story changes everything. Zyla is an omega, she is shy and isn't out spoken. She is maltreated by her father. she is finally noticed when a new guy appears out of no where and is the new hot guy in school but only has time for her. ................ I walked down the hallway my head down even though I know no one will notice me,I heard squeals and growls from behind me and I turn to see what the commotion Is and I saw three super hot guys walk down the hallway, I smell for their scents and my eyes widened I moved back against the lockers vampires. The one in the middle looked straight at me. I couldn't tear my eyes away from him, He started walking towards me.

Romance / Fantasy
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Thousands of years ago,

the first werewolf and vampire to ever exist

Dracula,the famous vampire and diane, the moon goddess were in love with each other.

this was before werewolves and vampires became mortal enemies.

they loved and cherished each other for years since they both have abundant life.

Later, Dracula started going around with the humans, no longer satisfied with diane but kept it a secret from her. secrets do not last forever. when diane found out she hated him and broke things of.

they both decided to create their own offsprings but made them to be mortal enemies.

Diane later found out she was pregnant, she removed the baby and buried it on earth, she was too disgusted about what they created, the first hybrid.


The present

A man and his mate went out in the woods to go and hunt. they chased each other around into the woods. Until they heard the sound of cries, the woman was curious and followed the sound , when she found a little baby girl crying and covered with dirt all around she carried the child. Her mate wanted them to leave the child but the woman begged to take her in.

twelve years later they found out she was a werewolf and the woman loved her since she was not able to bear a child.

the woman died due to a rogue attack, leaving her mate in distress.

that night when the daughter came to the sitting room and saw her father crying she rushed to him but he pushed her back shouting profanities at her.

From that day on things changed, the little girl started being hated at her pack, because no one could understand why her father detested her but everyone concluded the worst.

she was turned into a slave and a mockery among her peers but that is not the end of her story.

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